/ How to choose a down jacket for a girl

How to choose a down jacket for a girl

down jacket for girl

    From what kind of top clothes your child wears,depends not only on his comfort during walks, but also on health. The jacket or coat must be light and warm at the same time, and should not constrain or impede movement. That's why, when choosing a down jacket for a girl, you need to be attentive and pay attention to very important trifles.

    1. It should be understood that not all outerwearlarge volume ("blown") has the right to be called a down jacket. More often under his (its) kind jackets with a filler from a sintepon are sold, and already after several washing lose their heat-insulating properties. So if you want to buy a good down jacket for a girl, be sure to learn the tag. It should contain information on how much fluff is contained in the filler. Ideal is the following ratio: 85% down and 15% feather.
    2. When choosing the size,which will not be right around. Teenage down jackets for girls should not restrain movement and be cramped. In this case, note that under the jacket your child will wear even thick pants and a warm sweater, for which you also need to leave a stock. However, too much size is also not worth taking.
    3. down jackets for girls
      If the down jacket for the girl is more likely to beused for their intended purpose during active walks and outdoor games, pay attention to the cuffs. The sleeves on the elastic band will be the best - so the child's hands will be protected from falling into the water and snow. The bottom of the jacket is better, too, let it be pulling, as such a model will contribute to the best preservation of heat.
    4. The fittings in the outer clothing must be veryquality. All locks must be provided with good dogs, and their fastening and unfastening should not be particularly difficult for the child. But buttons or buttons must be sewn properly.
    5. When buying a coat-down jacket for a girl,attention and lining. The more expensive the material from which it is made, the better the product will be. In some models there is a nice bonus - an additional lining made of natural or artificial fur, which can be unfastened if necessary.
      coat down jacket for girls
    6. Having a high collar stand will protect your child's throat from cold wind and snow. However, make sure that it is comfortable, and the lock does not scratch the chin.
    7. If the jacket has fur, it is necessary that it can be unfastened. This is useful if you decide to wash the thing.
    8. A quality down jacket for the girl is easy andcompression quickly restores the original shape. For all its apparent weightlessness, it perfectly keeps the heat, "breathes" and allows you to feel comfortable both outdoors during the cold and in a heated room.

    Well, perhaps, the most important thing in a down jacket is that,that he should be first and foremost convenient and sympathetic to your child. Therefore, going for shopping, take it with you, carefully try on things and let the kid decide for himself the model and coloring. Wear things with pleasure!