/ What are commission shops in Moscow?

What are commission shops in Moscow?

In our country for the first time there were commissionsstores in Moscow, and then in other regions, even in the times of the USSR. Many years have passed, but the relevance of these places is still high for the population of large and small cities. In Moscow, commission shops sell various goods: household appliances, clothing, footwear, fur and leather products, accessories and much more. Today we will look at the essence of such stores, for whom they are created, and how to use the services of such organizations.

commission stores in moscow

Commission clothing stores in Moscow

If you have a need to surrender yourclothes, but you do not know where to turn, you first need to decide what goals you are pursuing: get a cash payment or turn in charity.

Consider the variety of such stores:

  • Commission stores (or "second hand"). Here you can get a double benefit:get rid of unnecessary clothes and get money right away in a commission shop in Moscow. But so not everywhere, the sales policy can differ in different stores from each other. It is possible that somewhere you will have to wait for payment for the handed over things after their actual purchase by other buyers. Such "commission" are in Moscow the following stores: "Second wind" on Pyatnitskaya, 2 and "Dream" on Chistoprudniy Boulevard, 9, as well as many others.

commission store clothing in Moscow

  • Charity shops. If you have things in good condition, you have themdo not use it, but you know that they can benefit someone, then you can hand them over to any charitable commission store in Moscow. Some representatives of this area in the city: "The Joy of Joys", located on Vetoshny Lane, 13, "Blagobutik", which can be found at Bolshoy Cheremushkinskaya, 1. Before handing over to the commission, a specialist inspects the items brought by you for compliance with the presentation. When they are put up for sale, the proceeds will go to charity. And what exactly and where, you can find out from the store's employees.
  • "Garage sales." This is the place where the role of the seller is privatepersons and some representatives of young companies engaged in the sale of brand-new products and clothing. "Lambada Market" is one of the first organizations of this direction. On the trading floor, everything that was once used, or completely new, is presented, and vintage items can also be found. The peculiarity of such sales is that they pass in a certain period of time and the location of the location may change.

How do I take my clothes to the store?

To date, almost all commissionsshops in Moscow operate on the principle of "money immediately," since luxury goods at an affordable price are always in demand. But the first such plan stores worked in a different way:

  • a specialist inspects clothing;
  • you give clothes and set a value;
  • Within 45 days the shop sells commission clothes;
  • if clothes are redeemed, then you get 30% of its value.

Fur Coat Commission in Moscow

In the capital there are a lot of organizations offeringcommission transactions of fur products. A fur coat or sheepskin coats are accepted as collateral, where you can hold the product in place of a cash loan or sell it to a store.

commission shop of coats in Moscow

If your coat has served its service or you want to change the style, color, fur, in other words, buy a new fur coat, then you have several options for what to do:

  • to hand over the product to the pawnshop (after evaluating the specialist and the concluded contract, immediately receive money at the checkout);
  • to sell for sale in Moscow in the commission shop of fur coats (the product should be in good condition, preferably after dry cleaning);
  • sell on the notice board of known sites;
  • To buy a new fur coat instead of the old, having received a good discount for the purchase (such actions are held regularly in the shops selling fur products, but before the trip it is better to make a preliminary call).

Commission shop for children

Children grow up very quickly from their clothes. Parents have to update their children's wardrobe much more often than adults. Therefore, sometimes adults can think about how to buy a child the right product or clothes at a more affordable price. You can look for promotions and discounts in children's shops, or you can go to a clothing commission store in Moscow.

Customer Reviews

According to customers, such organizationshelp pick up clothes for your son or daughter, not only "almost" new, but also really new, with tags. Such clothes are often brought from Europe, from old stale collections. These things look completely new, as they are.

The only minus of the commission shop is thatthere is no size range, unlike the retail one. That is, if you liked the model of clothes, it will be presented in one copy and one size. This applies to the sale of shoes.

commissions in Moscow money immediately

In a completely different way things are with the goods andchildren's accessories. To buy a stroller, a crib, an arena, toys and much more can be at very attractive prices. As a rule, the cost of goods is reduced from 50 to 90% in relation to new products in retail stores. The newer the item, the smaller the discount, and vice versa. The assortment is always very quickly updated, as the demand for children's things has always been high.