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Orange dress - dreams come true

orange dress
Surely any woman knows that the orangeThe matter is extremely well combined with a swarthy or tanned skin. You have often remarked that an orange swimsuit sits on a suntanned, slender girl. By the way, last year color finally won its popularity, and this year is full of trends in its tones.

At least one thing

It is not always possible to wear an orange dresswoman, but only the owner of a slender figure. To the tight fitting toilet is perfect for classic shoes and a small handbag-clutch. Designers present to the women of fashion the most diverse models of dresses of orange color: both with an overstated waist, and with wide shoulders. Any master of costumes must have at least one dress of mandarin color, which is executed in its author's, unique style. Decorative elements make it more picturesque - it can be an original drapery, an insert from a lace, unusual sleeves or shoulder straps.

orange dress
Raise the mood for yourself and others

If you want to cheer yourself up, thenorange dress is just what you need. But remember that the shortcomings, if any, will be visible in this outfit. The most important thing is to choose the right colors for other parts: accessories, shoes, capes. This color is suitable for almost any type of appearance.

Make-up under the orange outfit

You decided to wear an orange dress, but do not know,How to make up? According to experts, it is necessary to emphasize one thing: either the lips or the eyes. Eyes surround with brown or gray tones of shadows. If you are a shooter, then coal-black or tangerine color is suitable. Lipstick is better to choose the same shade as the dress, but the lips can be bright only if the eyes are not heavily colored.

orange dress photo

Rather south

Such a thing as a dress of orange color, you can andshould be worn not only in the city, but also in the resort. His brightness is loved by brave girls who have a wonderful taste and sense of style. It will suit blonde and brunette, brown-haired and red-haired beauty. Just imagine yourself on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, walking along the warm sand and breathing wonderful sea air ... Your body is tanned and requires a new beautiful outfit. If you want to attract the attention of men, then dress in a bright and cheerful orange dress. The photo that you make on the seaside will be one of your favorite shots.

Add accessories and become stunning

You have acquired your dream:orange dress, which you not only very much goes, but also favorably emphasizes the figure. As accessories for it fit jewelry, hats, handbags and shoes of the same shades. And if you like contrast, then boldly pick up things of a black tone. Other color combinations are suitable here: white, golden, beige, brown and gray. Very powerful and spectacular is the combination of orange and purple. Be original, do not be afraid of experiments. Let others notice you, you deserve it!