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Fashion 80-ies coming back?

Modern trends, which are set by designersclothes, it is very difficult to interpret unequivocally. Undeniable is the fact that fashion is a cyclical phenomenon. Having examined it through the prism of time, you can see that many elements are repeated after a certain period of time. Sometimes it can be positioned in terms of predictability: sooner or later the cycle will repeat, and people will be able to put on the well-forgotten old things again.

Historical changes in the fashion world

During the long history of existenceman on Earth he succeeded, developing independently, to improve the things surrounding him in everyday life. Of course, clothes and shoes were integral companions of people who had to hide their nakedness under the influence of social development of society, as well as weather conditions.

fashion 80 x

It did not always make sense to talk about fashion, becauseOnly from a certain stage of the development of mankind it gained the status of importance and was given special attention. If we depart from the historical excursion and do not go into technical details, then we can say that it underwent significant changes. People wore the most elaborate costumes, built incredible hairstyles on their heads, created unsurpassed in their design outfits and experimented with shoes.

Each historical stage is marked by the inherentthat time clothing, and the appearance of individual parts is closely related to socio-technological necessity. Since the XX century, in the world history of fashion there are serious changes. Since then, every decade has been marked by new breakthroughs, completely uncharted earlier models of clothing, which are created with a deep ideology. In this article, the trends of the 1980s will be examined in more detail.

Fashion 80-ies: what is its novelty and why it has reached such a high popularity

Historians argue that every decade of XXcentury has its own "face". This statement is relevant not only for the political life of each individual state, but also for the image of its inhabitants for that period. Any socio-economic phenomenon leaves an imprint on the minds of people, and creative individuals find ways to express their feelings through art. And what art is the most common, the most socially significant and, of course, everyone's favorite? This is the creation of clothing!

fashion spring

From the point of view of the textile industry, the fashion of the 80's has its distinct features:

  • At this time, there is a peak in the creation of new fashion houses. In the arena not only the most eminent of them come out, but many companies are also being created that offer inexpensive street-style clothes.
  • In the 80s, it was first noticed that designers began to address in their collections the motives of previous decades.
  • NTP gave the world many new syntheticmaterials: there were lycra fabrics, which marked the appearance of sportswear not only for professional purposes, but also for everyday needs of people.
  • At this time, there was a sexual revolution,which left its imprint on all forms of art, especially on such as fashion. Summer and spring allowed the ladies to express their sexuality as much as possible with the help of mini skirts, corsets, decorative prints and shoes on a very high stud.
  • The period was characterized by the appearance of images of fatal temptresses and the origin of the style of sex.

What did the typical fashionista look like in the 80s?

The main ideas, which were permeated with outfitsof all the inhabitants of that period, there were bright colors combined with elements of sportswear. At that time, special use was made of jeans, sneakers, synthetic leggings, sports jackets. The ladies decorated themselves with catchy decorations with intricate patterns.

fashion summer

Fashion 80's very closely associated with the birthdifferent types of sports training. People began to actively monitor their health. Images of strong men from American militants made it popular to visit gyms, and cultivating slender beauty from the screens was a strong incentive for shaping and aerobics. Women who worked, worked with children and watched their harmony, needed comfortable clothes that did not restrain movements and are comfortable. It was in those years that wide sweaters and long, slightly flared skirts became very popular.

The most trendy curiosities of the 80s, preserved in our days

Mods of those times resembled rebels, sincecombined sometimes ambiguous models of clothing. First, the most important distinguishing element of that time were jackets with overhead shoulders. This strange, it would seem, attribute, making women's silhouettes similar to men's, was very popular.

The image of Princess Diana with her elegant hats andromantic attire became one of the favorite trends of honorary 80-ies. True, unlike the royal family, women of fashion successfully combined feminine and elegant shirts with coarse jeans.

fashion 80s

Fashion 80-ies gave the world an inimitable style of punk and juicy disco. The scythe, which began to sew in those days, still have not lost their relevance and are on top of the fashion charts.

Today's fashion is filled with elements from different eras, but, undoubtedly, the clothes of the 80s became a prototype of many models of the present.

Make-up hails from the USSR and its relevance in our days

As it was written earlier, in those days a specialThe bright colors in clothing used to be popular. It was in the 80's that such a notion as acid colors appeared, which differed with juiciness and unreal neon flicker.

Ladies did not spare cosmetics to emphasize the eyesand lips. A distinctive feature of the make-up of that period is the predominance of bright lipsticks, blue and green shadows on the upper eyelid, black eyeliner. 80's hairstyles also had an unforgettable appearance: enchanting naches, massive bangs and a huge amount of varnish on the hair.

hairstyles 80 х

If we draw a parallel between those times andcurrent trends in make-up, then we can safely say that in our days, preference is given to naturalness. Ladies try to paint in the style of nude, so that their face looks fresh, healthy and seductive, but it does not dazzle with bright colors.

How today can I dress in the style of the 80's?

All women have always been interested in fashion. Spring and summer are excellent times of the year for a design game of imagination. The weather allows you to get rid of the outer clothing, hiding behind your canopies beautiful cloakroom combinations. Many do not know that very often in their experiments with outfits they use techniques from the 80s that are not only very relevant in the current season, but also allow to emphasize the natural sexuality:

  • You can wear a jacket with shoulder pads in combination with a short dress. For completeness of the image, it is desirable that one of the elements of such a combination be of a bright neon shade.
  • Volumetric sweaters, reminiscent of hoodie, look great with tight jeans or short skirts.
  • Leggings or pantyhose with patterns perfectly match with dresses. If you put a volumetric sweater on top of such a set, you will get a bright image from the 80's.
  • Another element that our generationgave that bright time, - gaiters. This accessory is ideal for leggings and narrow jeans. Another option, as it can be worn - on lycra pantyhose combined with a high heel.

Shoes come from the 80's

If you want to create a fashionable image of thatdecades, it is worthwhile to understand that the 80th is usually considered a period of great bad taste. Designers in their experiments on collections have proved that the use of individual garments of the past generation can effectively look in combination with other stylistic trends. Shine in that era is given a significant role. First, most women preferred to wear high-heeled shoes, and the image of the fatal temptress literally demanded a long hairpin.

clothes of the 80s

For today in collections of designers of footwearthere are always shoes with a sharp toe and a closed heel, which gave the fashion 80's. In addition to standard shades, you can often find models of screaming colors with decorative inserts.

Another interesting interpretation of the shoeindustry under the name "jelly" was introduced from the last century by madam-fashion. Summer is the time to wear a similar product. Typically, these shoes are made of PVC plastic or rubber, has a flat sole, it looks transparent or shimmers with neon shades. Especially in demand is the "jelly" in the resort towns, where you can wear it to go to the beach.

For several seasons to a number at the peak of popularity are sneakers. Few people know, but the trend combination of this accessory with any kind of clothing comes from the 80's.

What gave the men the fashion of the eighties?

At that time, a process of formationa new kind of businessmen. Men became active, needed self-expression through the use of luxury goods. Actual at the time were considered costumes, as well as any hints of similarity with foreigners, especially Italians. In fashion, there was a tan, expensive accessories and brown shoes. The costumes began to be severely divided into business and parade-weekends.

The so-called banana trousers first appeared. Among the jeans at the peak of popularity were "varenki." By the way, if the latter are not particularly relevant in this season, then many bananas are not able to refuse many years.

Summarizing, it is worth saying: nothing is as fickle as fashion. The spring of this year once again proved that the world is so oversaturated with novelties and achievements of the textile industry that designers relentlessly return to the old motives, drawing inspiration from the stylistic metamorphoses of the last century.