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How to carry ballet shoes - practical tips

That's summer - a favorite time when you can wearA minimum of clothes and comfortable shoes on a flat sole. For several years we, the female sex, have enjoyed walking in ballet - and stylish, and beautiful, and the legs feel great! But the incidents happen in the life of every person. And if it so happened that the newly bought pair of shoes, which just fit perfectly on the foot in the store, when you tried on the fitting of the house was not enough, do not despair! We will tell you how to carry ballet flats!

how to carry ballet shoes

In general, shoes that have been close, you needwear it gradually, putting it in a home environment for a couple of hours, while do not forget to stick the band-aid on particularly delicate and vulnerable places, where corns most often appear. The result will appear in a few days of such a "cross"; for a quicker result, you can rub the inner surface of shoes with a paraffin candle or treat it with alcohol (vodka).

How to carry the ballet shoes faster?You can go to the shoe shop, where the shoes can be stretched on special equipment, but it's worth remembering that such a machine is not available for every master. There are also specialized sprays for spraying particularly narrow spaces. After they are applied to the shoes, you need to walk around the apartment for a few minutes. As a rule, shoes wear well. The cost of such an aerosol is not so great - only 200-300 rubles.

small ballet flats

In addition to those offered by professionals, there isother methods of posting shoes. Our ancestors for a long time and for a long time tested on their own experience, how to carry ballet flats, and indeed any shoes. Therefore, if the previous methods do not suit you to some extent, then turn to the people's councils. For example, there is an absolutely accessible method for the implementation of which only old newspapers and water will be needed. In shoes you need to push (just push, long and until it stops) pieces of newspaper, soaked in water. The more these slices fit into the shoe - the stronger the stretching! After each of the ballet rolls is filled to capacity with wet newspapers, it remains only to wait until the paper has dried. Do not put it to dry it near a battery or other heat source. It is necessary that the shoes dried naturally, so it takes about a day. However, it still depends on the material from which your "crystal shoes" are made. Some materials are completely reduced after drying and release, so the method is not reliable for any footwear.

A more effective method is to moisten the problematicPlace alcohol or boiling water and put on a foot with a thick toe. Do not soak the outer part of the shoe, since alcohol can damage the main material and the ballet flats simply lose their appearance.

we go in ballet

How to carry ballet flats so as not to damage theirlegs? There is one method that does not require wearing a narrow shoe on your leg. Pour water into plastic bags and place them in each ballet, and then put the shoes in the freezer for a while. As you know, freezing water expands, and thus stretches the shoes. But there is also a restriction - it is not known how to react to frost shoes, which is intended for wearing in the warm season.

In general, it is better to approachsuch a question as buying shoes, and if such an unpleasant situation has happened, do not overdo it by stretching small ballet shoes - too-worn shoes are not too convenient for walking.