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Gold chains: kinds of weaving, sample, advice on choice

Gold chain - a universal decoration,which suits a man, a woman and even a child. In jewelry stores a large selection of products, so it's difficult to stop at one thing. To facilitate the choice, you need to evaluate the decoration according to several criteria.

Criterias of choice

Before you go to the jewelry store behind the chain, you should determine the important points of choice:

Strong weaving
  1. Gender and age of a person.Jewelry accessories for women or men differ in weaving, as well as appearance in general. Separately there are decorations for young girls, differing in beautiful, original execution. For older people, it is better to buy more conservative, more rigorous models.
  2. Wearing option.If the accessory is the main one, you need to choose more massive chains with the original weaving. If a cross or pendant comes with the chain, the chain itself should not stand out or distract attention from the main attribute. If you choose a gold chain on your arm or leg, you need to buy a thin chain with a beautiful weave that will not look like a shackle on your leg or arm, but will emphasize the beauty of your ankle or wrist.

Kinds of models

All the variety of jewelry accessories is divided into several types:

  • male;
  • female;
  • exquisite;
  • decorative;
  • short;
  • elongated;
  • wide;
  • narrow;
  • with suspension;
  • single.

Since the gold chain consists of links, the mainthe criteria of division - the way weaving, the width of the links, and the length of the accessory. The minimum length of the decoration is calculated based on the size of the neck circumference. For women - 40 cm, for men - 50. The accessory will look good with any dress or shirt, both with a daily toilet, and with festive clothes.

Tests of metal

An important criterion of choice is the trial of gold on the chain.It determines the percentage of pure metal in the decoration. The appearance and strength of the golden thing depends on the sample. On each product of this precious metal you can see the sample. Goldsmiths use gold of 375, 550, 585, 750, 900, 926 and 958. Gold and silver chains are bought most often for the neck of 585 tests.

585 test - alloy of metals, where gold is59%. Such a metal is reliable, firm, does not tarnish with time, easily lends itself to forging, processing, grinding. The color is bright yellow. Gold chains around the neck - both male and female - are the most popular gift as an ornament for every day.

375 test - an alloy of metals, where gold is 38%. The color scheme includes colors from pale yellow to red. Over time, the product from it dims due to the appearance on it of iron sulphide.

Chains in different sizes

500 test - an alloy of metals, where gold is 50.0%. The remaining 50% are distributed between silver and copper. The color is pale yellow. The product quickly dims.

750 test - an alloy of metals, where gold is75.4%. The composition includes silver, copper, platinum, nickel, and also palladium. The color range includes colors from yellow to bright green. The metal is very hard, easy to process. Products do not fade.

Gold of higher samples is very soft, easily deformed, poorly stored form. Color unsaturated. The price is several times higher than in previous cases. It is rarely used in the manufacture of products.

Classical ways of weaving

Gold accessories are made either on special machines, or manually. The most common are several names for weaving gold chains:

  1. "Shell". The most durable. The links are cast in the form of twisted elongated ovals. The surface of the chains is flat, so you can create simple or original patterns on it. A flat surface is also a disadvantage of weaving, as scratches quickly appear on it.
  2. "Anchor". The links of the ornaments are made in the form of ovals, fastened together by the type of ship chain. Weaving is very durable, equally suitable for men and women. The quality of the jewelry thing can be seen from the way the faces are creased.
    Castle Karabinchik
  3. Bismarck. The most popular weaving. The decoration of this kind is universal. Thanks to the strength of the links, even thin articles and ornaments with a small weight will be strong and durable. With a gentle wearing an accessory of fifteen grams can last a lifetime.
  4. "Python", "Cardinal". Very similar in appearance. Their fragility is due to the fact that thin wires are used to form the links. Such decorations look exquisite, original. If you buy a gift for a man, you should choose an ornament with springs in the clutch links, which will make it more durable.

Creative ways of weaving

To more interesting variants of weaving of gold chains of female and male are: "Nona", Love, "Singapore", "Rombo", "Rose".

  1. Nonna. It is distinguished by the arrangement of small links inside large ones in one plane. This bond looks elegant and has high strength. Outwardly the product is a bit like a braided net.
  2. Love. The links are made in the form of hearts. It looks very original, romantic. The mount is less durable than the previous version.
  3. "Singapore". Ornaments are made of links that are located side by side and twisted in a spiral. The connection is very strong. When moving, links are poured, creating a stylish effect. These accessories look good crosses or various pendants.
    Original weaving
  4. "Rombo". Variety of anchorage. It differs in that the links are made in the form of rhombuses. The strength of such a jewelry thing is average.
  5. "Rose flower". It is distinguished by high skill of execution. It consists of twisted spirals. It is carried out exclusively by hand. Since a lot of metal is spent on making a product, decorations are very expensive.

For women

All women are different. Some people are approached with thin jewelry accessories, others are massive ones. Therefore, the classification of the choice is conditional. If a woman wears a chain around her neck, you can choose a thin gold chain or a more prominent model. For chains on the neck, the product with weaving "Nonna", "Bismarck", "Python" etc. is ideal. Such models are reliable and will not break at the first contact. In addition, with the help of such weaving beautiful gold chains with pendants or unique accessories on hand are obtained. Products are obtained by volume, but at the same time they look elegant. More subtle options emphasize femininity, and more massive - solidity.

For men

Men in the majority carry a chain withoutcomplemented accessories. Exceptions are gold chains with a cross. In this case, crosses men prefer rather big ones. Therefore, when choosing a male gold chain around the neck, you need to pay attention to its strength.

Weaving of Figaro

For men, chains with armor oranchoring performance, as well as "Rombo" and "Bismarck". For larger people, Bismarck weave products weighing from one hundred to one hundred and fifty grams, length more than 50 cm are optimal. If a man leads an active life, it is best to pay attention to hand-knitted embellishments. They are considered to be the strongest gold chains.

For children

Choose jewelry for children and adolescents need a light and strong. The child does not need a heavy chain, besides with weak links.

Among the models for children the most popular are the following:

  • "Burn".
  • "The Venetian Weave".
  • "Spike".

Such models are very beautiful and incredibly durable. The basis of their weaving is the constant crossing of the links and the interweaving of one into the other. Products are multilayered, but lightweight.

Simple fastener types

The choice of fasteners plays a huge role in choosingchains. Even with the strongest weaving, the product can easily be lost with a poor-quality buckle. In addition, the lock should be in harmony with the product itself. There are several popular types of fasteners for chains.

  1. Carabiner. The design of this lock is simple, so it can be easily fastened without help. To do this, you need to pick up the lever and hold it with your fingernail. If it breaks, it's easy to fix it. Such a lock can be in the form of a drop or a rectangle, depending on the design of the decoration itself. If you choose a thin chain, a similar buckle will look very rough on it.
    gold chain
  2. Eight. The lock is made of bent wire in the form of a figure eight. To one end is fastened a ring for the lock, to another - an ornament. Used such a fastening for costume jewelry and cheap products from gilding. The clasp is simple, but unreliable. It is almost impossible to repair such locks of a master. If the wire was not tight enough, the product could simply slip out of the fastener.
  3. Screw lock. Used to fasten necklaces. Fastening occurs due to screwing the details of the lock one into the other. Such fasteners are short-lived due to thin and weak threads.

Complex types of fasteners

  1. Springcloth Clasp. The option is suitable for thin products. The feature of the lock is a small spring, which is the main one in the fastening mechanism. If one of its parts breaks, the mechanism will have to be replaced completely. It is difficult to fasten such a lock independently. In addition, the spring quickly and imperceptibly wears out. Therefore, decoration with such a fastener is easy to lose.
  2. A box is the most reliable lock. It is used when connecting parts of heavy and expensive jewelry accessories. At one end of the product is fixed a box, and on the other - a hook that is inserted into it. The reliability of the lock is to fasten the hook in the box with the help of internal notches. Due to the heavy lock weight of the product will also increase, but it is guaranteed not to be lost.
    Castle Box
  3. Chain lock. A simplified version of a box for thin chains. Instead of a box in it, a tube with the same inner notches.

There are other types of fasteners, but they do not apply to chains.

Special ways of cleaning gold jewelry

Speaking about the gold chains, you can not tell about the ways to clean them. The most common are:

  1. Cleaning by the master. The easiest way is to place the product in a jewelry shop where the specialist will clean gold with the help of special tools or tools. This will save time and effort.
  2. Paste for cleaning jewelry. Sold in all jewelry or specialty stores. These include: cleaning wipes "Aladdin", GOI paste and special compositions "Thurman".

Home cleaning jewelry

  1. Cleaning with pharmacy solution. You can do it yourself. To do this, mix a tablespoon of powder (dishwashing liquid), a teaspoon of ammonia and a glass of boiling water. Jewelry should be put into the solution for two hours, then rinse with water and wipe with a soft rag.
  2. Soda solution. To clean a large number of products, a soda solution with a powder is also suitable. To do this, take an enameled pan, put a soft napkin on the bottom, spread decorations on it and pour a solution on top of it, consisting of two tablespoons of powder, a tablespoon of baking soda and water (to make the jewelry completely in the water). Water should be put on the stove and boiled for half an hour. When the solution has cooled, remove the jewelry, rinse, wipe with a soft cloth.
  3. Lipstick. Oddly enough, lipstick can also clean up dirt on jewelry due to the content of titanium dioxide. It is necessary to take the product and apply a tone of lipstick to the place of contamination. Then wipe the layer with a soft cloth. If contamination remains, repeat the action.
  4. Sugar syrup. To prepare, take three to four teaspoons of sugar and a glass of water (warm). Ingredients carefully mix and put there gold jewelry for the night. Next morning, rinse and wipe with a soft cloth.

Jewelry, bought with age,style of life and preferences of the carrier, will please the owner and will last a long time, whether it's a gold chain on his hand or on his neck. A proper cleaning will allow the jewelry to always look like new.