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We make a fashionable image: what to wear with ugi

Uggs appeared in Russia several years ago and, despite their awkward appearance, were very fond of our compatriots.

Invented these boots in Australia back in the 19th century.They were originally worn by agricultural workers. Unspecified shoes were called "ugly boots", later the name was shortened to a laconic "uggs". At the beginning of the 20th century, aviator boots were chosen by aviators: cockpits were open at that time, so the pilots had to warm themselves well.

Fashionable ugg boots became only at the beginning of the presentcentury. The inhabitants of Europe drew attention to them first. Many authoritative brands began to produce Australian boots, and the design fantasy made this shoes very attractive.

A presentable appearance, of course, playsan important role, but the main advantage of this footwear is still excellent heat resistance. In addition, the uggs are very light and comfortable. Thanks to the special processing of sheep's wool from which these boots are made, they are warm in winter and cool in summer. It is this unique property that makes it possible to wear ugg boots at any time of the year.

Shoes from Australia is still a novelty, andso it is not uncommon for women of fashion to ask what to wear with ugg boots. In fact, to compose a dress with such boots you need to deal with a fair share of responsibility, since even minor errors can dramatically worsen the appearance.

With what to wear ugg boots in the winter

Sheepskin boots perfectly fit insports and street style. So, going with friends for a walk, you can put on a warm sweater, narrowed to the bottom of jeans, a jacket for fluff and ugg boots. A good addition to this set will be knitted accessories.

Also, the ugi not bad combined with shortsheepskins and fashionable fur vests. Complement the image of leggings, matched in one color range with shoes. In this kit can be both classic ugg boots, and, for example, knitted or decorated with colorful sequins, embroideries or appliques.

With what to wear ugg boots in the autumn and in the spring

In the off-season it is recommended to combine ugg boots withwarm sweaters and skinny trousers. High and slender girls can experiment with dresses. It is better to give preference to dense knitwear.

With what to wear ugg boots in the summer

Having a rest outside the city, on a cool summer eveningor in the early morning you can put on an outfit of Australian boots, cozy sweaters, a bell-skirt and tight tights. It is desirable that the whole kit be monochrome.

With what to wear the uggs at home

In cold winter evenings, some models of sheepskin boots can be used as home shoes. It is best to combine them with an ivy sports suit or your favorite jeans and T-shirts.

How to make ugg boots with your own hands

There are several ways of making suchsapozhek. The simplest thing is to make them out of old things. To do this, you will need a sole made from slippers and a tight knit sweater. From the latter it is necessary to cut off the sleeves and glue them to the sole, so that the cuffs are on top (on the shins). In addition to the shank, you can sew fur or fabric decorated with beads and embroidery.

More skilled needlewomen are invited to tiethe uggs themselves. This will also require a sole, which must be tied with a crochet so that a closed slipper is obtained, then tie the bootleg to it.

Another option is to make uggs from the oldsheepskins. As a sample, you can take any boots of suitable size, take measurements from them and transfer them to the material. The sole of such products can be made the same as the rest of the shoes. For walks along the street, homemade ugg boots are hardly fit, but they will be quite suitable as home shoes.