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Women's clothing "Avil": reviews and photos

Importance of clothes in the life of womenthe beautiful half of humanity is very large. If there are enough dresses in the wardrobe of a woman to have a wonderful and attractive look, she radiates a beautiful and stable mood. For today, the choice of clothes is so high that every beauty can find a suitable thing for her. It is twice more pleasant to purchase a quality dress or blouse from a domestic manufacturer. Many people like the products of the Novosibirsk company Avil. Feedback indicates that it is quite in demand.

The value of beautiful clothes in the life of a woman

By the way a lady is dressed, one can make up herimpression. Wardrobe tells about the views and inclinations of its possessor, social status. Even the color of the attire reveals certain features of the beauty character, characterizes her mood. It often happens when a woman is sad, rain outside the window, she goes to the store for something new. There she buys a dress and a feeling of a holiday appears in the shower. A large assortment of dresses, skirts, blouses, trousers, jackets is offered to women by "Avil" company (women's clothing). Product reviews are just wonderful and speak of its popularity.

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About Avili

The manufacturer of the most popular clothes forwomen is the rapidly developing Russian company Avila (clothes). Reviews indicate a high quality of tailoring, excellent planting, original styles and cuts. For the manufacture of models of women's wardrobe used only high-quality materials, imported accessories.

Each season, the collection adds new andNew styles that correspond to the changing trends of fashion. Particularly widely represented are business models used for offices. A special online store "Avil" offers its customers products wholesale and retail. Company Avili is located in Novosibirsk at: ul. Korolev, 40, building 1, office 204.

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Features of the company's assortment

The model range of the Avil catalog is changing fromthe onset of a new season or with the advent of new fashion trends. Among the abundance of skirts, dresses, sarafans, trousers, jackets, knitwear, each beauty can choose a thing for her. The prices for the company's products are rather democratic. For example, you can buy a dress from 2 400-3 000 rubles. In this comfortable and beautiful clothes, you can go to a party, a corporate party, a friendly walk.

Summer offers

Very widely presented summer dresses "Avil".Customer testimonials indicate good quality and beautiful models of products. The novelty of the season are a dress made of fine jeans. Most often they are performed in a free style and belt. Jacquard linen is also widely represented in the tailoring of some summer models. Original long dresses from a fortified cloth with interesting belts are original.

Those who want more dense fabrics can purchasemodels from viscose, polyester and elastin. Original look dresses-sets: bottom - a skirt made of textile linen, top - a blouse made from delicate knitwear. Particularly relevant now are the skirts in the floor, so you can buy a model: a long skirt with folds and a chiffon blouse. For a business outfit, a dress from a serf suit fabric is suitable. In the summer, you want lightness and airiness, so the company "Avil" took care of the ladies and developed models of cotton linen.

Avila women's clothing reviews

Variety of spring-autumn and winter dresses

The abundance of models and textures amaze the autumn-springdresses "Avil." Customer feedback about them is only positive. Most often represented models of textured jersey, sometimes with straps. The composition of this material includes viscose, polyester and elastane. For warm spring days, you can buy a dress from chiffon with a long sleeve.

Tight knitwear is also widely represented intailoring of business styles. It should be noted that nowadays fabrics with floral prints are considered popular. Of the shades of trendy appear dark blue, light blue, tender pink, turquoise. Some ladies prefer knitted sets from "Avil": a skirt, a blouse and a short jacket without sleeves.

But what if you suddenly need a smartdress? The company and in this case will help to get out of the situation. Holiday models in the range are presented for every taste. It can be a long piece of textile fabric or a truncated knit with lace inserts. Original knitted models in combination with chiffon look original.

Winter models are made of more densejersey. Trapezoidal silhouettes today are the most popular, also the styles with a belt are always actual. Of the elegant options is very beautiful, you can call a dress from a thin knitwear, the length of the floor. The coloring of the dress is very beautiful: an interesting ornament in combination with a gently purple, blue and white shades.

Blouses "Avil"

Wearing the original blouse with jeans orshortened breeches, a woman immediately transformed. Blouses "Avil" differ in a special variety. Reviews speak of the high quality of these products. Most often they are sewn slightly loose cut, for release, length - to the hip. Materials for blouses are knitwear, chiffon, satin, lace, crepe. The firm offers models with long and short sleeves. Original design is blouses with scarves or clamps.

Blouses from Avili differ original cut, but they do not have an abundance of details and ornaments. It is good that in the dimensional range of the company's models there are products for full women.

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Assortment of skirts and trousers

No matter how fashionable were the trousers, it was in the skirtyou can feel like a woman. In her, the ladies feel elegant and sexy. Struck by their strictness and at the same time the originality of the skirt "Avil". Reviews say that they are in demand among women of different ages. The collection presents models from more dense knitwear, without pads. Skirts of suit fabric are suitable for spring-autumn, look great on business ladies.

If you look at the "Avila" catalog, you can seethere are pencil skirts, trapezoidal models, with wide folds on the belt, with a floral print. Many buyers note that Novosibirsk could create a good company, with a wide choice of goods.

A large selection of trousers in the collection of the company untilno. There is a classic model of black color from dense jersey. But this style trousers (narrow, fitted) are very feminine, they can be worn with blouses, shirts, sweaters. Very elegant looks attire with shoes with high heels.

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Cardigans and jackets

For seasonal weather it is good to have a lightcomfortable jacket or cardigan "Avil". Testimonials indicate the latest models of this company. Look good on young girls cardigans from textured knitwear without zippers and buckles. They are presented in different pastel colors: smoky pink, dark turquoise, light burgundy. Very elegant look presented by the company knitted cardigans. Varied wardrobe will help the original knitted waistcoats. The catalog presents both shortened versions of cardigans, and elongated (to the middle of the thigh).

Conformity to size

Excellent fit, great cut for precisethe products have Aval. Reviews of the dimensions indicate the exact conformity of the products to the ranges indicated in the table. This store can be envied by any store, since models from 42 to 56 size are presented here. You can easily order products according to the specified parameters, they go exactly in size.

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Sale in the online store

Avili regularly offers a salefashionable, elegant, stylish, fresh outfits. Each model effectively emphasizes one or other of the merits of the figure. Goods for sales, like others, are made of high quality materials in the best color scheme. How can a girl not like a chic dress from thin jersey with chiffon sleeves? The colors and prints of the products are so feminine that men will want to protect the beloved in them from all life's troubles! Very much on sales of dresses fitted with a tight silhouette. Popular today is a sleeve in three-quarters or a small flashlight. On the sale of products can be purchased at lower prices.

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Customer Reviews

Very many beautiful womenhalf of Russia buy blouses, skirts, pants, dresses "Avil." Reviews and brags from the photo testify to the high quality of fabrics and tailoring. Many people say that the products sit very well on the figure, they even have the property of shaping it. The fabrics are dense, but soft and pleasant to the body. They do not stretch and do not crumple. Especially the customers like the colors: they are bright, do not fade and do not shed. Products "Avil" are perfectly erased, but it is better to use the mode of low temperature. So the product will last much longer.

The quality of this clothing is also excellent: lines are flat, there are no sticking threads. They wear such goods very well, they are comfortable at work, walking or shopping. Jerseys are great for cool weather, long keep a neat look.

Now a lot of models of dresses witha drawing of large flowers. Sometimes there is a color top, sometimes a bottom. These dresses look like a skirt with a blouse. Buyers like that dresses and skirts are not translucent, have a comfortable cut and are easy to dress. Some models are able to hide some flaws in the figure.

Some women note that after the first purchase in "Avil" just fall in love with this company. If to be its client, then it is possible to receive regular discounts.

Many reviews leave the customer about blouses,and they are presented with fewer requirements than with dresses. It should be noted that things completely correspond to all the pictures in the online store. Especially like blouses from the light, gentle and pleasant to the body of the atlas. All models of blouses look perfect with skirts-pencils or narrow short trousers. Such kits can be easily purchased at Avil.

Ordering the right thing on the site is very easy. To start, you need to go there, decide on the choice, put in the basket you liked the product (specify the size). After placing an order for mail, a letter comes. As soon as payment is made, the parcel with the goods is sent to the transport department.