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Bedronka (Poland) - chain stores

"Bedronka" translated from Polish means"ladybug", but also this name has a network of shops located on the territory of the country. Here you can buy goods for every taste. The number of these stores for a long time already passed for 2000. The very first of them was opened in 1995. In each city and district there is a shop "Bedronka". The network of these stores is characterized by a relatively small number of goods and low prices available to buyers with any income.

The grocery department of the Bedronka store in Poland

Bedronka Poland

Like any other store in Poland, Bedronca provides its customers with a wide range of products of excellent quality. Here you can buy everything you need to serve to the table.

Meat products in Bedronka are offeredbuyers exclusively Polish production. Each hostess will be able to find the right product for cooking her meals. This can be, for example, poultry meat or pork. The sea of ​​various smoked and semi-smoked sausages will not leave indifferent any customer. In this store are also present and sour-milk products of the highest quality, excellent coffee, tea, a rich selection of canned products, spices and other goodies.

The main advantages of the store "Bedronka"

Any tourist or person who is in a businessbusiness trip in this country, after hearing the name "Bedronka" (Poland), immediately understands what is at stake. Buyers who know the account of time, buy goods exactly in this store.

Moreover, he can provide any thing,which the consumer will need. Especially this supermarket is suitable for visitors from neighboring countries, which have a catastrophic lack of time for shopping. It has an advantageous location. There are shops of this network, which are located close to the Polish border. This greatly simplifies the way for buyers. The chain of shops "Bedronka" (Poland) is out of competition, has its own website. Among sold goods there are not only products, but also children's, teenage, women's home clothes and other accessories.

grocery store

Baby products store "Bedronka"

Bedronca (Poland) is famous for its wide range of children's toys,clothes and accessories. Each woman can prepare herself for the birth of the baby, having purchased all the necessary things in the network of stores of this company. Also here you can pick up and gift sets for any celebration. Educational toys, funny rattles - all this you can buy in Bedronke.

Prices for products of Bedronka (Poland)

Prices in stores "Ladybug" is much lower,than any other supplier of goods. Poland attracts its neighbors from Belarus to buy goods from them, since the price fully corresponds to the quality of the products sold. The border regions very well understand the benefits of Polish shopping, so we are ready to go for the goods at any time of the year and under any weather conditions. Also in this store you can buy children's products, which will cost two times cheaper than in any other place, and their quality gives a 100% guarantee.

shares in the huts in Poland
So, if you are traveling in Poland, be sure tovisit the amazing supermarket Bedronka, make all the necessary purchases, and then who knows when you can still please yourself with the affordable price of each product.

This store comes to a large part of the populationPoland. Here, buyers can buy goods for cash or for cashless payments. The shares in Bedronke in Poland are held almost weekly. In addition, they are installed on any group of products sold. In this store, discounts are up to 50%.