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Ash shoes: its positive features and unsurpassed

Ash Shoes - is a creative and memorableItalian brand of modernity, which produces stylish and high-quality products. This footwear is aimed at the youth contingent, thanks to its individual design and interesting accessories, it embodies all the requirements of women of fashion and fashion.

Brief excursion into the history of the foundation of the brand

Ash Shoes is a product of Italianbrand, which was founded relatively recently, but for a short time managed to achieve unprecedented popularity. The birth date of this famous company is the year 2000, in which Petrik Etier and Leonello Calvani have embodied their most daring and incredible idea in reality, the latter continues to please every lover of quality and style for more than a decade.

The initial specialization of the company was a women's range of shoes, which eventually replenished with men's options.

Admirers of the talent of the shoe masters of thisbrand are by right not only ordinary people all over the world, but stellar personalities that are constantly in sight, a vivid example of which are Lindsay Lohan or Madonna.

Ash shoes

Further development and gaining popularity

The appearance of the men's collection entailed andrelease of children's footwear line (in 2011). Today, Ash's shoes compete successfully with the world's most famous brands, which have been fighting for a long time for their place in the sun. In sixty countries, buyers have appreciated the quality of products and the originality of design, which is inimitable and unsurpassed in any individual image.

A favorite innovation for young people are sneakers withinterpreted version of the heel or wedge. No less popular is the invention of the designers of the brand, thanks to which the convenience of the pad provides comfort and special stability, despite the height of the heel.

Today, Ash shoes are the subject of stylishluxury and quality amenities, which are valued by buyers in the first place. The design team of the company cares not only about the constant renewal of the assortment, but also about its functionality and compatibility with other items of the wardrobe.

shoes ash reviews

Ash Shoes: reviews

  • Thanks to the convenience and quality materialsis an excellent choice, does not soar your legs and does not give you the feeling of discomfort. On the contrary, this footwear gives comfort and self-confidence through perfect compatibility with the general way. A wide color palette and a lineup will allow each person to choose a variant suitable for his state of mind.
  • The distinctive features of this brand shoesoriginality and individuality, which will not be bored in everyday life. When buying, you need to pay attention to the dimensional grid, so as not to make a mistake and not make yourself an unpleasant surprise. Shoes Ash is small in size, which must be taken into account when choosing a worthy option, which will please you in the upcoming season.