/ / Old school tattoo is a classic tattoo. Meaning of old school tattoo

Old school tattoo is a classic tattoo. Meaning of old school tattoo

Old Cheekbone Tattoo

The popularity of tattoos is currently onlyincreases. Despite such painful and expensive pleasure, an increasing number of people prefer to decorate their body with a bright picture that will not disappear with time. The tattoo has a fairly large number of styles. All of them differ from each other in the thickness of the contour, the palette of the colors used, the technique of execution. One of the most popular is still recognized as the style of old cheekbones. A tattoo made in this technique is very difficult to confuse with anything and be attributed to another category. It has a lot of distinctive features that are immediately evident. So, what is this technique of tattooing?

A bit of history

This style is American in half withEuropean origin. It was born in the XIX century. The first owners of tattoos of this style were sailors. As a rule, for them such a pattern on the body was associated with some memorable event or a person. Immediately knowledge of the tattoo came to the sailors from Polynesia, whose islands are located in the Pacific Ocean. The first sketches of such ornaments on the bodies of the local population were brought with him by Captain Cook after the study of Tahiti, Hawaii, and also of Zealand. However, those drawings were very different from modern ones.

Old Cheek Tattoo Value

Main Motives

Tattoo in the style of the old cheekbones has pronouncedcharacteristic distinctive features. First of all, the motives of the picture are strictly observed. Since the first owners of this type of tattoo were sailors, the sketches were based on topics related to swimming on ships. Drawings very often depict various sailing ships, waves, charming women, anchors, crosses, mermaids, roses (these are the flowers). Also, various inscriptions and quotations are widely used, and they can be made in any language. Still often the masters perform in this technique birds (swallows), stars and hearts with daggers. The tatu-"sleeves" of the old cheekbones became infrequent. What is it? The hand from the wrist to the end of the shoulder is completely covered with drawings, between which, as a rule, there is no free space, that is, the tattoo is made cohesive. In this case, it can consist of separate sketches, which the master connects with each other. "Sleeve" is performed in a unified style. Old school cheek technique in this case is very popular. "Sleeves" are bright, clear and saturated.

Technique of execution

Main features of the datatattoos are like that. Bright bright colors are used (black, red, blue, white, green). Stain becomes dense, opaque. But color smooth transitions, shadows are possible. In general, the drawing turns out to be far from realism, but very juicy and bright. Contrast adds a wide black outline. This is a prerequisite for the style of old cheekbones. Tattoos, as a rule, do not lose brightness with time, do not lose clarity and do not spread into a spot (unless, of course, the qualified master performed it with qualitative materials).

Tattoo Sleeves Old School

The most successful places for drawing

Special strictness in the choice of the location of the picture inIn this case, no. Basically, tattoos of this style are made in prominent places - for example, on the hands, chest, wrist, abdomen, calves of legs, ribs. The latter option is the most painful, since there are many nerve endings, and the skin is close to the bones. The same goes for the wrist. But the shoulder is the most painless version of the place for tattooing. In principle, you can make a similar drawing anywhere. This is not so important. The main thing is the meaning that is put into the tattoo. There are also general ideas about the significance of such drawings. However, it should be remembered that for today the tattoo is perceived exclusively as a beautiful picture on the body, no more.

Old Skull Tattoo: Meaning and Meaning

Consider the most common motifs.The classic version is the anchor. In the West, its popularity has been at its height for the past couple of hundred years. And the symbolism of this image is very ancient. Its roots will go deeper into history for about two millennia. Such a symbol was considered a true guiding star, guarding sailors. Old cheek tattoo with an anchor helped not to go astray from the intended course and clearly follow the chosen goal. Another value of this pattern is always to be yourself, to withstand steadily all wind and currents that come across.

Old cheekbone tattoo roses
The second, no less successful and popular, the plot fortattoos in the style of old school - swallow. In this case, it turns out to be a little animated. This bird brings luck and happiness to its owner. Ladies make them, as a rule, in the area of ​​the clavicles, on the back or near the ankle. However, men's old school cheekbones are also often created on the basis of images of pretty swallows. True, maybe not so colorful and feminine. As for the same sailor, he will make such a tattoo only if 5000 nautical miles pass through the water. For him, the swallow symbolizes a safe return to his native shore. After all, this bird is a sure sign that somewhere near the earth. Two swallows are perceived as a successful journey.

Quite often old-school tattoos hadreligious significance for its owner. A vivid example is the rock of centuries. It is considered a real classic in the Christian allegory. It is a symbol of faith, hope, protection and support. It is believed that such a tattoo was a talisman for a sailor. Very often such a picture was combined with some inscriptions like "Hold on!". It was supposed to support a person in a difficult situation and instill faith in the best.

Old cheek tattoo roses - this is another interestingthe moment of the style in question. She is a symbol of a special pure love, passion, but still chastity. A huge role is played by the color of the rose. Yellow means joy, white - respect and reverence, orange - joy. The red rose, of course, is associated with love in all its manifestations.

Old-school tattoo

Choose a master

The person you are about to entrust youra precious body, must be a real professional. Such people have diplomas on completed education, very often art education, as well as a fairly large portfolio (examples of earlier works). If the master refuses to draw a sketch on your own (even for a fee), you should be alert. Try to do tattoos only in the salons, where they first conclude a contract in writing. This will save you further problems in case of drawing a poor-quality picture.

How to care

Old school mock tattoos

Old school tattoo needs exactly the same methodhealing, as well as all other drawings applied by a needle under the skin. After the session, the master will impose a special compress of the film so that you can safely get to the house. The film will not allow clothes to stick to the fresh pattern and cause discomfort. In the early days, the tattoo will trickle with a sap. It must necessarily be gently washed off with warm water. This should be done as moisture forms. After washing it is necessary to apply a thin layer of special ointment on the tattoo. The name will be prompted by the master himself. Do not scratch the picture, do not peel off the peeling top layer, do not sunbathe, do not go to the solarium, do not drink alcohol!