/ What to present for the wedding anniversary? Original ideas

What to give for the anniversary of the wedding? Original ideas

Do not know what to give for the anniversary of the wedding?Do you think that it is stupid to present figurines? Think about those things that will be useful to the newlyweds. What could it be? Perhaps the couple shared with you plans and dreams. Try to implement them. Well, if it does not occur, then read the article and look for inspiration in it.

A set of wine glasses

what to give for the anniversary of the wedding

Dishes are a good gift.It is always needed, especially glasses and glasses. Glass and crystal often beat. And to put on the table glasses of different colors are ugly. Therefore, make it easier for the newlyweds. They do not have to run around the shops and look for places where it's cheaper to buy a beautiful set. And you do not have to wonder what to give for the anniversary of the wedding. If your friends do not drink alcoholic beverages, then give glasses for juice or cocktails. Variants can be different. After all, for each drink you need a separate glass. And not everyone can afford to buy such a variety.

A set of plates

Beautiful dishes always cause appetite.Therefore, if you are still wondering what to give for the anniversary of the wedding, present a set of plates. They can be different. If you go to friends who prefer the classics, then it is better to buy beautiful plates with a simple drawing. If the married couple has a refined taste, you can present dishes of a nontrivial form.

Pay attention to the square or ovaldishes. Regarding design, too, you should not rely on your own taste, but on the opinion of the donee. If the couple is close to you, then you have an idea of ​​the style in which their dishes are worn. Perhaps they will like plates made of black glass, and maybe they will have more to taste dishes with folk ornament.


what to give for the anniversary of the wedding to friends

Do not know what to give for the anniversary of the wedding?Before the holiday, ask if the young family printed photos from their wedding. This may sound strange, but many people do not find the time to make out the beautiful photos. After all, on the solemn day they were made more than 1000. It is not an easy task to look through all these beautiful pictures.

And print a large number of photos -invoicing company. Therefore, you can take care of this. However, it is not a surprise to make such a surprise. After all, wedding photos should not be selected by you, but newlyweds. But, in any case, the gift will definitely be needed. Your task is to buy a big album and beautifully place photos in it.


Decide what to give for the wedding anniversaryfriends? Get a beautiful photo frame. This may not be the main gift, but a small souvenir. A beautiful frame, which can be put on the shelf, will be able to decorate any interior. But this will happen only if you correctly choose it for the style of the room. You can present not only one photo frame, but a whole collage of them.

In this case, it is necessary to choose such a framework, inwhich can be inserted photos of the standard size of 10x15 cm. Otherwise, a newly-married couple may have a problem with the mismatch of formats. If you are afraid to lose with the style of the gift, get a decorative thing in classic - black or white.

Hike to massage

what to give for the anniversary of the wedding 1 year

One of the best gifts for a married couple isjoint rest. If you are wondering what to give for the anniversary of the wedding 1 year, then think about buying a certificate for a massage. Such pleasant procedures people rarely go around. They feel sorry for spending both money and time on this.

Well, if you offer them a certificate, theywilly-nilly will be able to carve two hours to give this time to yourself. Family couples can not forget that from time to time you need to relax, not only with your soul, but also with your body. But the stress and stresses that we experience every day tend to accumulate and then can be expressed in muscle clamps.


You can not think of what to give your wife foranniversary of the wedding? Present her with a jewelry. Lovely knickknacks will taste to any girl. Men rarely pamper their chosen ones with beautiful, but impractical gifts. But cute rings, bracelets and chains can lift not only the mood, but also the self-esteem.

A girl who is beautifully dressed, feels herselfbetter and more confident. Wife, received from her husband's earrings, will be pleasantly surprised. After all, most often married men give their second half more practical gifts, for example, microwave ovens or pots.

Certificate in the spa

What to give for the anniversary of the wedding? Present recent honeymoon couples to the spa. Such an event will help the couple relax and stay alone with each other. Even if young people live separately from their parents, they still rarely get to spend the whole day together.

On weekends, I want to meet friends orgo to some social event. Therefore, going to the spa will be tantamount to a small resort. Warm baths, swimming pools and jacuzzi will help to relax and look at the second half with love and tenderness.

Certificate in restaurant

what to give for the first anniversary of the wedding

Many couples try to save on everything. After all, you need to save money for a mortgage, and if you have your own apartment you need to start saving for the child. In such a routine, romance is simply not the place. Therefore, a wife who thinks about what to give her husband on the anniversary of the wedding, can choose to choose a certificate for a restaurant.

Men are more prudent, and they may notenough courage to easily take money from the family budget. But women often commit insane acts that help make gray everyday life interesting. Remember that life is one, and to postpone it for tomorrow is not worth it. You will always miss something for complete happiness. Know how to enjoy what you have.


what to give to parents on the anniversary of the wedding

If the wife does not know what to give her husband foranniversary of the wedding, then she can surprise him with a culinary masterpiece. Spread a delicious cake. This should not be a simple biscuit, which is prepared in 10 minutes. Try, spend on cooking as long as the dish requires. Do not be afraid that you might not be able to do something. Most recipes only look awesome, but in fact everything is elementary. Do not forget to decorate your culinary masterpiece. For this purpose, you can use mastic, cream or whipped cream.

If you do not want to stand at the stove, then you canorder a cake in a pastry shop. Today there are many different options for baking. Choose your favorite sweetness of your husband, ask the pastry cook to experiment with fillings and design.

Horse riding

Want to surprise your friends? What can I give to an unusual wedding anniversary? For example, it can be horse riding. They say that communication with horses can cure a lot of human diseases. Believe it or not - each person decides for himself. But here is the fact that walking at a free pace in picturesque surroundings can improve your well-being and raise your mood is a fact.

Especially great to ride next to your favoriteman. If your friends are good in the saddle, then you can rent an hour for two or three horses. Well, if your friends have never ridden, you can order instructors in the horse yard.

Flight on a hang-glider

what to present for the 1st anniversary of the wedding

If your parents are young and looking for adventure,then they will definitely like an unusual present. What could it be? Flight on a hang-glider. Probably, every person dreamed of jumping off a parachute. But not many have realized this desire. Therefore, if you still think what to give to parents on the 1st anniversary of the wedding, present the thrill.

Flight on a hang-glider is much safer thanskydiving. Of course, a person can break something for himself, but this is more an exception than a rule. If you follow the instructor's instructions and jump from a not very high mountain, you can get a lot of new sensations, find out what a flight is, and at the same time stay alive and healthy.


what to give to parents on the anniversary of the wedding

Soon the anniversary of the wedding? What to gift? Year of living together is a long time. Many married couples break up earlier, because they can not withstand life testing. But if people have lived a year in love and happiness, then their future life together will be successful.

If you believe in traditions and customs, you canto present the newlyweds with bed linen. First, it is a necessary gift, and secondly, the first anniversary is called calico. Therefore, traditionally, people give gifts precisely from this material. But it is not necessary to present bed linen. You can buy new curtains, tablecloth and even a blanket. Choose what the couple needs.


Quality things are good gifts. Many people do not pay attention to how they sleep and what. But the posture in which a person sleeps directly affects his state of health, vigor and health. Therefore, if you can not decide what to give for the first anniversary of the wedding, present good pillows. You can choose something orthopedic. Such pillows will be relevant for those people whose profession is associated with sedentary work. A person who spends the whole day at a computer, sooner or later gets problems with the neck. But in order not to eliminate the problems, they can be prevented if you play sports and sleep on the right pillow.

You can also donate not functional, butdecorative things. For example, a beautiful pillow on the sofa. You need to choose such things for the interior of a married couple. And also you can make an original gift and order pillows in the form of the initials of your friends or in the form of their names. Or you can present pair cushions. For example, it can be two halves of the heart, which with the help of Velcro can turn into one big soft toy.


A universal gift for any holiday isimpression. You can buy tickets for any nearest event that your friends should definitely like. What could it be? Perhaps your familiar married couple loves some kind of music band. And maybe your friends will want to attend the premiere, which will be shown in the theater from next week.

People have different tastes, so you should be wellknow people to give them tickets. If you can not decide for yourself or do not know what numbers your friends will have a weekend, give them a certificate. They can independently cash it, choosing an event that they like.


People like useful presents. Therefore it is desirable to know in advance from your familiar married couple what they need. People always lack something for happiness. It can be an iron, a mixer or a dryer for shoes. It seems, why the family can not buy such little things on its own? Not always enough time to go to the store and take a thorough choice. It's one thing to just buy an iron, and it's quite another to choose a good model that will last at least five years.

If you do not know what from the technology you canPresent on the anniversary of the wedding, you can buy any technical novelty. It can be an air humidifier, an aroma lamp or an interesting night light that turns off from cotton. Many people consider such things superfluous, so they do not buy themselves.

Exotic tree

The original gift for the anniversary is plants. You can give flowers, but it will not be so interesting. Present an exotic tree. You can give a tangerine or lemon. In addition to the fact that such a plant can decorate any interior, it will also bear fruit from time to time. Agree, it's nice to eat mandarins that have just been torn from a branch. When you present a tree, you can give it a name. With such a non-trivial approach, it may turn out that the newlyweds will consider their exotic plant a friend. And you, coming to their home, you can be interested in the condition and health of the plant.