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Swimsuits "Milavitsa": assortment and reviews

Often, choosing clothes, we preferforeign brands, as they are confident in the quality of their products. However, there are a lot of trade marks from the near abroad, which can pleasantly surprise. Among them - the Belarusian factory of underwear "Milavitsa".

Every year more and more women givepreference for the products of this company, as they were convinced that underwear and swimwear "Milavitsa" is not only affordable prices, but also quality, comfort, and elegant beauty.

Trademark History

The factory "Milavitsa" has more than a century of history. The foundation date is 1908, when a businessman from France Francois Tournier opened a haberdashery factory in Minsk.

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During the revolutionary and Soviet times, the production changed its profile several times, until in 1970 it was converted into corset production.

In 1991, the leading shareholder of the factory becameItalian company "ILuna" (specializes in seamless underwear), and the factory itself changed its name to "Milavitsa" (ancient Slavic analogue of Venus). The renovated Belarusian-Italian enterprise for a few years has become one of the leaders in its field.

Since 1995, the range of products of the brand included bathing suits.

Milavitsa products are not only exported toCIS, but also to Great Britain, Germany, Holland, the United Arab Emirates and many other countries. Lingerie and swimwear "Milavitsa" is also in great demand also in the Russian market. Throughout the country there are branded stores. In Moscow alone there are more than 40 of them.

Collection of swimwear "Milavitsa" of the new season

Striving to be in a trend, the designers of "Milavitsa" every year represent a new collection of linen and swimwear, taking into account all the newfangled trends.

In the new beach season, designers emphasizedon a combination of classics with trendy styles. The highlight of the collection was a ruler of sizes. Most models of swimsuits look great on different types of figure. And the owners of a luxurious chest with a cup from DD and above will be able to find models that not only successfully emphasize their charms, but also the most convenient.

The collection of swimsuits of the new season has 2directions: youth and modern classical. The target audience of the first is young girls, so most models are quite frank. For the second direction, classical swimsuit styles were modernized.

The color scale of the swimwear "Milavitsa" in thisseason takes into account all the fashion trends. Among the assortment you can find both monochrome models of blue and scarlet shades, as well as elegant combinations of fabrics with print in sapphire, purple and coral colors.

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Swimsuits "Milavitsa" (photo below) of this collection are full of variety of styles here and separate, and merged.

Separate swimwear "Milavitsa"

For lovers of sunbathing in the new collectionThis year presents a large number of separate swimsuits with promising exotic names. Their design used combinations of monophonic fabrics with ethnic patterns, floral and floral prints, imitation of animal skins. Paying tribute to the classics, the line "Pin-Up" uses knitwear in small white peas.

Presented variety of color combinations andmodels of bras and swimwear allows you to combine the swimsuit to your liking. This opportunity concerns all the lines of separate swimsuits collection this season.

In such lines as "Zanzibar", "Argentina", "Glamor", "Flowers of Bali", "Mexico", "Coconut Jungle" and "Ecuador" most of the separate swimsuits have an analogue of the merged.

Closed swimwear "Milavitsa"

The hit of this season's beach season was closedswimsuits, pretty crowded separate. Their main advantage is the ability to hide and correct the shortcomings of the figure. They are also relevant for lovers of outdoor activities on the water.

Milavitsa swimsuit

Despite the variegated coloring of fabrics, the closed swimwear "Milavitsa" is romantically inspired, emphasizes elegance and femininity, while being very comfortable and practical.

Monokini "Milavitsa"

For those who are hard to choose between separate and merged swimsuits, the designers of "Milavitsa" offered a wide variety of monokini swimsuits.

A swimsuit of this type combines the convenience of separate models with the ability to adjust the shape that is characteristic of the fusion patterns.

Monokini "Milavitsa" this year pleaseda variety of styles of bodices, as well as a thoughtful combination of fabrics and appropriate drapes. Thanks to this, girls with an unconventional figure will be able to look in them as beautifully as those who possess ideal proportions.

Tankini "Milavitsa"

Another revelation from the designers of "Milavitsa" was the swimwear tankini. By tradition, the model consists of a spectacular top-T-shirt and beach panties.

swimwear large size milavitsa

Tankins suggested by the brand, moreall designed for girls with a luxurious bust. Successful color combinations of swimwear will create a light beach image and disguise the flaws of the figure. Simple, but elegant styles of tops-T-shirts successfully accentuate the neckline and keep a free fit in the figure.

Swimwear "Milavitsa" for non-standard figures

In the collection of this season there is a hugethe number of swimsuits for complete, among them there is a whole line of models of both separate and pooled swimsuits. The designers of the brand moved away from the traditional color of full-black, and created swimsuits of a large size "Milavitsa" in trendy colors.

Ideal model for a non-standard figureis a merged swimsuit "Milavitsa". For the correction of the figure, the styles with drapes are developed, as in the glamorous model, as well as with various pull-in inserts from the dark fabric, as in the Zanzibar model.

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One of the most favorite models of swimsuits amongThe owner of lush forms is also tankini. The designers offer full ladies this season tankini from the top of the loose cut and beach panties with a high fit and pulling effect.

For owners of appetizing forms, which are stillprefer fashioned separate swimsuits, fashion designers created styles with beach panties with a high waist line and elegant drapery, complemented by bras on wide straps, with adjusting inserts (separate models "Argentina" and "Zanzibar").

New swimwear "Milavitsa": reviews

Among consumers, a new collection of swimsuits "Milavitsa" caused positive reviews.

The main advantage of models, except for the availableprice and quality, was named a thoughtful design, brightness of colors and convenience of design. The mass of positive responses was caused by the presence in almost all models of models with large cups for owners of lush breasts. Girls with a breast have more modestly pleased models with push-apom.

indoor swimsuits milavitsa

A separate advantage of separate swimsuits and models of tankini in the collection, according to consumers, is the opportunity to "collect" a swimsuit from different heights and bottoms.

Also, consumers enthusiastically met the line of beach accessories of this collection, represented by tunics of colorful colors, dresses and jumpers in blue and pink tones.

The trade mark "Milavitsa" for more than 50 yearsis one of the leaders in the manufacture of underwear, 20 of them the designers of the company are engaged in the creation of bathing suits that are not inferior to the products of eminent brands, neither in quality nor in design. In this case, the swimwear "Milavitsa" is much cheaper and available for purchase, as in almost every city there are firm stores "Milavitsa", where anyone can get advice and order the right product if it is not available.