/ Office style in clothes: description, photo

Office style in clothes: description, photo

Arguing about the office style, many representsad pictures like the image of Lyudmila Prokofievna before her miraculous transformation. The depersonalizing jackets, dull skirts, monotonous shoes and a completely blank color scheme - that's what comes to mind first.

But it's time to debunk this non-viable stereotype that does not stand up to healthy criticism.

Our article will be useful to those who work in theorganizations with a strict dress code, strives to look stylish and wants to learn more about how to make harmonious images for working days and important events.

Basics of style

Office style implies laconicism, the rejection of excessive decorativeness and some severity. In a business environment, there are laws that affect the appearance of employees.

Many argue that it is inadmissible to judge a personby its appearance. But in fact, each subconsciously reads information about the interlocutor by its appearance. Well-groomed hands, restrained meik, neat clothes, well-placed accents, properly selected accessories and shoes - when it comes to business, every detail is important. A well-dressed person looks solid, inspires confidence, gives the impression of a serious and reliable partner with whom you can deal. Negligence, permissible and even desirable in a friendly atmosphere, has an open and easy communication, but does not fit in with the image of a business person.

Stylists advise to be guided by somesimple rules when choosing clothes for everyday work. Refuse the fact that it does not sit well on the figure, fetters the movements. Do not try to flaunt sexuality, in the office it is unacceptable (although it is appropriate to emphasize femininity). Choose your color scheme, which fits into the concept of business style, but at the same time it's suitable for you personally. Try to make a wardrobe out of things that harmonize with each other so that you can get different images.

Admissible color gamut

Clothing in the office style should not be too bright and bright. Along with the classic black, blue and gray, other colors are quite acceptable:

  • eggplant;
  • Bordeaux;
  • dark and milk chocolate;
  • emerald greenery, olive;
  • shades of beige scale (ivory - ivory, champagne);
  • white color for shirts and blouses.
office style for girls

Bright fluorescent shades are unacceptable.

Prints and Patterns

As for prints, there are a number of limitations.No flowers, birds, seals and ethnic ornaments in the business wardrobe of a business lady should not be. The print can only be geometric, but you should not abuse it.

In some cases, the cell, the herringbone, and the crow's foot are appropriate. But contrast combinations like red-blue Scottish tartan can not be allowed. From office clothes should not ripple in the eyes.

Basic wardrobe

The main thing and, perhaps, the most expensive purchasecan become a classic pantsuit without extreme design solutions. Jacket at the same time should sit well, freely zastegivatsya all buttons. Pants are better to choose a direct silhouette or marlen. A flap from the hip, cuffs or narrowed to the bottom pants in the office are inappropriate. The length is preferably full, up to the middle of the heel.

office style female

Get a pair of blazers of different colors. Suppose an elongated frock coat.

It is worth buying several blouses shirt cut from dense opaque fabric. The style with the tie is also good, provided that the bow is not too gorgeous.

Wardrobe business woman can not imaginewithout a few skirts. There is a restriction on the length: not more than 5 cm from the knee and not less than 20 cm from the floor. No. 1 among the skirts - a classic pencil. A trapezoid skirt is permissible provided that it sits well.

Dress-case also can be attributed to the category musthave. It should be made of quality fabric of one of the basic shades. Along with it, a sarafan was worn, which can be worn over a blouse.

Make-up, manicure, hairstyle

Working in a serious organization, the office style of the office must withstand what is called the fingertips.

The best solution in the make is the nuda range. Choose a palette of shadows in peach-brown or grayish-pink tones. Blush should be used in the minimum amount. Contouring is irrelevant at all, as well as augmented eyelashes with a volume exceeding 2D. Particular attention should be paid to the eyebrows: they must be neat and tidy.

Selecting the design of a manicure, give preferenceclassic French, this is the most successful option. You can make a monochrome beige, milky or peach color. From rhinestones, varnishes of bright shades and intricate mural is better to refuse. The length of the nails should be small.

office style, manicure

The choice of hairstyles is not so limited, how canto appear. Owners of curly hair, especially long, it is better to weave curls in a braid. Loose hair is allowed only if they are not very long. Of course, their state must be perfect. In addition, the curls can be pulled into a low tail, laid in the form of a shell, plaited into a French spikelet. Two ponytails or two pigtails are inappropriate in a business environment. When you color the hair, it's natural to give preference.

Accessories and footwear

There are several important recommendations forselection of shoes in the office style. The main rule and pledge of a successful solution is the rejection of trends and design chips. Straight stable heel, not too thick, but not stiletto, slightly narrowed toe, lack of sparkling decorative ornaments - that's what features have the right shoes. In the off-season, when the street is still dry, but already cool, and there is still no heating in the office, you can shoe black black boots. But winter boots, especially with fur, are considered a mauveton. Replacement shoes are required.

Give preference to a black or other dark shade. In recent years, beige shoes that fit almost everything and visually lengthen their legs have gained considerable popularity.

office style, shoes

In the summer season shoes are also needed. Open toe and bare heels are unacceptable.

Some women due to health problemsreasons difficult to walk on his heels. You can choose losers, brogues or ballet flats, but in this case, most of the skirt styles will have to be abandoned. If the urban fashion has long been spreading the combination of pencil and shoes on a flat move, in an office style it is still inappropriate.

Shopping bags should be given special attention. It is better to spend one time on a solid high-quality thing and carry it for several years. Prefer not too bulky doctor's bag, a tote of good-quality leather (but by no means from textiles), a laconic grid or kelly from a solid manufacturer. In recent years, the envelope also received considerable distribution.

office style, bags

Postman's bag over his shoulder, clutch, hobo and even more so a backpack - these are not options for the office.


Speaking of clothes in an office style for girls,even attention should be paid to this. First, at any time of the year, a business dress code assumes stockings or tights. The color range is limited to solid and black. In the summer they should be with a minimum density, but absolutely without them it is impossible.

With extreme caution should be selectedbra. It should not have wrinkles, lace and other voluminous decor protruding through clothing. The protruding straps look vulgar in absolutely any situation, and even in the office the underwear peeping out from under the clothes is one of the main taboos.

Care should also be given to loversstocking. Before you come to the new thing for work, try on it with a dress or skirt, sit on a chair, bend slightly to make sure that the upper edge of the stocking under any circumstances does not look out from under the hem.

Business Best

Office clothing for women has three directions. In general, they are similar, but they have features.

office style for women

Business Best is the most strict businessdress code. He regulates the choice of clothes for the most important events: high-level negotiations, international meetings, meetings of shareholders of large companies. In general, this regulation concerns top managers and politicians.

Clothing can only be monophonic, discreet,preferably expensive. The height of the heel should not exceed 5 cm. As an ornament, you can wear a soft neck scarf or laconic brooch. From the rings, except for the wedding, it is better to refuse. Under the ban fall open knees and shoulders (the length of the sleeve should at least reach the elbows folds).

It would seem that solid puritanism and facelessness? In fact, this direction is deservedly considered the most elegant. Gorgeous cut, perfect fit on the figure, the best quality fabrics - that's what makes business suits from the world's leading manufacturers truly luxurious.

Business Traditional

A slightly more democratic option is designed for everyday work. This office style for women allows blouses in stripes or peas. At the same time, the sleeve can be short.

business office style

Dress-case up to the knee can be combined with a jacket of a different color. Complement the image of the boat.

Business Casual

This is the most free version of office style. Photos give an idea of ​​what is appropriate in this case.

office clothes

Such a dress code allows you to put on work evennot too bright jeans of classic cut. Heel height can be almost any, but not more than 8 cm. Accessories are: accessories with small pebbles, good jewelry.

And yet the basis of the wardrobe should be classic suits and dresses of basic low-key shades, when choosing shoes, a heel is desirable.

Unqualified taboos

There is a list of things that do not have a place in the office women's style. It is worth remembering the key points.

  • Lace, guipure, even in the form of inserts.
  • Clothes made of leather, plush, knitwear.
  • Knitted sweaters.
  • Shoes are white, sandals, boots above the knees.
  • Deep neckline, open back, length of a mini.
  • Semi-transparent clothes.
  • Inscriptions, large brand logos.

Properly picking up the wardrobe, you can gain confidence and feel among partners, colleagues and competitors, as if in the native element. And the work itself will bring much more pleasure.