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The crisis of 30 years for men. How to overcome the crisis of middle age

Everyone knows that men are by definitionrepresentatives of the stronger sex of mankind. In principle, such an assertion is true all 100%, but even the strongest physically and morally stable person sometimes come in such periods in life, when he does not understand where and for what exactly he is going, what he wants in the future, he is seething in his soul Discontent with their achievements. The crisis of 30 years in men is characterized by such manifestations of the internal state. On the life of a man at the beginning of the fourth decade and talk in this article.

What's going on?

At thirty years almost every normalthe peasant exposes himself to the most thorough analysis of his life has already passed, determines his achievements and fiasco. At the same time, a person finds out that life, although more or less formed materially, his personality is still far from the desired perfection, and much time was wasted in vain and he did much less than he could in general. The crisis of 30 years for men - in fact, the moment of maximum revaluation of values, a close and close review of its internal "I". Even a successful macho understands that already many things he can not change. Here, and there is a stumbling block: I really want to "change something and change it." Realization of this desire depends on many factors, but in general the key moments are only willpower, diligence and diligence. It has long been known that folk wisdom, which says patience and work will all peretrut, is as relevant as ever today.

crisis 30 years for men

Gender feature

Most often, the crisis of 30 years for men is manifested infirst of all in discontent with his position at work and his financial situation. That's why strong people at this moment decide to change their profession, leaving at the same level the desire for career heights.

Typical behaviors

With the 30th anniversary, a man acquires certain skills and life experience. At this age, the representatives of the stronger sex very often behave on the basis of the three psychological models described below.

"Unstable" are men who do not haveany clear life guides and goals set at an earlier age, and continuing to experiment as eighteen-year-olds. Such people can grab for a lot of things, but none of them will be brought to the end. They have no idea what profession exactly suits them, what exactly attracts them, and does not aspire to definiteness and any permanence in life.

The crisis for such men is manifesteddirectly in the fact that they are very inertly floating along the course of life, destroying themselves from the inside. Although it is fair to say that in some cases "unstable" can achieve a positive result, but this happens in cases where endless experiments help them form a clear basis for the final choice.


The average version

"Closed" - perhaps the most commoncategory of people. Men of this kind are quite calm, without special problems and scrupulous introspection they determine the goals at the age of 20 years. They rigidly adhere to the chosen path, are very reliable, but still morally suppressed.

The crisis in such men is manifested in the fact that theymay start to regret that in the early years of their life they did not investigate it as much as possible, did not put experiments. However, courageous people can profitably use their thirties: they begin to destroy their patterned "sense of duty" if the peaks reached in their careers do not suit them.

Unrecognized geniuses

"The child prodigy". Almost every one of them is a business man who at one time achieved success before his peers, overcame the hardest professional tests, climbed to the top, although sometimes he does not stay on it. As a rule, in such adult boys the line between personal life and work merges into a single whole. With the 30th anniversary, such men are afraid to admit to themselves that they do not all know and know how. They are also afraid to let people come too close to them, because there is an overwhelming fear that someone will be able to learn about their weaknesses and secrets.

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What is dangerous thirty crisis

The acuity and drama with which the middle-aged crisisexperiencing a man may be different for a number of reasons. This is easily explained, because each person has its own characteristics. Therefore, manifestations can range from an ordinary sense of internal discomfort, a mild and completely painless process of change, to a very violent, emotional flow of passions that can break the previous adjusted relationships with the outside world and are accompanied by deepest experiences, which in turn can lead to physical and psychological diseases character

with 30th anniversary

Underwater rocks

As practice shows, the age of 30 years mancan bring extremely unpleasant changes in personal and professional life. Such a moment is especially dangerous for those people who have been married for a long time and already have children. Indeed, in this case, the man is already quite firmly on his feet: he has his own housing, work, maybe he does not like it, but at least he provides with all the necessary things. At the same time, life has lost its bright colors, a person seems to be walking in a circle and cannot break it in any way, plunging more and more into the abyss of dullness and gloom. The dream is lost, surprises disappear, everything is boring and monotonous. Life with my wife may no longer bring past bright, voluptuous sensations, and here comes the moment when a business man decides to adultery, which can eventually lead to the destruction of the family, which often extremely negatively affects later . And what is the result? Of course, divorce and further deterioration of the situation. Fortunately, such a scenario is not massive, but it still takes place in our harsh reality.

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How to escape

Age problems most common tomen from 30 years and older, it is possible to avoid or at least try to minimize their impact. So, in particular, long-term in-depth studies have shown that if a representative of a strong half of humanity got married after 25 years, that is, he avoided an early marriage, then his many features of the crisis (for example, fatigue from family life) will be bypassed. In addition, those men who have a further, real prospect of career growth are also less susceptible to psychological problems at a specified age. The thirty-year frontier passes quietly enough and people who are constantly developing as individuals and striving to become better, paying attention to self-study. In many cases, the psycho-physiological health of a man directly depends on whether he is able to diversify life, bring a “zest” to his family, which would strengthen the relationship between all relatives, make him take a fresh look at his other half. In addition, a clear realization that a mistress or a new wife will in no way, under any circumstances, save from the onset of a personal crisis, also contributes to the normal course of a man’s life from 28 to 35 years.

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Of course, even with such favorable enoughthe conditions described above, the longing can still overtake a person. However, he will be able to develop his future without destroying the present. A crisis of 30 years for men will then have a happy outcome: a feeling of self-confidence will arise, new goals will appear on the life horizon, the desire to bear responsibility not only for himself but also for his family will increase.

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A man’s health will be preserved if heThis period will pass safely. To do this, he will need to gather all his will into a fist and try to dwell on the problems. It is believed that one of the most effective methods of overcoming the crisis is to deepen their professional knowledge and skills. It is also recommended to concentrate on your personal tasks, find new interesting goals, break out of the extremely pessimistic “never” and “everything is bad”. To some extent, a person should be an egoist in order to maximally plunge into his inner world and understand his actual needs. As a result, the crisis is completely over, and the man will save his family, increase his achievements and again feel the burning desire to live. And in general it is necessary to remember the wisdom said by the ancient king Solomon, which sounded like: “Everything will pass. And this, too.