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World famous designer of clothes Yamamoto Eji: biography, photo

This Japanese first learned in 1981 intime of the Paris show designers. His unusual models so impressed all Europeans that the name Yamamoto instantly becomes popular. At that time, naked shoulders, high heels and the most unbelievable make-up were at the peak of popularity, and slender girls without a hint of makeup in long black robes and coarse, almost masculine shoes differed dramatically from aggressive and obsessive sexuality. It is believed that from that moment on the sky of famous designers lit a Japanese star.

Shocking asceticism

Working in a special, conceptual manner andapplying special technologies, Yamamoto Yoji, with his ideas about feminine beauty and style, in particular, repeatedly produced a real shock. He was never attracted to jewels, luxury, all that is called chic and glamor. The black lover cut off all the superfluous in his works, adhering to strict austerity.

Yoji Yamamoto: Biography

It is believed that a special attachment to the black was instilled in him by his mother, who had lost her beloved husband in the war, the father of little Yoji. He chose the color of grief as a sign of respect for the special power of love conquering death.

Yamamoto Edzi

Born in Tokyo in 1943, Yamamoto getsA law degree, but an unexpectedly captured passion for fashion forces him to pursue a special education. In 1972, he presents to the public the debut collection of women's clothing. For 9 years before the triumphant show in France, he develops his signature black clothing line.

He wants to change the established views on thiscolor, conveying to every viewer that these are not dull collections, but things where the inner content prevails over the outer one. His creations, far from sexuality, were not initially accepted, and those few who wore his things were contemptuously called flocks of crows. As if not hearing a negative in his address, Yamamoto Yoji continues to surprise the public with stylish things for brave personalities.

Freedom in everything

It is believed that he - the first designer, successfullyconnected the mysterious east and straight west. Yamamoto produces strict collections for men, adhering to the opinion that things should not decorate the stronger sex, but only cover the body. Kimono-style asymmetrical sleeves, collars missing on shirts, and raw seams stupidly unattached viewers.

Yeji Yamamoto

Yoji Yamamoto hates tight things, consideringthat they stifle the body and do not allow themselves to express themselves, but only in freedom you can find yourself. Therefore, all of its models are dimensionless, suitable for any physique. In addition to the beloved black color, gray collections appear on the catwalk, at first the Japanese do not accept the other colors in their clothes. He also avoids saturation with oriental flavor, rightly scolding his compatriots who are too eager to emphasize folk motives.

Shocking models

Yeji's models on the verge of ugliness were difficultunderstanding of the inhabitant, and non-standard works with holes instead of sleeves did not fit into the established canons of high fashion. Those who did not accept his chaotic collection in Paris called his work rags and the end of fashion, to which the designer replied that he was not betting on external attributes, and any pretentiousness in fashion was very annoying. Yamamoto Yoji after the show in France announced that his clothes for men are incredibly good on women, and he always dreamed of wearing beautiful ladies in suits designed for the stronger sex.

Yeji Yamamoto biography

He believes that perfection, to which so everythingaspire is ugly. And the boring desire to be like everyone else does not bring the level of fashion to a new level. Only a game on the verge of permissible and violating all norms drives progress and makes the clothes beautiful.

Shows on shows

In 1999, presents a special conceptualreception of exposing the world famous designer clothes. Designer Yoji Yamamoto turned to the unusual aesthetics of romanticism, having created a real show from the usual show. The girls, taking off their clothes on the podium, surprised the viewers with the fact that there was a new one under each thing. It was so unusual that his collections had the effect of a bombshell.

designer edzi yamamoto

Later, he again shocked the venerable public, combining incredible things: street style and high fashion. This joint project with the company Adidas was perceived differently in society.

Memory of the war

All his belongings carry powerful energy of hiscreator. The strongest emotional collection of the collection preserve the memory of the war in which his countrymen died, and critics even called the special style of the designer the chic of Hiroshima. The original Yoji Yamamoto still grieves over the days that have taken away people close to him.

Dresser and perfumer

Highly appreciating his skill and creative manner,The designer is invited to become a costume designer for the heroes of the opera, and later he dressed all the heroes of T. Kitano’s drama “Dolls”, which became a cult and unique outfit.

Owner of several prestigious awards in the fieldFashion decides to engage in the release of branded fragrances, emphasizing eastern restraint and originality. His non-standard images of the collections clearly needed a special, perfumery underlining.

world famous designer clothes designer edzi yamamoto

As Yamamoto Yoji himself admitted in one interview,he adores women, and therefore the creation of paired fragrances for him and her is a completely natural step. And in 2012 all the admirers of the unusual and memorable perfumery of the Japanese rebel were delighted with great news - the re-releases of the spirits that have become real rarities resumed. The fact is that 10 years ago the license for the production of registered fragrances was suspended. Now the company produces in full the legendary perfume Yohji Yamamoto Homme and Yohji Yamamoto Femme.

Samurai with european habits

Unpredictable designer Yoji Yamamoto callshe is a distinctive samurai, since he is a real Japanese man in fashion, but otherwise he adheres to European traditions. A non-compliant and floating against the current rebel has long been recognized as a genuine fashion icon, known far beyond its borders.