/ / Construction companies in crisis: "L1" ("LEK") - business-class apartments in St. Petersburg

Construction companies in crisis: "L1" ("LEK") - business-class apartments in St. Petersburg

At the end of 2014, the construction industry faced the most powerful external obstacles: the general economic crisis and stagnation in the banking sector.

This trend affected the volume and pace of construction: a decrease in demand for housing in the middle and economy class by more than 30%.

For construction companies, a crisis is not an occasion to freeze their facilities, but rather a chance to survive and consolidate in the world market.

"This difficult period allows you to identify errorsand make the necessary improvements to optimize business processes. Complexities in the construction sector are present, but they are not so critical, "- says a representative of the company" ALTIUS SOFT ".

Already after half a year the company "Montazh-Story" was ablegive a qualitative response to the crisis: the construction of residential objects of economy class. At the heart of the projects is a construction of monolithic reinforced concrete blocks. So the company was able to limit the cost of building materials and improve the quality of buildings.

A more worthy response to the fall of the construction industry was provided by a company from St. Petersburg - L1 (before rebranding - LEK). The largest construction holding company notes a stable growth in orders for business class housing.

Obviously, large companies, such as L1, do not experience great difficulties, since optimization and error-handling have taken place long before the economic crisis.

The largest holding in St. Petersburg notes a favorable investment climate for the construction of business class housing:

  • First, such apartments, according to L1, are purchased by customers who are independent of lending;
  • second, the number of finished objects within the city decreases, and the demand for building only grows.

As for housing of the middle and economy class, there really are difficulties, however they are well-founded:

  • growth of interest rates on mortgage loans;
  • currency devaluation;
  • decrease in the number of orders for construction.

Under such circumstances, the averagea citizen of the Russian Federation is insolvent. But for this case, the construction business has a well-reasoned answer: it is necessary to optimize the construction triad (timing, resources and finances).

Companies begin to focus on more economical materials, negate unnecessary waste, theft and so on.

At the same time, quality does not fall, but on the contrary: new materials have increased strength and durability.