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Georgian names for men: amazing variety

Georgia is an exotic country with a specialhistory, climate, customs. Far and at the same time surprisingly close, hot, like hot pepper, friendly, like a spring sun. Not surprisingly, in such a fertile land unique names of people and names of places are distributed.

Georgian names for men, like women, havedifferent origins and unique pronunciation, caressing the ear. Historically, it so happened that the people of the Caucasus closely interacted with many cultures, which found its reflection in the formation of local traditions of naming. The strongest influence was rendered by the Russian, Byzantine, Armenian and Arab cultures. That's why the Georgian male names are so diverse and surprisingly interesting in meaning.

Georgian names for men

Today the national names of Georgian mencan be divided into a number of groups depending on their formation. A significant proportion of them came from the names of natural phenomena and objects. For example, Vakhtang means "wolf", Shota - "fire". Some Georgian male names indicate the characteristic features of their owner. They can also describe the appearance of a person, his views on life, origin, residence and even profession. This principle is well demonstrated by popular names: Kakha - Kakhetian, Revaz - red, Shukri - farmer, Gogi - brave.

A separate group is worth mentioning those names,which have a metaphorical meaning. It happens that in order to understand the meaning of some of them, one must deeply study the history and culture of the Georgian people. This includes the names of Avtandil, translated as "the heart of the motherland" and Mamuka, which means "sunrise".

Georgian men's names

Perso-Arab culture, mixed withpeculiarities of local mentality, left its mark and created new Georgian names for men. Foreign words changed their sound and spelling, they were transformed under the influence of the language of brave mountaineers. So appeared today known Givi (comes from Giv), Bezhan (from Bijan) and Rostom (from Rustam). As in any other country, the names of biblical characters have also become common in Georgia with the advent of Christianity, also adapting to the local dialect. Today there are also the transformed ones - Moses, Giorgi, Ioane - and the original names, like David. In addition, the tradition of calling the baby the name of that saint, on whose day he was born, is applied.

male names and their meaning

Western European civilization also did not passside of this hot country with a special color. Georgian male names with strokes from the Atlantic coast also enjoy a certain popularity. On the streets of ancient Tbilisi, you can find Edward, Maurice, Albert and other heroes of Hollywood blockbusters and endless serials.

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