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Two sides of the same coin, or What is autumn?

What happens in autumn? Many people believe that it is monotonous, so do not like this time of year for its frown, for the dark and rainy sky, for the hated big puddles and, of course, for frequent colds. Eh! These people do not know what autumn is like in its warm manifestation! That's why they are always sad, boring and apathetic at the mere mention of this time of year ...

Autumn is golden

What happens in autumn? Friends, it is completely different! She will open all her colors and charms only to those who truly appreciate her beauty! She lures in the most different corners of the autumn forest or park, on the shore of the lake, she will be fascinated by her smells and bright colors, stunning by the amazing calmness and silence ...

what happens in autumn

Imagine how nice it is to walk aroundalong the street, listening to the dry rustle of the autumn leaves under their feet. In addition, the autumn park is a "red mountain ash fire," as the famous poet Yesenin wrote! You can see how birds and small animals (squirrels, chipmunks) are busyly engaged in their activity, who are in a hurry to make various preparations before the winter. If you go to the pond, you can feel the gradually dying breath of a warm summer. Friends, and what the weather is like in autumn! We are enveloped by warm air, caressing the rays of a beautiful sun ... It is difficult to describe the whole charm of this time of year!

what happens the sky in autumn

And what happens the sky in the autumn! Just think! Autumn covers us with its azure sky, already from a distance, drawn out by the dark and dense blue of the beautiful and at the same time warning us of thunderclouds.

Autumn, autumn ... The forest is cold and the leaves are thrown off ...

As we have already said, autumn can be different. Let's look at another version of it ... It's a dreary, weeping and waiting for its dying nature. If you watch this fall from the window, then the picture will be sadly depressing: all contours of nature are indistinct and vague, the colors are washed out, and all this is crowned with ashy rain haze ... The only clear lines in this weather are the oblique dotted raindrops.

what is the weather like in autumn

It is necessary to go out into the street, as immediately in the eyes, nose andears like cotton wool are filled with a thick autumn fog that does not breathe or move ... At this time of year, I do not want to leave the warm and cozy home for the cold and gray autumn.

How beautiful this world is!

But when the dark veil separates, onthe long-awaited sun appears in the autumn sky! The place of spiritual distress is occupied by bright thoughts that come to mind together with the appearance of a warm sun. At such moments you begin to truly appreciate and love this life, this world with its bright colors, sunlight, warm air and, of course, a beautiful autumn ...

Therefore, my friends, when asked about what happensautumn, never answer unequivocally! Look around - the world is beautiful! It is in autumn that you and I have a unique opportunity to admire the bright and warm colors of September, to feel how the whole world is muffled in the October rain, and to dissolve in the cold veils of November, watching the first fragile and melting snowflakes ... How beautiful this world is, friends!