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Average salaries in Russia: comparison

The success of politicians in any countryis assessed not by words from the stands, not by articles and interviews in newspapers, but by official and unbiased statistical data. Average salaries in Russia, as in other countries, clearly reflect the dynamics of the economic development of the state and the welfare of an individual.

average salaries in Russia

When taking into account the average indicators,consider also the standard deviation, the data on which it is almost impossible to find. The standard deviation reflects how blurred average wages in Russia can be. So, for example, if one hundred people get ten thousand rubles each, and two people get one million, then the average salary will be approximately 25.5 thousand rubles, although the standard deviation will be equal to 138 thousand rubles. Another picture is observed if 50 people receive 20 thousand rubles, and the other half - 30 thousand rubles. The average salary in this case will be 25 thousand, and the standard deviation is 2512 rubles. The difference is significant.

Average salaries in Russia vary according tofrom the region. This is due to various surcharges, prices, etc. The richest region in this indicator is the Chukotka Autonomous District with an average salary of 65,000 rubles. Tambov region is one of the poorest, in which 17 thousand rubles are paid. The average salary in Russia is about 27 thousand rubles.

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By kinds of professions the gap between salariesmuch more essential. For example, the teacher's salary is about 32 thousand rubles, according to the Ministry of Education and Science. In the United States, an average teacher earns $ 50,000 per year, which is 130,000 rubles a month. A monthly salary of a foreign teacher is earned by a top manager of Russian oil, pharmaceutical and other companies.

At the moment about half of the country's populationfalls into the category of low-income. According to Rosstat, the salaries of rich and poor differ in several dozens of times, which reflects an already serious social stratification in Russian society.

According to many experts, the averagesalaries in Russia are overstated in one and a half, and even two times. So, Vyacheslav Bobkov calls to change the state's wage policy, since in reality an ordinary citizen receives 15 thousand Russian rubles a month instead of the declared 27 thousand. The expert refers to the average wage level in the agricultural sector, which is below the subsistence level, and is equal to four to five thousand rubles.

average salary in Russia 2013

The average salary in Russia in 2013, which is notexceeds the amount of a thousand dollars, can not compete with European indicators. Less than a thousand euros a month are earned only in Romania and Bulgaria, while in Portugal the average earnings are 1712 euros, Sweden - 2,576 euros and Britain - 3118 euros per month. Converting average salaries in Russia to the European currency, we state that the average Russian earns only 20% of British salaries and 36% of Portuguese salaries. And this despite the fact that Russia occupies the first places in oil and gas production, and is also one of the most important suppliers of many minerals located on the territory of the country.