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Grass: what is it and why is it so popular

Friable sedimentary rocks, widelyUsed in construction, especially private, are called gruss. The nature of its origin is the result of natural destruction of rocks, for example, under the influence of water, temperature and weathering. The product is also produced by crushing with technical means. On the surface it is a loose scree, at depth it is similar to a fractured rock.

Characteristics of the material

Gristle - what is it?Fragments of rocks characterized by high water permeability, low strength and low moisture capacity. The material is of natural origin, so it does not have a negative chemical effect on the environment, it is harmless to humans, animals and plants. The composition is fairly uniform, the color varies from yellow to gray. Fractions ranging in size from 2 to 20 mm, something between sand and small gravel.

grub what is it

One of the main advantages can be attributeda rather low price for the screening of gravel, which is explained by the absence of expensive mining methods. In fact, grub - what is it? This is a by-product, so its price in comparison with rubble is much lower. Although in some regions of Russia, for example, the Sverdlovsk region, raw materials are extracted by one of the most labor-consuming and costly methods.

Generalized all types of material are prone to shrinkage, are characterized by non-combustibility and good drainage properties, which are indispensable for eliminating flooding.

How to Use Grass

Because of the small strength, the use in largeconstruction of buildings is impossible, but there are many other uses. To cover the asphalt web, the product is mixed with crushed stone or gravel. In urban parks and squares, paths are sprinkled, and grass is used as a mineral fertilizer for plants in a truck farm.

loose sedimentary rocks

The material is used as an effectiveAbrasive agent for polishing and cleaning metals, in the construction industry as a cushion (base) for laying paving slabs and producing concrete, as well as:

  • backfilling of sites;
  • in the production of lime and cement;
  • filling of concrete;
  • when building roads.

Briefly speaking, gristle - what is it? The continental product, because it is formed without the influence of water, and the special material used to build the foundation of small structures.

Fighting with ice

The ice, puddles, mud - everyone knows the situation,when it is impossible to walk along the street and not get dirty or fall, go into the room or park the car normally. Coping with the problem on the scale of the city is the task of public utilities, but on its own plot to do it alone will help grieve. What is it, when the territory is sprinkled with gruss, everyone has an idea, but not everyone knows that it is her.

Treated sidewalks are protected from slipping, mud and puddles. Among the existing offers on the market, the service with delivery is especially popular, the material is usually ordered in large quantities - it is more profitable.

how to use grub

Anti-fouling qualities of grime successfullyare used for strewing pedestrian paths, playgrounds and sidewalks, which helps to avoid many accidents. The characteristic of the product depends directly on the properties of the rock that formed it, this circumstance affects the price of the material.