/ What is a dossier? Is this information collected?

What is a dossier? Is this information collected?

Ask any person on the streetthe question "What is the dossier?". "This is a folder in which all the collected information about a person is stored, or just documents of a person are kept," the majority will say. But is this the right answer? What is the dossier and what is the origin of this word?

Meaning of the word

"Dossier" is a word of French origin(dossier - "business"). It is a neuter noun, inanimate, indeclinable. Refers to a special vocabulary. In Russian it has two meanings:

  • a set of documents and materials relevant to a case or person;
  • folder with all collected materials.

dossier is

The most frequently used expressions with this word, as well as examples of its use are the following:

  • he collected a full dossier for each member of this group coming from abroad, and his information was quite complete;
  • make a dossier on someone;
  • The dossier is a very useful tool for collecting, storing and organizing any information.


As already mentioned, the dossier is a folder containing documents and information collected about a case or some person. However, it can be of several types, for example:

  • On any person. Contains all the information about him, his biography, habits, the circle of communication, professional activities and professional connections, as well as many other facts.
  • On the competitor. Often conducted at enterprises and contains data on the company of the competitor, his plans, opportunities, committed transactions, etc.
  • The credit dossier is all collected information about thea person in terms of his relationship with the bank, information about his loans, debts on them and other important details for the bank and its employees.

complete dossier

These are only a few species, the most common. In general, there are many more. Some of them are found in several spheres at once, but some are specific.