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The flag of Ecuador and its coat of arms

Ecuador is a state located in the SouthAmerica. Ecuador borders with Peru and Colombia, it is washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The composition of the country includes the Galapagos Islands. Ecuador is known for its mountains - the Andes, which consist of two ridges:

  • Eastern Cordilleras.
  • The Western Cordillera.

flag of Ecuador

Ecuador: coat of arms and flag

National symbol of the state hasa rectangular shape, on it are horizontally arranged yellow, blue, red stripes. The flag of Ecuador has proportions of sides 1: 2 and was approved in December 1900. The width of the upper band of yellow is equal to the total width of the other two bands.

the meaning of the flag of Ecuador

The emblem of Ecuador is located exactly in the middle of the canvasflag and has the form of a shield, which depicts the river Guayas, originating from the volcano Chimborazo. The depicted picture embodies not only the beauty of Ecuadorian nature, but also the wealth of such regions of the state as Costa and Sierra. A ship is sailing along the river. He was chosen for a reason. The first steamer of South America was built in Guayaquil in 1841. Every ship has a mast, but not this one. Here instead of the mast is depicted a caduceus, which symbolizes the development of the economy and trade. At the top you can see a bright golden sun, above which you can see the following signs of the zodiac:

  • Aries.
  • Taurus
  • Twins.
  • Cancer.

These signs symbolize the period from March to July,when the March revolution took place in 1845. On the coat of arms you can see the Andean condor, which is depicted not only on the symbols of the power of Ecuador, but also Chile, Bolivia, Colombia. The Andean Condor, which spread wings - a symbol of the greatness, strength and power of Ecuador. Four flags of Ecuador are located on the sides of the shield - the laurel symbolizes the glory of the state, and the palm leaf on the right is the world. Under the shield are represented fascia, which symbolize the dignity of the young republic.

Ecuador coat of arms and flag

The meaning of the flag of Ecuador

In heraldry, each symbol, strip, star orimage matter. The flag of Ecuador is a tribute to patriots who shed their own blood for the independence of the state. The blue color symbolizes the sky and the sea. Ecuador has minerals, especially gold. The yellow color of the canvas symbolizes this particular metal. The flag of Ecuador changed several times.

History of national symbols

In 1822, Venezuela gained independence,Ecuador and Colombia. Therefore it is not surprising that the symbols of these states are similar. These countries formed a confederation, which was called Great Columbia. In 1830, the confederation broke up, but the national symbols of these countries reflected the period of unity. The symbol of the confederation was developed by the great fighter for freedom and human rights - General Francisco Miranda. The flag of Ecuador is more like the flag of Colombia, and the main difference is the image of the emblem of Ecuador. In 1900 the state's coat of arms was officially transferred to the canvas. Another distinguishing feature is that the aspect ratio is 1: 2, and the Colombian flag has proportions of 2: 3. On the coat of arms of Colombia, which is also very similar to Ecuador, depicts a cornucopia, from which gold (coins) is poured.