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The rules of handling a book for children

Specialists in the development and education of childrenagree that it is worthwhile to introduce children to books from an early age. Be prepared for the child to tear up and spoil more than one printed edition before learning to read. From the age of 2-3 years, you should teach the baby to be careful and take care of things. The rules for handling the book should be repeated with the pupils of the primary school.

What should a preschooler know about handling books?

Rules for dealing with books
Almost all kindergartners are very fond ofto consider books. It will be useful to remind them from time to time how to keep the book correctly. It would be superfluous to ask the little ones to carefully leaf through the pages, trying not to jam them. Important rules for handling a book for preschool children are a ban on drawing inside a book, pulling out pages, cutting out pictures. If a child is often engaged in writing and workbooks, remind him that in some special publications you can draw, but in books for reading - you can not. For children, reading and reading books is a separate activity. Instruct the child to postpone all other cases and not to take foreign objects, if he wants to look through the book pages.

Rules of book etiquette for first-formers

The rules of handling a book for children
Do not expect that entering schoolinstantly make the child an exemplary and accurate reader. Remind the child that you can not play with books. Do not bend the open book in the opposite direction, in this position its binding can break. It is very useful to wrap the edition before reading it in a special cover. Teach your child to use flat bookmarks and remind that even "for a minute" you can not put a pencil, pen or other large object between the pages. Separately, we should discuss the rules for dealing with a book taken from the library or from one of the friends for reading. With this book should be treated very carefully. If the publication fell into your hands with some noticeable problems, be sure to try to improve his condition before reading. Glue the spine or dropped out pages, erase the marks made in pencil, even the student himself can without the help of his parents.

Secrets of safe reading for good guys

The rules of dealing with a book in verse
Rules for the treatment of children's booksshould include tips for organizing safe reading. Before you take the paper edition into your hands, you need to wash them well and wipe them dry. There should not be anything on the desktop that could stain the book. Read while eating or lying is not recommended. The rules of dealing with the book must be observed in order not to spoil it. Try to teach the child to turn the pages over the upper corners. And remind that licking your fingers while doing this is unacceptable. It is necessary to read with proper lighting, ideally if the light is directed from above or from the left. The optimal distance from the book page to the eyes is not less than 30 centimeters.

How to apply for the rules? Variants of memos that you can easily make with your own hands

Memo of the rule of dealing with a book
It is difficult to find a teacher or parent whoenough patience to repeat the rules of reading and handling books every day. Try to make small posters or illustrated lists that can be placed in visible places. How should the Reminder of the Book Handbook look like? For a library, a classroom or a kindergarten group, it is most convenient to make a poster with illustrations. Images depicting permissible and unacceptable actions can be printed on a printer or painted with children. Be sure to use color and bright illustrations, they will attract the attention of children. For the house, you can make a small memo on the album sheet and hang it over the first-grade desk. Conduct a creative activity with the child, suggest together to recall all the rules for handling books and sketch them. An interesting idea is to make bookmarks for reading from cardboard, with a brief instruction on handling printed publications. What to write in such a short memo? It will be enough 2-3 basic rules:

  • When reading carefully leaf through the pages.
  • Do not paint in a book, do not tear sheets.
  • Read at the desk.

Try to make a whole set of bookmarks with different rules and use them for all textbooks. The rules of dealing with books in poems or songs are very well remembered. For example:

"I'm a book, I'm your best friend!"
I'm afraid I have very dirty hands!
Clean palms cleanly,
Me, look, do not mess! "


"Every schoolboy should know:
You can not bend the pages!
Use the bookmark when you read,
With it, you will not lose the page! "

Try to regularly remind the child of the correct organization of reading and careful attitude to things. And then the schoolboy will learn to treat books with respect and really love them.