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What is autumn? We'll find out!

In modern culture there are several significantthose who leitmotif slip in works of literature, music, fine arts and, of course, in the theater. They allow you to get a special spirit, tune in to a certain wave, conceived by the author. One of such special ways of expression in art is the following theme - autumn.

what is autumn
Back in school, each of us hasher at the lessons of Russian or foreign literature. Everyone remembers the famous Pushkin's "Boldin Autumn", the poems of Fet, Tyutchev, Turgenev. This time also many prose works are permeated. What is autumn for Russian writers? This is primarily the time of heat and, of course, gold, the time of summing up, aging, but in no way dying. This is the time of a real maturity of the human spirit, wisdom and vast expanse - not without reason many of them in the description of autumn nature flashed phrases like "empty all", "space everywhere." What is autumn, if not the time for the purification of one's soul from all that is bad?

fall theme
In painting there is no more fertile topic forlandscapists than this time of year. When still nature presents such bright colors to the world: scarlet, gold, rich warm tones of yellow, brown, orange. Landscapes of autumn blaze with fire, rivet eyes, warm and give rest. Because this theme is also favorite by many designers. Its use in the interiors of houses gives the home a feeling of warmth and comfort. The themes of autumn look organically in the living rooms, kitchens, halls. It involves the use of warm colors, plant motifs and images of ripe fruits, a large amount of fire. The symbol of autumn weather is considered to be a fireplace in the design.

In the cinematography this theme is also dearly loved. What is autumn in this genre? Against the backdrop of bad weather, the stories of many films that promote family values ​​unfold. After all, where else to hide from the weather, how not at home? On the other hand, autumn in the entourage of films, as it were, hints at the decay of being, the transience of life, brilliance and dying. This image is especially brightly shown in the Hollywood movie "Sweet November", where the end of the autumn coincides with the end of the life of the main character.

Russian Autumn
No less favorite is the theme in music. You can recall the classics - having the same title "The Seasons", the works of Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, Haydn. They are united by the leitmotif: the fall of the classics - the time of harvest, hunting, and then - and the dying nature. Modern musicians also do not bypass this time of year. Russian autumn in their songs is always a time of reflection. This is a harbinger of the imminent winter, after which spring will come. This is hailed by the harsh and radical Viktor Tsoi, and romantic girls from the "Lyceum" group. Admiring autumn colors in their chants musicians of different styles - from chanson to a serious symphonic. But, perhaps, the most famous and imaginative work on this topic is the famous song of Yuri Shevchuk, which is called - "What is autumn". It's probably heard by everyone. After all, really, what is autumn is the sky, the crying sky underfoot ...