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Spiritual and material culture

Spiritual and material culture are two partsone whole. The study of one area is almost impossible without the study of another. Culture material implies any material achievements of mankind. For example, technical inventions, architecture, household items. Objects of material culture are very helpful in the work of archaeologists. On material finds, they can reconstruct the life of our ancestors, their way of life. Material culture is the most important part of life, which is changing and improving every year, in accordance with the development of mankind.

Spiritual culture is also the main indicatorcivilized people. What is included in this concept? First of all, any ideas, discoveries, concepts. For example, the spiritual culture includes religion, philosophy, psychology, various works of art. This definition includes everything that was achieved by the power of human thought and talent.

Material culture is inextricably linked withspiritual aspect. Before building any building or creating another physical object, the intellectual forces of people, their imagination, were spent. At the same time, objects related to spiritual culture are also expressed through material objects. For example, a man created a philosophical work and introduced his readers to him through a book.

The spiritual aspect of people's activities, likematerial culture, also helps to understand how our ancestors lived. First of all, it is the merit of archaeologists who study ancient works of art and achievements of thought. However, spiritual culture is explored not only by historians. For example, the ancient beliefs, tales, legends were carefully analyzed in his works by the father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud, as well as his followers. Spiritual culture makes it possible to understand how our ancestors saw the world, what was their psychology, which is very valuable for a deep and thoughtful knowledge of history.

What can you say about these two concepts? The material and spiritual culture existed, of course, in different variants of development, practically at all times. Even ancient people carved drawings on the walls of caves symbolizing animals, any ordinary actions, for example, hunting.

Material culture, like the spiritual, for the wholethe history of mankind many times experienced and ups and downs. Priorities also changed. That is, one culture became more important than the other. It is interesting to consider people's interest in the spiritual and material aspects of the example of the famous Maslow pyramid. This famous concept helps to analyze why one side of the culture becomes more important than the other. A person deprived of basic material goods, that is, shelter, food, and means to help protect himself, is unlikely to be interested in the spiritual side of life. The person who has satisfied all of his basic needs is already reaching out to such areas as art, philosophy, religion.

Culture material clearly shows,how much man could adapt in natural conditions. Without this aspect, the existence of the state, and even of man, is practically impossible. However, spiritual culture is very important for the whole society. Without it, a person would remain a barbarian. Spiritual culture sets certain standards of behavior, shapes ideals, develops a sense of beauty. Without it, no civilization is unimaginable. However, spiritual culture is not entertainment for the elite, because it includes education, cinema, and a variety of books. The harmony of material objects and the achievements of human intellect helps to achieve a high level of existence, both of the whole state, and of a single individual.