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What can you tell about the expectation?

Waiting is always hard. It does not matter whether you are waiting for a joyful event or a sad, loved one or a passing acquaintance, an answer or a refusal - a prickly bundle of excitement completely engulfs your mind and soul. But do not be discouraged about this, because these feelings are part of ourselves, and therefore, you can cope with them. And quotations about waiting can help in this business.

quotes about expectation

What kills us?

First you need to understand why we are so uptightwaiting for an event? Why does the heart contract so much when we look at the clock? What hurts our heart, soul and mind most of all? Help to find the answers to all these questions are able to quote about the expectation of the meeting, written by the wisest people of the planet:

  • "To hope and wait is the surest way to move with the mind." Max Fry.
  • "Imaginary danger always looks worse than the one that has already come. That is why the expectation of evil is hundreds of thousands of times worse than himself. " Daniel Defoe.
  • "The expectation is manipulating our hopes. Because of him, every little thing begins to remind of a loved one: a sudden phone call, a knock at the door and even someone's quiet voice outside the window. " Mark Levy.

Quotes about waiting can change the inner world

Plunging into our own thoughts and experiences, weoften forget that the expectation can be caused by something pleasant and warm. After all, if a person thinks about someone, then he is not alone, so he has one for whom he can live.

Confirm the correctness of this statement can the following quotes about the expectation:

  • "If love is sincere, then thoughts of a distant person are only blissful." Simone de Beauvoir.
  • "Many are confident that the expectation is the most destructive. But is not it worse when there is nothing to expect? "George Bernard Shaw.
  • "Whoever has the courage to wait, he will never forgive with hope, and therefore, he does not know the horror of despair." Gennady Moskvin.

quotes about the expectation of a meeting

To each his own…

In the world there are many citations about waiting. Some are able to emphasize the sadness that reigns in the heart. The latter are taught to live with hope in the soul. And still others transfer the person in the world of unprecedented discoveries and emotions.

  • "If you think about it, we only do all our life, that we are waiting for someone." Ilya Lagutenko.
  • "If I know that you exist, I can wait for you as long as I want." Albert Camus.
  • "The trouble is that sometimes only separation can teach a man of love." Dmitry Nagiyev.
  • "Can the kilometers really separate friends? After all, if a loved one is in your thoughts, then is not he near you? "Richard Bach.
  • "It's hard to appreciate life without facing death. As well as to comprehend the joy of the meeting, without experiencing the bitterness of parting. " Igor Sivolob.