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Sergei Sokolov - Berezovsky's security guard: biography, private life

This man was not known for many yearsthe public. He is known as the former security chief of the oligarch Berezovsky. After the death of the odious billionaire, Sergei Sokolov became recognized mainly because of his revelations about Boris Abramovich and the political realities of Russia in the 90s of the 20th century. The view of the security guard Sergei Sokolov on the biography of Berezovsky causes mixed reactions among specialists and the general public. This does not prevent Sergey Yurievich from actively giving interviews and participating in various talk shows. He even became a hero of the book.

Brief biographical data

Our hero was born in sunny Tashkent in 1953year. By education Sergei Sokolov is a lawyer, he graduated from the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. After graduating from high school for 4 years he worked as a political technologist. Since 1992, he headed the security company "Atoll", owned by the business structures of billionaire Boris Berezovsky. Biography of Berezovsky's security guard Sergei Sokolov in open sources is poor. According to him, he is the only child in the family, was brought up in the "spirit of versatile intelligence", was engaged in music, art, sports, mathematics.

Sergei Sokolov guard Berezovsky biography

Currently, Sergei Yurievich Sokolov is knownas an expert of the federal information center "Analytics and Security" and a member of the council of the public movement "For Truth!". He is engaged in investigations of high-profile cases, for example, the circumstances of the crash of a Malaysian Boeing 777 aircraft over the territory of Ukraine in 2014. Actively began to appear in the information space after Berezovsky's death in 2013.

Political technologist Sokolov

Many journalists have some biographical factsBerezovsky's security guard Sergei Sokolov seem strange. For example, according to information from open sources and from the words of Sergei Yurievich himself, he worked for a long time as a simple political technologist at RIA Novosti. Although he is a graduate of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and is rumored to have participated in various secret operations in different countries. For example, the name Sokolov associated with the supply of arms to Venezuela at the beginning of the zero years. Employees of the Atoll Private Company, which he once headed, were not only engaged in security activities and information gathering, but also participated in military operations in Chechnya (this information is not proved). Such activities are usually dealt with by existing and former representatives of law enforcement agencies.

who is Sergey Sokolov

Sokolov himself in an interview toldan incredible story, as during a visit to Russia, Nobel laureate Betty Williams expressed her desire to visit Chechnya and see the militant leaders. During military operations, even security forces considered this to be impossible. That's when Russian President Boris Yeltsin personally summoned the head of the security service Berezovsky and instructed him to organize a trip. Needless to say, Sergei Yuryevich fulfilled the task brilliantly. Nevertheless, Sokolov's career began with political technology.

Political games of the 1990s

Sergei Yuryevich eagerly talks about politicalintrigues and schemes in Russia at the end of the twentieth century. Sokolov talks about the highest echelons of power, mentioning the names of Yeltsin, Korzhakov, Kuchma. According to him, many significant events were staged and put on the political stage, including with his direct authorship. For example, Sokolov says that he took an active part in the first election campaign of Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma, in which he convincingly won with a budget of sixty thousand dollars. Sergei Yurievich recalls that when he decided to create his own agency for collecting information and he needed money, an alliance was formed: "Boris Nikolayevich, Boris Abramovich and myself." Further comments, probably, are superfluous.


In 1992, from the structures of LogoVAZ JSC BorisBerezovsky grew security company "Atoll", which was headed by the famous Sergei Sokolov. "Atoll" is a classic example of a security enterprise of the sample of the 90s of the 20th century. Pamphlet entourage, strict suits, armored cars, armed officers, complete confidentiality. And also broad powers in the work, sometimes violating ethical norms and norms of legislation. Sokolov, by the way, calls himself a man without rules. But the main function to collect relevant information on organizations and individuals, the security company performed perfectly.

Berezovsky Boris Abramovich

In fact, "Atoll" was a personal security servicemaster of intrigues Berezovsky Boris Abramovich and his secret news agency. On the one hand, "Atoll" was engaged in the protection of commercial firms and individuals, on the other - was active in collecting information about people and various structures. In the course were all available means: listening to telephones, rooms, hidden video cameras, external surveillance. Thanks to such wide opportunities, the security company managed to collect unique insider information necessary for Boris Berezovsky. It is not for nothing that Boris Abramovich was considered by many to be the most knowledgeable and dangerous opponent. There is information that the Atoll PSC even took part in the military operations in Chechnya, both on the side of the feds and on the side of the militants. But there is no official confirmation of this information. In 2000, Sokolov had to part with B. Berezovsky as a result of the conflict.

The odious oligarch

Boris Berezovsky is a billionaire, bright and iconicPersonality in the political horizon of Russia at the end of the twentieth century. He had serious political ambitions and influence during Boris Yeltsin's rule of the country. The business empire of Berezovsky included large industrial enterprises and media companies. They say that Boris Abramovich did not disdain to raider seizures while building his business, but his main interest was political power. Berezovsky's name appears in many confusing stories and political scandals of the time. For example, Boris Abramovich participated in the release of captured Russian soldiers in Chechnya, and this fact was actively covered in the press. However, at the same time there were rumors that he secretly financed Chechen fighters.

In 2001 Berezovsky was forced to leaveRussia, and in 2003 received political asylum in the UK. The flight from the country is associated with the arrival of V. Putin, who significantly weakened the positions and influence of the business elites of that period. In the future, the name of the oligarch began to appear constantly in the press in connection with the endless lawsuits and investigations. For example, at one time they wrote a lot about the high-profile legal process between Boris Berezovsky and Roman Abramovich, in which the first, in the end, lost.

Boris Berezovsky filed a lawsuit against Roman Abramovichto the amount of 6 billion dollars. He accused the latter of the allegedly understated price of a deal to buy and sell shares in the companies Sibneft and Rusal. Court lost Berezovsky, but it's not interesting. Abramovich told the court that he had paid Berezovsky for a "political roof" for a long time and the last payment amounted to more than a billion dollars. As Roman Abramovich put it, "for freedom." This interesting fact shows how powerful Berezovsky possessed in his time and how much he lost.

Boris Abramovich remained for the rest of his life inLondon, though, they say, dreamed and planned to return to Russia. He even wrote a penitential letter to President Putin, in which he asked for permission to return to his homeland. But fate decreed otherwise. In March 2013, the oligarch died in his home in London. The circumstances of his death are still surrounded by mystery and a mass of rumors, as, indeed, his life.

Double agent

Up to the demise of the oligarch Sergei Sokolov was notpublic personality. Working in "Atoll", he once allowed himself to give an interview to the press, which served as an excuse for his dismissal from the structures of Berezovsky. After leaving the post of security chief oligarch, Sokolov continued to be in the shadows for a long time. What he was doing all these years, for certain is unknown.

Sergey Sokolov about Berezovsky

After the death of Boris Berezovsky Sokolov suddenlybegan to actively communicate with the press and give fairly frank interviews. In particular, in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda, he said that Berezovsky was a resident of two intelligence services: the British MI6 and the American CIA. According to Sokolov, Berezovsky participated (or was involved) in special operations, pursuing the goal of changing power in Russia. And Sokolov claims that Boris Berezovsky worked for foreign intelligence, while still a member of the Russian Security Council. The dual citizenship of Berezovsky (Russian and Israeli) Sokolov also regards as an indirect confirmation of Berezovsky's work in the West. By the way, he connects the name of the odious oligarch with the Israeli Mossad.

The death of the oligarch: the version of Sokolov

Of course, Sokolov has a version of the circumstancesthe death of the oligarch. True, the version has evolved over time. Right after the sad event in 2013, Sergei Sokolov claimed that the death of the disgraced billionaire was natural. He said that by this moment the all-powerful Boris Abramovich had lost most of his fortune, was devastated morally and physically, and nobody needs it. But in 2016 the same Sokolov called the demise of the oligarch a political assassination. He expressed the opinion that Berezovsky remained a serious player in the political field. Now he linked the murder of the oligarch with the intention of the latter to return to Russia and to hand over to V. Putin the secret documents of foreign intelligence services containing compromising information on many high-ranking Russians. When asked about the suicide of the oligarch Sokolov answers: "It's just ridiculous!".

Sergey Sokolov about Berezovsky

In general, all interest in the person of Sergei Sokolov fromThe press is connected with the figure of Berezovsky. Apparently, Sokolov likes this interest very much. Therefore, in various public publications, Sergei Yurievich shared with the general public memories of virtually all facets of Berezovsky's extraordinary personality Boris Abramovich: appearance, character, bad habits, women, phobias and fears of the oligarch. In the interview, he often calls Berezovsky Borey, "you", assigning himself to the role of a virtually gray cardinal at the oligarch. Sokolov, with utmost frankness, shares with the masses memories of Berezovsky's relationship with his last wife, young models and cocaine. What tone and what assessments would the Sokolov allow himself if Berezovsky were alive? The question is rhetorical. Sokolov calls Boris Abramovich something "funny" and "cheerful peasant", then "great umnichka" and "serious player." In Sokolov's memoirs, there is a note of familiarity and condescension. In any case, these memories are the subjective opinion of one individual. And the fact that Sokolov worked as a security chief for Berezovsky's billionaire and celebrity, and not vice versa, speaks for himself and puts everything in his place.

Modern activity of S. Sokolov

What is currently engaged in Sergei Sokolov? After the "Berezovsky" period of life, Sergei Yurievich for a long time was outside the public field. Many people call him "a person who knows the schemes" and "decides questions." They say that he was engaged mainly in internal corporate anti-corruption schemes. In the media space, Sokolov appeared relatively recently. Where does Sergei Sokolov live now? He lives in Moscow and continues to carry out active social activities. He is represented as an expert at the Analytical and Security Center and a member of the council of the public movement For the Truth! It is known that Sokolov addressed an open letter to the president of the country, VV Putin, in which he proposed from himself and a group of comrades "to serve the Russian state and its national security."

ex-guard Berezovsky

But while Sergei Yuryevich Sokolov serves the Motherland onsocial principles. So, at present Sokolov says that he is investigating against the Ukrainian authorities, in particular the circumstances of the death of the Malaysian Boeing 777. He believes that the plane crashed as a result of a terrorist attack, and the Kiev authorities are behind this crime. Sokolov also has his own version of the murder of former State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov. According to expert Sokolov, Voronenkov was killed because of gray financial schemes, and not for political reasons. He also investigates the activities of the Dnepropetrovsk criminal group. Sergei Yurievich is sure that it was in connection with this activity in Ukraine that the civil wife of the ex-guard of Berezovsky Daria Mastikasheva was detained.

Sergey Yuryevich Sokolov

Close relationship with Daria Sokolovalast few years. She has Ukrainian citizenship, but in the near future she planned to obtain Russian citizenship. Daria Masticheva, the Ukrainian authorities are charged with high treason. The media reported that the girl was tortured. Sergei Sokolov applied to many international organizations, including the UN, to assist in the release of the illegally detained Darya Mastikasheva.

Who is Sergei Sokolov - a gray cardinal or adventurer?

Recently, Vadim Pestryakov's book "Kremlin Readings, or the Incredible Adventures of Sergei Sokolov, a filibuster from" Atoll ", was published.

where Sergei Sokolov lives

The book is written on the basis of stories toldSokolov. The stories are incredible and fascinating. Here is the sale of weapons to Venezuela, and the famous story about the role of the box from the copier with money in the history of the presidential election of Boris Yeltsin, and the secrets of the highest political ranks of the 90s of the 20th century, and the fight against Somali pirates. Well, and, of course, the life and death of Boris Berezovsky. In all these stories, Sergei Sokolov plays a leading role, as befits the protagonist of the adventure novel.

They say that in the bookshops they do not know whichsection to identify the book: in an adventure, spy novel or journalism. The information stated in the book is true, or from the beginning to the end it is an artistic fiction, only experts who are personally acquainted with the historical facts set forth in it can judge. Such people are likely to be few, and they are unlikely to write reviews for this book. But we must admit that it is written fascinatingly. In any case, the biography of Berezovsky's security guard Sergei Sokolov is neither ordinary nor gray.