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What to do when you do not know what to do? How to make the right decision?

Before all on Earth and not once the question aroseabout what to do when you do not know what to do. The very appearance of the question does not mean the necessarily tragic hopelessness of the situation, it may simply be confusion due to the loss of some link in the chain of events or simply the unwillingness to do anything. In the latter case, the exclamation is appropriate: "I do not know what to do!"

Just have to do something

what to do when you do not know what to do

There is a statement that there is no hopelesspositions. However, for a person who is in trouble, this is little consolation, because in a global sense, such a statement still implies death as a way out of the impasse. It's very gloomy. If we return to more life-affirming provisions, then in the situation of "what to do when you do not know what to do" the person who faced this question should be supported and together try to find a way out of the situation. Of course, at such moments it is very necessary that a loving person is near. Firstly, he will not be pleased with the fallen misfortune, which is already good. Secondly, as they say, two heads are better. In our time desperate situations most often arise because of a lack of money. And the only way out is to try to find them. Councils can only be of an individual character. How to properly do some steps in the right direction, a close person will tell. After all, he knows about the situation not by hearsay.

I do not know what to do

Time is the best healer

Tragic color gets the situation "thatdo when you do not know what to do "in the case of a loved one's departure. Here there can be only one advice - one must try to survive it somehow. Again, it is not for nothing that the folk wisdom asserts that time is the best healer. On that, it is wisdom, which consists of millions of similar situations. At the time of acute experience, this is little consolation, but still. It remains only to rejoice in the availability of the Internet! A friend next to it is good. What if he suffers from a tongue-tied tongue? On the Internet on this topic - poetry, proverbs, advice and, most importantly, all kinds of training. People's wisdom says that you have to sleep with a disaster, it will not be easier for the morning, but there will be a feeling that life is going on, and you have to fight for it. Here it is appropriate training, with the help of which a person sooner or later will be able to understand how to make the right decision.

We must remember that life is "striped"

how to make the right decision

To distract a person in a moment of acute grief or whenthe situation seems to him completely hopeless, it is impossible, we must try to calm him down, most likely, with the help of the necessary medicines. There are, of course, radical actions - a new stress, that is, as they say, a wedge with a wedge. Not any heart can stand it.

One reasonable conclusion arises,again, from the people's wisdom - will be moved - there will be flour. That is, the question of what to do, when you do not know what to do, there is an answer - you have to live somehow further. This is what the songs are about. What can you do in this situation? It is necessary to somehow get together or at least try to do it. It's a shame, but it is necessary, with reference to this situation, to affirm such truths as: "You will be helped by proper nutrition and active outdoor activities". However, this is indeed the case. Today a piece does not climb into the throat, tomorrow it's the same, but the body will take it, and this will be the first step to recovery. And when a person "breaks" the situation, his joy will be huge, sincere and incomparable. Perhaps, it is these strong feelings that are not enough for hunters for adrenaline, who do not have desperate positions. Although with depth of experience of sincere grief or joy, no extreme can compare.

It's not always so scary

what can you do

The phrase "do not even know what to do" can havea flirtatious shade and mean the impossibility of choosing from a large number of excellent proposals, and even admiring this situation. However, this happens very rarely. There are situations when a person, subject to someone or something, does not know what to do because of the lack of orders from above. There are many recommendations. Not the best of them, but suitable to certain situations, it's advice about the fact that in this case it's better not to do anything. And it's even better to relax, to concentrate on the inner world (meditate) and, if possible, to fall asleep. And this is the best of all recommendations. Meditation, like a conversation with God, is not available to everyone.

There are situations when doing something simply is notI want to. If the form of this reluctance becomes difficult, then it is called depression. The person loses interest in everything, his self-esteem is underestimated - and then it's time for those around him to exclaim: "I do not know what to do simply!" To consult a doctor.

The approach to the problem is always individual

how to do it correctly
There are dozens of tips on what to do when notYou know what to do. They advise you to dig, bite your wand, take a step forward, even flip through the menu or go shopping. Each council is deeply individual and implies a concrete situation.

To gather one's thoughts in a difficult situationthe believer is much easier. First, he used to rely on God and believes that He will help him anyway. This belief in itself constitutes a tangible share of the guarantee of a way out of the impasse. Secondly, a deeply believing person always has an interlocutor, or rather one to whom one can address questions. The questions themselves and their own answers to them represent mental activity, that is, a search for a way out of the situation that has arisen. Conversation with God is both comfort and stress relief. These actions are meaningful only for people deeply and sincerely believing. They are always protected. And if a person atheist or faith goes in parallel with real life?

Complete unfinished

If the situation does not balance on the verge of life anddeath, then the way out of the ordinary impasse, which in life is often found, is enough. There is no optimal recipe, besides, how to sit down and calm down, gather your thoughts. People are different, but most have accumulated a lot of things that they would like to do, but various circumstances hindered, and maybe the hobby was not strong enough. It's time to put the collections in order.

And now everything has changed - the main goal of life,the driving force for it has disappeared for a while. It's time to do things that are postponed to later. You can put things in order in the house, you can review old movies, read a book that was not enough time. You can leave and see long-cherished places. Or, at last, just sit down to the computer, and read and read on the Internet, and see, and see, and even bring some things in order. Again, all this is possible in a situation where a person is full, healthy and life does not threaten anything. In all other provisions, the goal is - we must specifically look for a way out.