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Regions of Russia: car numbers in accordance with regions

In general, the registration marks of Russia arestandards of 1993, the GOST of which is defined under the number 50577-93. Signs of vehicles of route, military, construction machinery, diplomatic missions, trailers, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and motorcycles are somewhat different from each other. The article provides information on the differences of signs on different types of vehicles, as well as decoding of auto numbers by regions of Russia.

Standard Rooms

Signs consist of 3 letters and 3 digits.Letters denote the series, and in numbers - the number of the TC. In use, twelve letters are allowed, which have analogues in the Latin alphabet. On the right, in a separate box there is a flag marked RUS and the code value of the region where the vehicle is registered. Earlier, the view of the rooms was slightly different from the modern one, as it was manufactured using the technology of the USSR. Then the plate itself was made of steel, and all the symbols on it were stamped, and the flag was absent. Modern technology provides a background reflective film.

All numbers that are used are registered in a certain region.

In addition to the traffic police, there are other agencies that register certain types of vehicles.

Region code

Initially, like the regions of Russia, car numberscoincided with them and were counted from 01 to 89, as they are listed in the first paragraph of the sixty-fifth article of the Constitution. And in 1999 and in 2002 the full code list was fixed by the orders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

auto numbers regions of Russia 2014

They found that on the signs of the TS,belonging to the first type, the first digit of the region should be one. But in 2013, an order was approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow, according to which, in the capital were introduced three-digit new codes starting with the number 7.

However, the number of cars has steadily increased, andsome regions of Russia have added car numbers. Also, after the merger of the regions that passed from 2005 to 2008, the issuance of most of the numbers starting at the eight was stopped.

However, despite the innovations, the previous issues were not withdrawn, so even Soviet license plates can still be found to this day.

Since the autumn of 2013, registration of the TC has begunin a different way. Under the new rules, the number can be saved even if the owner changes. Therefore, the de-registration and staging were replaced by re-registration. Thus, the transit numbers began to be issued only to cars leaving forever abroad. Regions of Russia can now register the vehicle even an owner who has a permanent registration in another federal subject.

Character Types

The order of location and meaning of the signs of the number on a private vehicle has already been discussed above. Therefore, consider signs that are installed on other types of TC.

So, for route vehicles, a format of 2 letters and 3 digits is used on a dark yellow reflective background.

Trailers use two letters and four digits. On the trailers of trucks, a sign of registration of the vehicle should also have been duplicated earlier. However, since July 2008 this rule was abolished.

Motorcycles were made specialsquare plate. The number consisted of two letters located on the bottom line, and four digits - at the top. Also, the region number and the inscription "RUS" were indicated.

A similar sign was also possessed by agricultural machinery, but only without the inscription "RUS". It is registered by Gostehnadzor.

Transit numbers are denoted by two letters,then three digits, then another letter. They are made with extinguished luminescence in UV light, and also laminated to protect them from unfavorable weather conditions.

But in the autumn of 2013, amendments were made to the law, and their extradition was actually terminated.

Special numbers are issued for cars that leave the country permanently. On the left side they can see a large letter "T".

Since 2002, on different vehicles,belonging to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, there are special signs. A characteristic feature for them is the blue background and white numbers and letters. For cars make four figures, for trailers - three. The digital code also stands for the region. But the code "77" indicates the belonging of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in general.

decoding of auto numbers by regions of Russia

Trade representations of foreign companies, as well as diplomatic missions have a sign on a red background with white symbols.

The first 3 digits of the code and the letter next to them represent the country. In this letter:

  • T - means the administrative and technical staff at the diplomatic mission.
  • D - the representative or the consul.
  • CD is the head of the diplomatic mission.

Military formations also belong to their own,characteristic signs. They are made on plates of black color with symbols of white color. The basic information is on the right. Figures do not mean regions of Russia. The numbers of the cars demonstrate belonging to the military district of the armed forces, to the type or federal authority of the IW, where military service is provided. Registration of the vehicle is carried out by the VAI.

regions of Russia car numbers

Previously, before 2002, special signsintended for foreign citizens and intended for transport, accredited with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia or offices of banks, firms accredited by ministries and departments.

Also previously issued preferred charactersfor civil servants and heads of state companies, public and religious figures. They were called "federal auto numbers", the regions of Russia were not mentioned in them. Instead of the code value, the right-hand square was completely occupied by the flag. The number consisted of a letter, 3 digits and 2 letters.

learn region by car number Russia


The first are the regions of Russia, the license plates of which belong to the republics in alphabetical order. So:

  • Adygea has the license plate 01.
  • Altai - 04.
  • Bashkortostan - 02 (and on the changes accepted later, also 102).
  • Buryatia - 03.
  • Dagestan - 05.
  • Ingushetia - 06.
  • Kabardino-Balkaria - 07.
  • Kalmykia - 08.
  • Karachaevo-Cherkessia - 09.
  • Karelia - 10.
  • Komi - 11.
  • Crimea - 82, 777 (in connection with the reunification with Russia).
  • Mari El - 12.
  • Mordovia - 13, and in connection with the adopted changes, also 113.
  • Sakha - 14.
  • North Ossetia - 15.
  • Tatarstan - 16, and in connection with the later changes, also 116.
  • Tyva - 17.
  • Udmurtia is 18.
  • Khakassia - 19.
  • Chechnya - 95.
  • Chuvashia - 21.


Most of the edges after initial adoptionBy order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have been changed completely or supplemented. So, Altai - remained the same, 22, and Khabarovsk - 27. And the rest have undergone the following changes:

  • Transbaikal - 75.80.
  • Kamchatsky - 41.82.
  • Krasnodar - 23,93,123.
  • Krasnoyarsk - 24,84,88,124.
  • Perm - 59,81,159.
  • Primorsky - 25,125.
  • Stavropol - 26,126.


Of the forty-six areas, additional auto numbers in the regions of Russia (2014 - source) received only eleven. It:

  • Volgograd - 34,134.
  • Voronezh - 36,136.
  • Irkutsk - 38,85,138.
  • Kemerovo - 42; 142.
  • Moscow - 50,90,150,190,750.
  • Nizhny Novgorod - 52.152.
  • Novosibirsk - 54,154.
  • Rostov - 61,161.
  • Samara - 63,163.
  • Saratov - 64,164.
  • Sverdlovskaya Street 66,96,196.
  • Ulyanovsk - 73.173.
  • Chelyabinsk - 74.174.

The remaining areas have only the original auto-numbers.

Regions of Russia (see photo below) have registration marks of the following sizes.

auto regions of Russia

City of federal significance

In Russia there are four cities of federal significance. They adopted the following notation:

  • Moscow - 77, 97, 99, 177, 197, 199, 777.
  • St. Petersburg - 78, 98, 178.
  • Sevastopol is 92, 777.
  • Baikonur - 94.

Autonomous Region

All numbers of the autonomous regions, with the exception of the Khanty-Mansiysk, which received an additional value other than 86, and 186, remained the same. It:

  • Jewish Autonomy - 79.
  • Nenets - 83.
  • Chukotsky - 87.
  • Yamalo-Nenetsky - 89.

car numbers regions of Russia

So, now you can easily find out the region bynumber of the car. Russia, however, has recently adopted a law allowing the registration of the vehicle in any region and in any traffic police. Therefore, the number is only able to tell about the place of registration of the vehicle, but not about the permanent place of registration of its owner.