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The most important rules of relations with neighbors

Correct relations with neighbors are a wholeart. These people are not chosen, and they can be quite unpleasant. But if they manage to establish contact with them, they can bring invaluable benefits and remove a huge number of problems. So, the topic of our article is the relationship with our neighbors. What rules must be followed to establish them?

Human and society

As you know, people are social beings.It is difficult for us to live alone, therefore we somehow form communities in which the division of labor, hierarchy, various connections operates. People help each other, build relationships, interact. This gives each member of society certain rights and privileges, but also imposes obligations.

For a harmonious life for large groups of peopleit is necessary to create certain rules, which they will follow, so that everyone is as comfortable as possible. This includes laws, morality and morals, according to which the adult generation brings up children. By these rules, the society tries to isolate itself from the destructive effects on it: alcoholism, drug addiction, etc. At the same time, friendliness, a willingness to help others, sympathy are encouraged. These are the main principles of life in society. And they apply to those who live with us in the same house and on one staircase, since these people almost always surround any member of society.

rules of relations with neighbors

From where the person grew, often stronglydepends on how he communicates with others. In cities, people live more cumbersome, but try to keep as much as possible their private space from the others. Those who grew up in rural areas are often more sociable and friendly towards their neighbors. This, however, does not mean that in villages and small towns everyone is very friendly to each other - it's just that people understand that life is easier when there is someone to rely on or to ask for help. Residents of the same cities, as a rule, are more likely to be single people, they prefer to solve their problems on their own or with the help of professionals, but without contacting their acquaintances. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but in general this is the case. This situation is good or not - it's difficult to judge, but you can try to change it.

the most important rules of relations with neighbors

The rules of relations with neighbors are relevant evenfor those who have to constantly change their place of residence. Sometimes it can be for such people even more useful than for those who live in one place since childhood. Forwarding correspondence, maintaining old ties - all this can easily be achieved by enlisting the help of neighbors. Absence of problems with precinct and other residents can also be a consequence of friendship with the approaching old women - invisible and inaudible protection of the peace of the citizens. Good relationships with colleagues on the landing can help you quickly settle in a new place, learn about interesting places nearby or unobvious ways to spend your leisure time. So this can be very useful, even if the introduction is initially intended as a short one. And even more so, it is important for those who have lived in the same place since childhood, because the most important rules for dealing with neighbors are simple and do not really require serious efforts.

Relations with neighbors

Most people want to like others- this is normal. But it does not always happen. Sometimes the surrounding themselves cause their behavior irritation and other negative emotions. This is also normal, as well as the fact that those who seek to make friends can not meet understanding on the other side.

Someone just lives a loner and prefersnot something that does not greet neighbors, and even just do not face them. And if earlier such behavior for the majority was an inadmissible luxury, because hostels flourished, when several people who were strangers to each other lived in one apartment, and even families, now it's easier to isolate oneself. But is it necessary? Or is it easier to establish relations with neighbors? The basic rules are very simple.

relationships with neighbors

The first steps can be done immediately after moving. They are elementary - ask for something insignificant like lend a couple of eggs or a glass of sugar, admire the beauty of a luxurious neighbor's cat. Then you can make contact, groping for common themes, points of contact. Perhaps, such relations will grow to a real and sincere friendship, and if the interests are still completely different - one can simply maintain polite benevolent neutrality.

Establish good relations with neighbors indacha and even easier - you can invite them to a picnic or barbecue, for sure they will not refuse to join the merry company. And really at the table, communication is likely to go easily and at ease.

Neighbors - how to live together?

Mutual relations with neighbors are not always sosimple question. Now people rarely fully trust each other. Still, neighbors can be both very useful in some situations, and be able to do harm. That's why it's better to build with them a fairly good relationship.

good relations with neighbors

First, in the absence of the owners of the apartmentcurious old ladies will become invisible guards, which may well save the home from robbery or other encroachment. Secondly, in some courtyards the neighbors are still looking after some children they know, which reduces the likelihood of some misfortune. Finally, comrades in the entrance, if they have a good relationship, it will always be easier to agree among themselves on any issues: from a convenient time for all, when there will be noisy repairs before the change of service organizations, if they do not suit anything. Finally, if we establish good relations with our neighbors, territorial disputes can be resolved without bringing them to court, but simply by agreeing. This is very valuable, because litigation requires a lot of time and nerves, and they can drag on for a very long time.

So, any situation in whichneed to support people, it will be easier if you study and follow the rules of relationships with neighbors. And then it will be possible to leave their spare keys for them, ask them to see to it that the child dines after school or to apply for some not too burdensome requests, in return also offering their help.

relations with neighbors

However, not everyone wants to communicate closely withfriends at home or a holiday village. Perhaps, in the first place, this statement can be attributed to medical workers - all the benefits of friendship with others, most likely, will be leveled by endless questions and requests. In this case, even a motivated refusal is sure to cause a terrible insult. Of course, in this case, after all, you can build a good relationship, for example, hiding your profession and carefully avoiding direct questions.

Keep quiet

Nobody likes extraneous sounds in his apartment. But neighbors inevitably make repairs, give birth and bring up children, learn to play musical instruments, watch TV in the evenings, etc. You can not insure yourself against noise, especially in some houses with very thin walls. But you can observe courtesy and demand the same from others - any loud sounds should be heard only in the daytime, and after dinner, the ears of others also better to give rest - at this time, for example, babies sleep.

relations with neighbors in the country

Do not litter

In apartment buildings, there are wipers andcleaners, but they do not always have access to closed tambours, and the quality of their work can be different. In this regard, the rules of relations with neighbors should include the point about trying not to litter and not to bring to the general area of ​​excess dirt. The same applies to large items that need to be carried to the trash - it is not necessary to leave them in the entrance, creating inconveniences.

Animals and cars

Elementary etiquette implies carefulattitude to other people's property and a reasonable approach to their own. Do not let the evil and dangerous with a kind of dog let go of walking alone, even better, so she always was muzzled. She may be the friendliest creature in the world, but not everyone can guess about it, and many children are simply frightened.

As for personal transport, it should be verycarefully parked in order not to disturb anyone, not to close the aisles and entrances. Also, you should think about not to disturb the inhabitants of the first floors, warming up the car in winter. And of course, it's worth to set up the alarm so that it does not react to ordinary passers-by.

neighbors how to live in harmony with their neighbors


Cigarette smoke not everyone likes, but it's also powerfulallergen. In Moscow, smoking in the porches has already been banned, but not always the law is observed. It is not necessary to aggravate relations if there was a remark about a smoky staircase and an unpleasant smell. But even if no one objects, do not forget about cleanliness and culture - leave behind you on the floor cigarette butts - mauveon.


Renting out your apartment is also worth ita little bit to think about the neighbors. Probably, it is worthwhile to carefully select the lodgers, so that they do not roll up parties every evening, inviting a bunch of guests, making noise without interruption, etc. The rules of relations with neighbors should be extended to them, so it is worthwhile to briefly instruct before settling and, possibly, to help to establish contact with someone living nearby - so all will be calmer.

All the rest

The rules of relations with neighbors are essentiallysimple observance of etiquette. Hold the door, say hello, help young mothers with strollers, do not create unnecessary inconvenience - that's probably all that is necessary for simple neutrality. Well, if you want to make friends, it's enough to start a conversation.

When is it better not to communicate?

The world is imperfect, and surrounding people can alsobe at least unpleasant, and sometimes frankly harmful to their neighbors, if the relationship has not developed. In this case, it is better to accept that it will not work out.

  • if a person repeatedly does not go into contact, it is better not to be imposed, this will only cause rejection;
  • mentally unstable people can change their opinion about the opposite to diametrically opposite for no reason - do not talk to them closely to avoid unnecessary problems;
  • marginals, too, can hardly be called a good company, so with them, too, do not start a friendship.

Neighbors - this is really an important element. Many people consider this factor when they are going to buy an apartment. So do not underestimate the rules of relationships with neighbors. Observing them, you can often expect that they will be repaid in the same coin. And this is very valuable given that some domestic moments of Russian legislation are not settled.