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We are sorted out: what are mixes?

It's good or bad, but modern Russian speechconstantly replenished with foreign words, the meaning of which is not yet clear to everyone. Hence the quite justified desire to understand what these new concepts mean. Well, for example, what are mixes?

On the meaning of the word

what are mixes
In English the word mix means"mixture" or "mixing process" (mixing). Because you can almost connect everything, the concept of a mix is ​​not something strictly defined. What is mixed - that's what they got!

The best mixes for us are: we used to combine ingredients for different dishes (often with the help of a device that is called a mixer). Looking at the shelves of packages with juices, along with the usual tomato or apple, we find mixes of different vegetables and fruits. Studying the packaging of tea or coffee, we often find the inscription "mixture of the best varieties." A typical sample of a mix is ​​a familiar cocktail, when a number of components are mixed to produce a certain taste.

what are smoking mixes

Mix in music

At the musician on a question, that such mixes,there is a variant of the answer. In a musical environment, a mix is ​​called a continuous sequence of tracks (tracks), similar in mood or genre. They are arranged by DJs with different purposes - for example, for radio programs. A characteristic feature of such mixes is that the change of tracks is smooth, without silence in the sound. In order for the sound at the transition to appear to be one, the tracks must match in dimension, tempo and other characteristics. The duration of the music mix can be several minutes, and several hours.

There is another notion of what mixes are. This may not be a sequential, as in the previous case, but a parallel reduction of several audio tracks to obtain a whole composition. For example, mixing the sound of musical instruments and the vocalist's performance for recording a single whole is a song.

Mix fayette

what is the mix
You can connect not only products or sounds,sometimes even hand-to-hand combat techniques are mixed. Some fans of such sports are interested in: what is a mix-file? This is a derivative of the English words mix fighting - "mix the fight."

Mixed martial arts are a combination of differentdirections and techniques of martial arts. Their history goes back to the era of the first Olympiad, where the ancient Greeks held competitions in pankration. Types of mixed martial arts were constantly transformed and took special forms in different countries. Competitions in mixed styles (for example, a fighter against a boxer) in the late 19th and early 20th centuries were very popular both in the Far East and in Europe. For example, in England, the time of Arthur Conan Doyle, there was martial art bartitsu, a mixture of Asian and European teachings, the possession of which the writer appropriated to his beloved hero. In the Soviet Union, too, there was an effective version of mixed martial arts - sambo.

And yet, until the 90s of the last century, suchthe techniques were not too popular. One of the reasons is their similarity to the bloody sport, fights without rules. Early competitions in mixed martial arts really did not have enough restrictions, which affected the safety of athletes. Now this deficiency is eliminated, and this sport is considered one of the most dynamically developing.

what is a mix in kc

A bit about the counter-strike

Another mention of the word "mix" can also be found in the already computerized classic Counter Strike game (CS). What is a mix in CS? Although not, at first a few words about what the game is.

Its main idea is the confrontation of terrorists andspecial forces. In the COP simultaneously fighting large groups of users who find each other on the Internet. Mix is ​​a kind of team of such players, and this term is not accidental here: suitable partners in the game are in a complicated way, reminiscent of mixing.

About smoking mixes

Unfortunately, a lot of people are asking what ismixes, will answer - that they smoke. Perfumed blends of herbs that alter human consciousness have been known since ancient times. Shamans and sorcerers used their effect for their rites, and in the East smoke from such mixtures was used to meditate or bring a person into a trance state. Of course, they knew about all these eastern "amusements", but they really discovered them for themselves relatively recently - by the middle of the 2000s.

So what are smoking mixes and how to themrelate? Approximately since 2007, the European and Russian markets have been, as they say, clogged with vegetable mixtures. This product, directly affecting the human psyche, has become very popular - especially in youth circles. Its sale was carried out quite legally, without restrictions and moreover with advertising about the useful properties of the product. And only later doctors have sounded the alarm: the product is harmful! Consumers of smoking mixes recorded the appearance of drug dependence, a psychotropic effect was noted. As research has shown, the use of herbal mixtures provoked an increase in the number of diseases of the respiratory tract and bronchi, the appearance of malignant tumors. Now there is a long overdue struggle with the hellish smoking potion. And it is right.