/ The thickest girl in the world

The thickest girl in the world

Different miracles and anomalies in the world are greata bunch of. Among them are people who, due to their physical characteristics, are not like those around them. Some of them are listed in the Guinness Book of Records, others simply amaze with their appearance or unique abilities.

The thickest girl in the world

the thickest girl in the world
Six-year-old resident of India, Suman Hatun weighs 91kilogram. Her height is only 104 centimeters. The girl lives with her parents, sisters and brothers. Father earns a little. All the money is mainly spent on food, which is eaten by Suman. Because of this, the rest of the family often have to starve. The thickest girl in the world can easily eat a dozen bananas as a snack. Her humble dinner usually consists of a couple of omelettes, a few boiled eggs and two plates of rice with fried fish. After that, she likes to visit her neighbors for the purpose of chewing something.

Interestingly, at birth, the thickest girlin the world had a normal weight - just under 4 kilograms. However, the mother immediately began to feed the newborn with milk and cereals. Apparently, this had a bad effect on the girl's body, and she quickly gained weight. Today, Suman is practically not moving and can not do anything. Its main entertainment is watching TV and watching the neighboring children through the window.

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Jessica Leonard

Until recently, it was she who was called "the thickest girl in the world". By age 8
she weighed 186 kilograms. Problems with weight began with the birth. In a year it was 30 kilograms, and to two - 50 kilograms. Parents tried to forbid their daughter to eat pizza, fast food and drink Coca-Cola. However, after numerous hysterics refused this idea. The girl could not move. She did not go to school and walks. In 2005, Jessica began to have health problems. Under the influence of doctors she had to sit on a strict diet. After 1.5 years, her weight decreased by 136 kg. Currently, the girl weighs about 50 kilograms. She enjoys going to school, doing gymnastics and going to lose weight even more.

The thickest girl in the world

Such a title was awarded to Susan Eman fromCassa Grande in Arizona. She always differed in large sizes, which did not bother her at all. By age 33, Susan already had two children and 343 kilograms of weight. At this time, she began a relationship with Parker Clack, a 35-year-old cook.

the thickest girl in the world
Soon he made a proposal to the girl, and theyhave undersigned. He admitted that he always loved full women. Now he has the opportunity every day to cook his favorite various dishes in any quantity.

The thickest girl in the world (photo on the right)dreams of becoming the most difficult person in the world and 42 years old, gaining weight up to 730 kilograms. In an effort to perfect her, the girl consumes about 22,000 kilocalories per day. This figure, divided by five, is the rate of calorie intake for an adult male. The husband supports his wife. He feeds her with pastries, beans, sweets, salads, helps to dress and wash. For a walk, Susan drives in a stroller. She is always accompanied by her husband.