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Ekaterina Ignatova: biography, personal life, photo

Second wife Sergey Chemezov, Ekaterina Ignatova, regularly turns out in the richest "halves" state top managers. So, in 2015, it took 28th place in the rating magazine "Forbes"At a condition of 50 million dollars. This figure is the most interesting for many - both journalists and other curious people. When in 2004 the head of Rostekh - comrade-in-arms and the closest friend of the president of the country yet with times GDR - remarried (from his first marriage he had 2 sons), then everyone surprised the age of Sergei's wife Chemezov - Catherine Ignatova. Yes, the bride was much younger than her lover (just 5 years older than her husband's son). But, we think, today unequal marriages are not so rare.

wife of Sergei Chemezov Ekaterina Ignatova

Ekaterina Ignatova: biography

The future business lady was born in Moscow in the autumn of 1968. She was very clever and a pretty girl, first went to a childkindergarten, then studied beautifully in school, had a special love for foreign languages. And it seemed to everyone that after the end of the 10th grade, Ekaterina Ignatova would certainly go to one of the capital's language universities. But it did not happen. In 1989, the girl entered the Institute of Engineers w /d transport, which in 1993 was renamed into MSUPS (Moscow State University of Railways). It is this name and is indicated in her diploma.

Personal life: the period of youth

What did Ignatova Ekaterina Sergeevna before enter at institute? After all, she graduated from school in 1985, and she did not go to school until after 4 years, after receiving the certificate. Yet quite a young girl she met with a cuteboyfriend Michael, fell in love with him and agreed to live with him in a civil marriage. In 1987, the couple had a daughter, who was called Anastasia, but in the metric they recorded the name not of the father, but of the mother - Ignatov. After some time, the young father decided that he hurried with the creation of the family, and disappeared from the life of Elena and Nastya. So what the upbringing of the little one lay on the shoulders of the young mother, well, what in this she began to help her mother. When the girl was 2 years old, my grandmother persuaded Catherine Ignatov to go on to study further so that in the future it was possible would keep yourself and daughter. Whence knew this kind woman, what a gift her daughter and granddaughter prepared fate? what after For 30 years they will not only be very rich, but also famous.

Adult life: the beginning of labor activity

In 1994, Ekaterina Ignatova, having graduated fromuniversity, got a job, only not by profession, but by the profession that she dreamed about since her childhood. She became an employee of the Department of Interpretation of MSLU (Moscow State linguauniversity). After some time she managed to get a job as an interpreter in the Office of the President of the country.

Spouse Ignatova

It was here, in the Office, Ekaterina Ignatovamet with the future husband. He was married and had two adult sons (the eldest is only 5 years younger than Katya). She raised her daughter. There, no less between them broke out sympathy, and to be closer to the girl, Sergei invited Catherine to work in her company "Promexport", which is was engaged in the sale of weapons, then she moved to "Rosoboronexport", which the also belonged to businessman. In 2004 Sergey divorced with his wife Lyudmila and married Catherine. Before to formalize relations, Catherine gave birth Chemezov son.

ignatova ekaterina sergeevna


Subsequent years, Ekaterina Ignatova (see the photo in the article) began to actively develop business. And by 2013, according to official figures, her income exceeded her husband's income by 13 times. She is engaged in both pharmaceutical and banking activities. Has many beauty facilities. 13 % of bank shares "International Finance Club" belong to it was her. Chemezov is also a shareholder of this bank. Since 2010-2012 the young business lady was interested in the restaurant business. She owned a controlling stake in "Risont Holding"- a company that manages a chain of restaurants "Floor". One of the best capital beauty salons "Next" also belongs to the owner's wife "Rosteh".


In 2009, Catherine was declared unemployed, as she resigned from her post as head of the company "Katya" (70 % shares), which was engaged in production auto parts and accessories. This did not affect her income. However, the most successful, in terms of finance, the year for her was the 2011th. Then her annual income was "only" 60 million rubles, and in 2014 he exceeded the the figure of 2 billion. Asked by journalists about the reason for the increase in income, Ekaterina pride answered that it was a credit to the competent management of deposits and deposits.

About the company "Katya"

It was the most successful of her projects. She launched it in 2004, the same year that she became the wife of Sergei Chemezov. The factory was engaged in the production of automatic gearboxes for machines, after 5 years "AvtoVAZ" signed a contract with "Katya". But after a controlling stake in 2012 "AvtoVAZ" from "Rosteha" moved to the Japanese company Renault-Nissan, they refused services the company Ignatova and began to buy Atomic boxes from a well-known Japanese company. Then Ekaterina decided build a branch of a factory "Katya" at Kaliningrad, but this project remained on paper. And by 2014 the company's debt amounted to more than half a billion rubles. I had to close.

The most recent deal

Spouse Chemezov Catherine Ignatova very soon proved to everyone that she is -inborn businessman. In 2006, it acquired through the company "Troika Dialog" slightly more than five percent of the company's shares "Itera", which was engaged in oil and gas production. For more than 6 years, no one had suspected that it was a shareholder. By 2011, the young woman had only 1.1 percent, the rest she sold with great profit. According to some information, the package sold by her (speech goes about 4 %) brought a woman of 70 million dollars, according to another source, this figure can be two billion y. Presumably, for the remaining y her 1.1 percent in two years thanks to R. Vadanyanu - chapter "Troika Dialogues" - it was able to help out about the same amount ($ 2 billion).

Banking investments
Catherine Ignatova (photo

In 2010, Ekaterina Ignatova became co-owner of International Finacial Club, but experts believe that for her it was an unprofitable investment, since the income isthe enterprise did not bring her. Nevertheless, Ignatova said that she is happy and expects to make a profit in the future. The owner of the bank was Mikhail Prokhorov.

Ekaterina Ignatova

Restaurant investments

This has already been discussed above. In 2010, Ignatova made yet one large investment - fully acquired "Risond Holding, which included 19 brand restaurants "Floor", club "Yae", DJ bar "Picasso", pizzeria "Del Capo" , bar "Aquapark", Confectionery-cafe "Eclair" and restaurant "Troy". The former masters were Russian businessmen of Armenian origin Andranik Sargassian (Director "Troika Dialog"), Mountains Nakhapetyan (vice president of business school "Skolkovo") and Anushavan Arzumanyan. Two years later Catherine realized, what business does not bring her profit (experts said, what due to improper management), and she resold shares one from previous owners - A. Sargsyan (before he owned 50 %). Nevertheless, according to the statement her representative, unprofitable business was also not.

Ekaterina Ignatova: biography

Medical investments

With Mikhail Prokhorov E. Ignatova was partners not only in the banking sphere, but also in medicine. Together they decided to found a clinic. For the wife Chemezov it was a new kind of business, whereas Prokhorov yet since 2003 there was an Israeli medical center "Ramat Aviv", And in 2008 he opened an office in Russia, calling it a medical diagnostic"Creative Media Center". The place for the foundation of the new enterprise was chosen very successfully - territory FGBU "Polyclinic with a hospital" of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation.

Daughter of Catherine Ignatova

3 years later partners Prokhorov on business became 23-year-old daughter Ignatova Anastasia, while graduate student MGIMO. Mother helped her to acquire 50 % shares. However, it was not very lucrative - only 62 million rubles for 3 years, and the loss amounted to 58 million. The company was liquidated in 2014. But young businesswoman Anastasia Ignatova medical business fell and she founded her own clinic "Rosmed".

Ekaterina Ignatova

Investments in real estate

In 2015, Ekaterina Ignatova started reselling the business park "Techno Loft". It was opened on the territory of the plant for the production of upholstery for cars and cardboard containers. This combine yet in 2007 was absorbed company "Magma", and in 2013 it was announcedbankrupt. As a result, 1.3 hectares of land with 13 buildings were put up for sale. The buyer was the Territory Progress Company. There are no exact information about the owners, as it is registered in turn for several offshore companies in the British Isles Virginia. That's it her in 2015 this territory was bought back by the company "R.D.FROM. Management ", owned by Ignatova yet since 2005. She became the owner of 99 % shares, and a month later Ignatova resold the "R.D.FROM. Management "of a certain Ilyina, who owned only 1 % "Techno Loft". What was the amount of the transaction - is not specified anywhere.

Chemezova's wife Ekaterina Ignatova


By the way, Ignatova was able to raise $ 30 million from the sale of her unfinished Moscow residence. They say that the buyer of the house, because of which yet a well-known Georgian architect-designer and the owner of the house herself, recently turned out to be a businessman from Kyrgyzstan.