/ / Pamela Courson - girlfriend and muse of Jim Morrison: biography, cause of death, interesting facts

Pamela Courson - girlfriend and muse of Jim Morrison: biography, cause of death, interesting facts

This girl was accused of murdering the legendary singer Jim Morrison. For many years she had to hide from the press and lead a closed way of life. Who in fact was Pamela Courson and what role at fate of the soloist of The Doors? There are many interesting details about the life of the famous couple and their tragic death at a young age.


Pamela Susan Courson was born on December 22, 1946 in the state of California.My father worked as a director of a secondary school, my mother was a housewife. The girl from an early age was very closed and hard converged with peers. She was not an outsider, but always stayed in aside. At school, she got from classmates for her red hair and disheveled view. She studied well and graduated from the senior class with an average score. Teachers noted her as a capable, but too scattered apprentice. Have her there were propensities to the humanities and especially to history.


Not like everyone else

She did not start school when she was friends.But forever remained in the memory of classmates as the most provocative girl in school. She covered her already pale skin with a large layer of powder and looked like a ghost. Coupled with carrot-colored hair, it looked very defiant and attracted everyone's attention. Her clothing has always outpaced fashion for several years. She was the first to come to school wearing shorts on nylon pantyhose. At that time it looked wildly, but quickly became fashionable among the pupils.

Yet one feature was the voice of Pamela Courson. In the lower grades, if she was offended or hurt bruised, she raised the wild roar. It was not the crying of the ordinary child It was the cry of a wounded beast. She shouted so that people resorted from all the premises to look at the performance.

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Los Angeles

Pam came to the "city of angels" when she was 19 years old. Her acquaintance with Miranda Babits happened in one of the nightclubs. The model quickly won the confidence of the young Pam, and soon they became best friends.The girls together spent a lot of time and visited the most popular institutions in the city. Came in the club "London Fog", she first meets Jim Morrison. Shel 1966, and his popularity at the time wasonly a small town. And Pamela already appeared on the pages of fashion magazines and had her own admirers. She looked like a typical hippie girl: long straight hair, loose style and an unchanged smile on her face.

Jim Morrison

Development of a relationship

Jim quickly carried away red coquette and did not hide his feelings. Speaking at the club, he kept glancing at the door, waiting her appearance. They did not look like passionate lovers. Rather, it was a manifestation of the most tender feelings. The singer was very sensitive to his beloved and valued her self-esteem.Pamela knew how to present herself as a queen even in a dirty night bar. It was this quality that attracted him first. And the girl liked the identity and savagery of a long-haired rock music artist. He seemed to her the perfect man, and she believed that he would become truly famous.

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Fairytale novel

In the meantime, The Doors was gaining popularity, andJim began to get decent fees for performances. He spent the first money on his beloved girlfriend. The chic restaurant and the mountains of gifts finally conquered Pamela. Throughout his later life together he adhered to this order. All the fees he gave the girl, leaving a minimum amount for alcohol and various trifles. They often discussed the wedding, but Jim was afraid that the status of a family man will beat fans want to worship their idol. In the biography of Pamela Courson and there was no record of marriage.

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For lovers came heavy time. Young fanatics did not allow passage to their sex symbol and attacked the singer wherever he appeared. once Pam looked in dressing room His lover and saw a picture that struck her to the depths of the soul. The guy was holding a young man in his lap nymphet and stroked her intimate places in the most brazen manner. Pamela did not watch the sweet prelude, and grabbing the scissors, tried to stab them with an impudent girl. She screamed out of her hands furious girls, and Morrison is calm gone on the stage to continue the concert.

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Living together

In 1967 finally comes out the first album of the group, and huge wealth is falling on young people. 50 thousand. dollars in those days were fabulousmoney, and the couple hurried to rent a nice house on the outskirts of the city. They settled in a prestigious and very quiet area. Their neighbors were musicians and actors. The atmosphere was saturated with creativity. And yet the best rest from noisy parties and difficult concerts they considered tourism. Taking only the most necessary, Jim and Pam went to the desert, where together spent a few days. The musician composed poems for the beloved, and she danced to his music in the light of the moon. The first track in his he dedicated the album to his beloved woman.

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Love and hate

Leaving on tour, Jim did not forget about his red-haired beauty and called her every free minute. At the same time it did not stop him all night all the while hold in the arms of local fans. About his amorous adventures wrote a lot, but Pamela Courson did not believe newspapers and magazines. While the door to their homes did not begin to burst fanatki and require money from Jim to interrupt the pregnancy. All these visits made a jealous girl out of herself, and she arranged grandiose scandals for the betrayer. The guy did not deny his guilt, but said that he only likes her and heart his long ago gave Pamela. Sweet speeches did not bring the proper result, and the money went into circulation.

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To keep his beloved, he gives her full access to her means and buys for her fashion clothing store. Girl with zeal starts to engage in promotion of the boutique and purchaseslast collections. For a while, she leaves Jim alone and travels around the world in search of the original things for her store. The singer helps her to make an advertisement, and soon "Themis"Becomes the most fashionable place in the city. Interesting fact: Pamela Courson often gave out expensive outfits to those who really admired her shop. It could be casual buyers or Hollywood celebrities - she did not care.


So passed two years. During this time, the relationship of the couple completely disrupted. Scandals often turned into fights, and neighbors had to call the police. It came to that Jim several times rushed with a knife on Pamela. That, in its turn, beat about his head dishes and threw things out onto the street. The pain of his betrayals did not heal the money, and the girl ceased to remain faithful to her co-owner. She did not hide her connections on the side, and Jim was just crazy about jealousy. But what could he do? Was he to reproach someone for infidelity? They parted and converged an infinite number of times. Even after a long relationship on the side, they always came back to try everything again. At this time, Jim writes his testament, which states that all his property and money he bequeaths Pamela Courson.

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1971 brought a couple of long-awaited tranquility. They decided to go to Paris and spend some time there, away from the American fuss. The singer has changed a lot over the last year - he gained a lot of extra pounds and released his beard. But Pamela loved him in any way. France transformed the musician - he began to follow himself and soon shaved off all the excess vegetation on his face. The couple went to travel around the world and enjoy life. For the first time in many years their relationship was harmonious and gave them hope. Jim knew, in than cause of change - Pam began to be pricked. Every day she chopped heroin into a vein and became a complaisant and loving girl. He liked him much more, and he did not mind her hobbies. He himself rejected any injections in the body and preferred to smell cocaine.



June 2, 1971 the dealer as usual brought to the apartment couple two bags withdrugs. In one was heroin for the girl, in another cocaine for Jim. The further picture of what happened will remain a mystery forever. Probably, the singer confused the sachets and inhaled the dose of heroin. He immediately felt ill and gone to the bathroom. The girl did not immediately realize that he did not go out too long. When she looked into the room, she saw that Jim was lying in the tub, and his body was beginning to stiffen. Calling for medical help and calling friends, she began to wait for their arrival. She behaved calmly, even when the doctor arrived, ascertained death. The body was laid on the bed and brought a huge number of packets of ice. There was a heat, and after 15 hours the body was beginning to change. At that moment, Pamela realized that Jim was dead, and she began to vote. Pam spent the whole night in the same bed with him.

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History repeats itself

The funeral was modest, attended byonly the closest people. After reading the will, Pamela became the owner of all rights to the work of Jim and his fortune. However, she did not have to use his bounty for long. Three years later, the girl left this world. Cause of Pamela's death Courson - an overdose of drugs. Until the last day of her life, she considered herself guilty of the death of a musician and could not forgive herself this sin. Drugs became the meaning her life, and for three years she destroyed herself. Pamela's Grave Courson is at Santa Ana, in the memorial park. Like Jim, at the time of her death, she was 27 years old.