/ The Sherlock Holmes Museum in London. Where is and how to get to the museum?

Sherlock Holmes Museum in London. Where is and how to get to the museum?

A trip to Foggy Albion is whatToday many people dream, regardless of age and social belonging. The history of Great Britain itself is very interesting, and its culture attracts even modern youth. British literature impresses with its sophistication and style, and the expressive means of English, British, Scottish and Welsh classics still fascinate readers. Somerset Maugham, John Galsworthy, Herbert Wells, Oscar Wilde, Bernard Shaw - all these names are well known not only to bookworms, but to people who are not too addicted to literature.

Sherlock Holmes Museum in London

The best of the best

One of the most popular British writersis Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who created a truly immortal story about the London detective Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Doctor Watson. To honor this beautiful work and its many screen versions, as well as pay tribute to the writer himself, the Sherlock Holmes museum was opened in the capital of England. In London, a huge number of cultural monuments, but this one is undoubtedly one of the most interesting. Perhaps it is difficult enough to find a man who would not know the address of the protagonist of the detective works of the famous Arthur Conan Doyle - the brilliant detective Sherlock Holmes. One of the streets of the capital of Great Britain, London - Baker Street - has deserved worldwide fame.

Sherlock Holmes Museum


The will of fate is in the house at number 221b onBaker Street settled his hero author. Until a certain time, the house had a different numbering - No. 239, but since the address Doyle specified in the works came hundreds of thousands of letters addressed to Sherlock, the city authorities were simply forced to give the building a literary number. This innovation caused considerable confusion in the established address lists. After that, the owner of the building had no choice but to hire an informed literate person, whose duties include correspondence with admirers.

where the Sherlock Holmes Museum

Without a guide

Find the Sherlock Holmes museum in London regardingeasily. At each intersection there are special stands with large maps indicating where you are now and how to get to the desired destination.
Orient in these maps is quite simple whenprovided that you, at least at the initial level, know the English language and are good at parsing words. The Sherlock Holmes Museum in London is located not far from yet another so-called "museum center", which consists of three famous museums: the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert's Museum. Specifically, the museum building is located in the Westminster area, you can get to the street by going to the metro station with the same name, where everyone will be greeted with a symbolic landmark - a silhouette in a hunting hat with a fixed tube. So guess where the museum of Sherlock Holmes, it's not difficult. If the traveler has any prejudices about trips to the subway, it is worth using the bus routes Nos. 13, 18, 27, 30, 74, 82, 113, 159, 274.

where the Sherlock Holmes Museum

Museum at Baker Street

According to the literary work, Holmes andWatson rented an apartment on Baker Street in 1881 and until 1904 lived on this living space. Surprisingly, their creator was not far from the truth, because in this building in the period from 1860 to 1934 the apartments were actually rented. The house was erected in the Victorian style in 1815, and today it is listed in the honorable list of the queen's buildings as representing historical and architectural value. On the facade of the building there is a commemorative plaque, the text of which says: from 1881 to 1904 Sherlock Holmes himself lived here. Officially since 1990, the decision of the London Society of admirers of the famous detective, the memory of the literary hero was immortalized - this museum is open. So the fictional character has found a very real house. The Sherlock Holmes Museum occupies all four floors, the entire area of ​​the first floor is reserved for a souvenir shop, leaving only a small hall uncluttered. But already on the second floor is a well-known apartment, consisting of two almost equal rooms, in which the spirit of the Victorian era is carefully preserved: bedrooms and study.

Sherlock Holmes Museum photo

Inexpensive and interesting

It is difficult to list everything that you canto provide a museum of Sherlock Holmes: photos, paintings, everyday objects of popular literary characters and much more. You have two hours to see the whole museum - it is relatively small, although extremely famous, and entertaining. The museum recreates the descriptions of Conan Doyle almost perfectly - small decorations, interior and exterior design are clearly executed with a special love for his works. Pictures of the Sherlock Holmes Museum do not convey all the authenticity and unusualness that this museum has in fact, so do not be sorry for the money on the entrance ticket. But the entrance to the museum will cost the tourist £ 8 - a decent price for the famous museum and adequate for London. For comparison, it is worth noting that the entrance to the no less amazing Ripley Museum would cost you 21 pounds, and the price of viewing the museum dedicated to the Harry Potter universe is £ 30. A ticket to the Sherlock Holmes museum house will cost you only one pound more than one ticket to the London Underground.

pictures of Sherlock Holmes Museum

More about exhibits

The most popular in the presented expositionare a Turkish shoe (tobacco) and a violin, no less interesting to visitors and the equipment of a chemical laboratory, as well as the correspondence of a detective, originally fixed on the fireplace shelf by a stabbed penknife. Here is also an army-type revolver - a faithful companion of Dr. Watson. All interested persons can take a chair in front of a burning fireplace, abstract from the present and plunge headlong into the epoch of the beloved hero. The third floor of the house is occupied by Watson's rooms with an abundance of medical directories and Mrs. Hudson, which houses the Holmes bronze monument and the museum's book review.

house of Sherlock Holmes Museum

Doubles of wax

The fourth floor is occupied by the exposition of the heroes of alldetective novels by A. Doyle, it is, of course, discovered by the detective and his partner. Further, the attention of visitors is attracted by the head of that same demonic dog, the Baskervilles, which caused superstitious horror in the county of Devonshire. Nearby, the hero of the short story "Union of the Reds" - usurer Jabez Wilson, the charismatic beggar Neville Saint-Claire - "The man with a severed lip" smiles slyly. With a devilish expression on his face, like a tiger prepared for a jump, the main opponent of Sherlock, the head of all criminality in Victorian London, Professor Moriarty, froze forever.

house of Sherlock Holmes Museum

Working hours

The Sherlock Holmes Museum in London runs dailyfrom 9.30 to 18.00. Exposition is closed very rarely - at Christmas, ie on December 24. The Sherlock Holmes Museum is not the only place in London where you have to visit to feel the real English spirit. In general, there are a lot of interesting museums, galleries, monuments, theaters and cinemas in the capital of Great Britain. However, an ordinary tourist who has arrived in London for only a week will still not be able to see everything at once. Therefore, the Sherlock Holmes house museum should take one of the leading positions in its excursion list.