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Ballerina Nina Timofeeva: biography, achievements and personal life

Her legends were composed of her.She was applauded by millions. Information publications of different countries wrote laudatory reviews, sang ode of artistry, temperament and personality of the ballerina. The roles played by her on the stage, conquered millions of hearts of spectators with extraordinary integrity, courage and depth. All this - about the legendary Russian Soviet ballerina Nina Timofeeva.

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Personality on stage

In her performance, ballet parts are not justbright, passionate and temperamental. They were full of sincere and deep emotions and emotional unrest. She became a star after the ballet "Night City" by Leonid Lavrovsky. But, according to the admirers of Timofeeva's talent, her dramatic parties became the most expressive: the Mistress of the Copper Mountain in the Stone Flower, Aegina in Spartacus and especially Mehmen Bana in the Legend of Love ...

Nina Timofeeva was the brightest personality of Russian andSoviet ballet of the last century. One of the most talented and beloved disciples of the great G. Ulanova, she knew how to make the hall not only admire the technique of dance, but also to live the life of the main character.

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Nina Timofeeva. Biography

Little is known about the life of a ballerina in the early years. Nina Vladimirovna was a closed person, very rarely gave interviews, was not an inveterate visitor to social events.

The future ballet dancer was born in June 1935in a musical-artistic family. Her mother, who worked as a piano teacher at a dance school, managed to instill in her a love of music and the stage. The ballet literally fascinated Nina's child's soul. The first role of Timofeeva - page in "The Magic Flute", and this remembrance was remembered by the great ballerina for the rest of her life. It happened in the city of Perm in the distant military in 1942.

And already in 1944 at the age of just nine years NinaTimofeeva entered the ballet school of Leningrad. Her mentor was an outstanding teacher, representing the pride and glory of the Russian ballet, N. Kamkov. A year before graduation, in 1952, Timofeeva successfully made her debut on the stage of the Leningrad Opera and Ballet Theater as Masha in The Nutcracker. She was only sixteen years old.

The debut did not go unnoticed, and Nina Timofeeva after the graduation from the school receives an invitation to the corps de ballet of the Leningrad Opera House.

In 1956, the troupe successfully performed at thean international competition in Poland, and a ballerina is admitted to the Bolshoi Theater of the USSR. It is on the stage of this temple of Melpomene that Nina Timofeeva comes to real success, here she reveals a huge creative potential and receives world recognition.

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Famous roles of the ballerina

More than 30 years gave Nina Timofeev the Bolshoi Theater stage. The actress has played about sixty major roles, and we can say that all of her parties have entered the world history of ballet art.

Even in spite of the iron curtain, whichwith the sword of Damocles hung over many people of creative professions during the USSR, the creative life of the ballerina was successful: she danced her best roles in the ballets of Y. Grigorovich, who in 1964 became the chief choreographer of the Bolshoi Theater and entrusted her with the main roles in her productions. The troupe has toured the world a lot.

Ballerina, who neglected the line of the line and alwaysready to give full stage reincarnation, selected for the main roles for their performances all the contemporary choreographers of that period. Nina Timofeeva became the face of Russian ballet on the stages of the famous theaters of the world. Later she will write, and this corresponds to reality: "Every role is a part of my life!" Odette-Odile in Swan Lake, Myrtle in Giselle, Mariam in Gayane left an indelible mark on the soul of admirers of the ballerina's talent. Nina Timofeeva starred in almost 30 TV movies about the ballet. And everywhere her performance delighted spectators.

nina timofeeva ballet dancer personal life

Pedagogical activity

Throughout the creative activitythe ballerina continues to learn. In 1980 she graduated from the pedagogical department of GITIS. 1988 put an end to the ballerina's stage career. It was in this year that Grigorovich, who directed the ballet of the Bolshoi Theater, sent the stars of the ballet to the "well deserved rest" - E.Maksimov and M. Plisetskaya. This cup did not pass and Nina Timofeev. The ballerina was offered the work of a teacher at the Bolshoi Theater. A talented person is talented in everything. And already since 1989 Nina Timofeeva works as a tutor-teacher.

Woman's happiness

It can be stated that in the profession andcreativity realized at the maximum ballerina Timofeeva Nina. The woman's personal life was not so successful. Perhaps the reason for this was her excessive demands on herself and her partner, or maybe this was not a priority in the ballerina's life coordinate system.

She married several times. She was in a romantic relationship with O. Efremov. After their breakup, an affair with G.Rerberg arose. In these relations, the daughter Nadezhda was born. But even with Rerberg, the great ballerina could not be happy. Soon they broke up.

Cyril of Silence and Nina Timofeeva

Kirill Molchanov and Nina Timofeeva

However, she still had to experience the presentwoman's happiness. Nina Timofeeva, a ballerina whose personal life once again cracked, became Kirill Molchanov's favorite and wife. At that time he worked as a director of the Bolshoi Theater. This marriage became for them really happy.

It was for his beloved Molchanov that he wrote Macbeth. But this ballet was the most tragic moment in the life of a ballerina.

A few minutes before the premiere of CyrilVladimirovich died sitting in a box. In a break between the acts of Nina Timofeeva reported sad news. Clenching the will in a fist and showing real character of the fighter, the ballerina entered the scene in the second act.

For services to the Motherland

For creative achievements and fruitfulpedagogical activity Timofeeva Nina Vladimirovna was repeatedly encouraged by the government. In 1963 she was awarded the title People's Artist of the RSFSR. She was twice awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor - in 1971 and 1976. Since 1969 Nina Timofeeva - People's Artist of the USSR.

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Rivalry with Maya Plisetskaya

The flowering of talent and the peak of creative demandtwo great ballerinas of the Soviet Union fell at the same time. Brighter than all, Maya Plisetskaya and Nina Timofeev shone in the 60-80s of the last century, and in the ballet circles there often talked about their rivalry and competition. But these rumors had no real basis. Both ballerinas often performed in the same roles, but at the same time they possessed unique technique and their own spectator. It was impossible to compare Nina Timofeev - technical, emotional, temperamental - and Maya Plisetskaya, who had her own magic and sensuality. Both possessed completely different personalities, were bright and unique personalities and had their own fans of stage talent.

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On the Promised Land

After the end of the ballet career, at the beginningnineties, Nina Timofeeva was followed by many tempting offers, including from abroad. She chose Israel, realizing at the same time that in this country, in which there were no classical ballet traditions, everything would have to start from scratch.

In 1990, leaving work andestablished life, Timofeeva Nina, a ballerina beloved by millions of compatriots, left the country. With her, she took only her daughter, by that time a graduate of a choreographic school, doing the first, but successful steps in the profession. At the invitation of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Nina and Nadezhda Timofeevy conduct master classes, and later cooperate on an ongoing basis.

For more than ten years of work in this field, the Timofeyevs were able to train many talented ballet dancers who today represent their teachers and the country on the most prestigious stage of the world.

Upon reaching retirement age, a ballerina andthe teacher stops working at the Academy. However, it was not in her powerful nature to go on a well-deserved rest. I could not just take and rest on my laurels Nina Timofeeva. The ballerina felt that she could do much more to realize her cherished dream, and in the Holy Land a ballet troupe was created that would glorify this country in the best classical ballet scenes of the world.

Nina Vladimirovna decides on an artisan case and opens a ballet school, which she calls her own name "Nina".

The news about the opening of the classical ballet schoolunder the guidance of the legendary star of the Russian ballet, instantly scattered not only around the city, but all over the country. For the training, the most talented and young artists were selected. Despite this, the founders of the institution still had a hard time. Funds for advertising, costumes and props very often were not enough, but this did not become an obstacle to success.

In the third year of her work at school, Timofeeva, the eldest, handed over the reins of her daughter's reign.

A gorgeous Russian ballerina, talentedThe teacher, who stood at the origins of the classical ballet in Israel, died on November 3, 2014. He rests in Jerusalem in the cemetery of the Givat Shaul district, where many of our famous compatriots have found the last shelter.