/ / "Bitsevsky Forest" - a green oasis in a large metropolis

"Bitsevsky Forest" - a green oasis in a large metropolis

Park "Bitsevsky Forest" - a rather large greena spot on the map of the capital, a favorite place for the rest of many Muscovites. The nature of this territory is very diverse: there are gentle birches here, and wise centuries-old oaks, and fragrant pine forests with cool springs.

Where is the forest located?

The nature park "Bitsevsky Forest" is located insouthern part of the Russian capital. It occupies a considerable area - over 2200 hectares. This is the second largest green zone, located within the city called Moscow.

Bitsevsky Forest

"Bitsevsky Forest" stretched almost tenkilometers from north to south, occupying the sector between the Warsaw Highway and Sevastopol Avenue. Directly to the territory of the park adjoin several metropolitan areas, in particular Konkovo, Yasenevo, Chertanovo, South, Central and Northern.

The forest received its name from the Bitza River, whichflows in the southern part of the natural park. In addition to it, other streams flow in its limits: the Gorodnya, Chertanovka, Dubinkinskaya, and the Derevlevsky Stream.

History of the forest

A man has long been fond of places here:in the beginning the Finno-Ugrians lived here, later, at the beginning of the eleventh century, they were replaced by Vyatichi. The latter, incidentally, left behind a few burial mounds in the forest. It is known that already in the XIII century there were village settlements.

Studies of burial mounds in the "Bitsev Forest" gavea very important result. Thanks to archaeological finds, historians could establish that Moscow was originally inhabited by the tribes of Vyatichi. It should be noted that out of 70 all the remaining barrows on the territory of Moscow, seven are located here, on the banks of the Bitz. This only confirms the fact that the "Bitsevsky Forest" has been inhabited since the most ancient times.

Attractions of the park

In the "Bitsevsky Park" there is something to see both inthe plan of natural beauties, and in terms of objects created by man. First of all, these are ancient burial mounds, which are about a thousand years old, as well as beautiful manor complexes. On the territory of the park they were preserved three - manors "Yasenevo", "Uzkoe" and "Znamenskoe-Sadki".

park Bitsevsky forest

Another unique monument located inthe forest is the so-called Mecca post. It was installed in 1909 in honor of the Stolypin reform. In general, a large number of such pillars have been installed, but few of them have survived to this day.

In the "Bitsevsky Forest" there is also a spring with healing and very tasty water. It is located on the bank of the river Chertanovka, and many people from neighboring areas come to it for water.

Bald mountain and pagan temple

What else interesting can you see in Bitsevsky Park?

Be sure to go to the local Bald Mountain,which, in fact, is a dry meadow (by the way, the largest in Moscow). Here you can find several rare species of grassy vegetation. And in some years near the Bald Mountain even recorded the nesting of a goshawk-goshawk.

On Bald Mountain the Slavickapishche - a place of gathering of capital pagans. It was built in 2000: wooden sculptures were installed here and the sanctuary was organized. Pagans come to this "temple" in the bosom of nature, to meet or to spend the Sun. In the center of the sanctuary there is a ritual stone, on which people leave grain and coins, often put cottage cheese or water it with milk.

It should be noted that pagans always very carefully approach the process of choosing a place for their churches. It should have a positive energy, next to it there should be a river, springs and old oak forests.

nature park Bitsevsky forest

"Bitsevsky Forest" for active recreation!

The territory of the park is ideal for active and healthy recreation. In particular, "Bitsevsky Forest" is very popular with cyclists.

And this is not accidental, because in a natural parka wonderful bike path is laid. On it you can cross the entire "Bitsevsky Forest". Begins the path near the metro station "Belyaevo", and ends near the station "South", which is on the gray branch of the underground. In this regard, in the Bitsevsky Park in recent years, a lot of bicycle tourists.

Moscow Bitsevsky Forest


"Bitsevsky Forest" - an excellent holiday destination in Moscow. Here you can make long recreational walks, ride a bike, explore old estates or simply enjoy the beautiful Russian nature.