/ / Metro "Narvskaya": a cultural landmark of St. Petersburg

Metro "Narvskaya": a cultural landmark of St. Petersburg

Red branch of the St. Petersburg metro - one of thethe most important architectural monuments of the city. The most notable stations of the Kirov-Vyborg line are those that were built first in the 50s of the last century. It is worth highlighting the interior of the Narvskaya metro vestibule - St. Petersburg has the right to be proud of its architecture, which perfectly blends in with the terrestrial views and the atmosphere of the city. Knowingly in December 2011 the station was included in the state register of cultural heritage sites of regional importance - its historical significance and beauty - both outside and inside - impress visitors of the city no less than the old streets and museums. What is the history of the Narva subway station and how does its modern life proceed?

The history of the Narva station

metro Narva

Like all stations of the first stage, starting withAvtovo "and ending with" The Square of the Rebellion "," Narva "was opened on November 15, 1955. The design name of the station to the last was subjected to changes - initially it appeared in drawings and documents as "Area of ​​Strikes", then there was an offer to rename it to "Stalinskaya". However, at the last moment the decision was again revised, and an order was issued to assign the Narva subway to its modern name in honor of the Narva Outpost district.

The external appearance of the Narvskaya station

Narvskaya metro station, St. Petersburg

Often guests of the city and foreigners confuse the buildingmetro Narvskaya with a cathedral or a church - massive carved doors and a dome can hardly be a frequent attribute of the lobby of the transport hub. Impressive view of the area Strikes with magnificent Narva gates of bright emerald color is remembered for a long time by everyone who passes by on a sightseeing bus or leaves the city from the pavilion. Nevertheless, the external appearance is not the only visual merit that the Narvskaya metro station can boast of - St. Petersburg amazes with architectural delights not only on the ground, but also at a depth of several tens of meters.

Underground structures of the Narva station

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The depth of the metro station "Narvskaya" is 50 meters.The pylon station was constructed according to the project of the architects DS Gol'dgor, AV Vasiliev and S. B. Speransky. The main theme of the design of the station was chosen labor and the road of Soviet citizens on the way to a brighter future. Until 1961, at the end of the station, there was a panel depicting Stalin on the podium, but later it was closed by a wall. Employees of the metro claim that the image is preserved, but it is unlikely to be seen by ordinary citizens. Now in the fenced space, which previously served as a meeting room, is the point of the AvtoVO machinists. The special value of the interior of the Narvskaya metro is represented by high reliefs depicting various professions worthy of a shock builder of communism: "Selectors", "Soviet Warriors", "Doctors", "Metrostroevtsi" and many others.

Design features of the Narvskaya station

The distance between Narvskaya metro stations and"Kirovsky Zavod" is the longest one among the ways between stops on the first constructed section of the "red" branch. Its length is 2.5 kilometers. Also, "Narva", having a road development, was never a terminal or interchange station. It was repeatedly included in the plans for a complete reconstruction in the 2000s, but each time the restructuring was postponed - from 2010 to this day, "Narva" has never been closed for repairs.

Narvskaya subway station: modern life

St. Petersburg metro Narvskaya

Prospect Stachek and picturesque square next toMetro - a representative place for building various business centers. The average passenger flow of Narvskaya metro station is more than 1.5 million people per month. Passengers who step on the threshold of the lobby, wanting to get to the place of work, usually do not pay attention to the decoration - it is most important to receive fresh information via e-mail and, sometimes, on news sites. Like all St. Petersburg stations, the Narvskaya metro station provides an opportunity to use the services of leading mobile operators. The lobby doors are closed for passengers at 0 h 36 min, and are again ready to let in 5 h 36 min.

The station "Narva" is not so popular with tourists fromother cities and countries due to the less powerful advertising campaign, but an experienced guide, of course, will not miss the opportunity to accompany the guests to the city. The area of ​​Stacek is not only picturesque, but also a stunning cultural monument of St. Petersburg. Foreigners who visited this area often remain under the great impression, but they should remember that photo and video shooting in lobby and underground facilities of the metro is prohibited, so the metro views of friends and relatives will have to be described in words and photos from the Internet. Nevertheless, the inspiration given by the architecture of the interior and exterior of the station is not inferior to the shock from what was seen in the city center. Indeed, all facets of St. Petersburg are beautiful in their own way, each worth exploring and exploring closer to fully embrace the mysterious and vast city.