/ The Chinese philosopher Mencius. The teachings of Mencius, quotes

Chinese philosopher Mencius. The teachings of Mencius, quotes

The philosopher was born in the territory of the kingdom of Lu infifth century BC. At birth he had the name Mo Di. Studying the names of philosophers, we find information about this worthy husband. He became the founder of philosophical teaching and created his own school. To his advice was listened to by both the nobles and commoners.

The foundation of the thinker's wisdom

Mencius was trained in the truths thatthe light of Confucius, directly from his followers, although not a Confucian. He did not take on faith blindly stated the truth, but analyzed and, if necessary, challenged them. Companions on training adhered to more conservative views than Mencius. His philosophy was regarded as ignorant and brutal. There was a violent clash of currents of philosophical thought.

Meng Tzu

The essence of the doctrine

The teaching of Mencius as its main paradigms puts forward the following principles.

People should live peacefully and give up internal hostility. Thus, the ruler should love officials, and state officials - his head, children should respect their parents and vice versa.

Philosophical ideas of this wise man say thatexcessive abuse of power stems from a lack of love, which is considered the most exalted need. If it is not there, a person tries to fill the emptiness in the soul in any possible ways. The whole society should work for the good of each other, and then everyone will have enough for a big chunk of happiness.

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Honesty, diligence and purity of thoughts

Many quotations of philosophers, including this onean outstanding figure, talk about a practical approach to life. He taught not only to think, but also to work, for right thoughts should encourage a person to useful activity.

The school of Mencius brought up brave warriors,natural scientists. Here, logical thinking developed. If you read the texts of Mencius, the quotes from them will show that the world is arranged according to a single plan, which determines the order of things, the movement of each star in the sky, the change of seasons, and temperature changes. In addition, the order of power overthrow is dictated from above.

The work of Mencius was brought new contentin the custom of ruling. In the past, greatness was given too much importance, with which the philosopher tried to fight. Mencius said that it is not the title that is important, but the deeds that one should deserve respect, and not get by inheritance.

People of that time believed in dark and light forces,which govern the life of the people. The sage used ignorance of the people for good purposes - as a regulator of morality, in order to keep human hearts from low impulses. His theories and methods fully justified themselves, because people took on faith such thoughts. Some superstitions have survived to this day. By creating in the minds of people images of punishing forces, the philosopher instilled in them self-control.

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The image of an ideal board

The person who rules the state must constantlyimprove, in order to set a decent example for their followers. The people need a strong leader who understands their people. Then follow him, trust him. So will the desire for unity.

A wise leader will choose smart advisers for himself. The population must turn into a pyramid, on the walls of which, like sunlight, wisdom descends, and the most exalted impulses of the human soul. Thus, the ruling elite, again, was to be elected by talent and merit, and not by descent. The official had to prove that he was worthy to lead other people. Edit - means also to listen, be sympathetic. The ruling upper classes were supposed to conduct a dialogue with the population so that the needs of everyone were met.

The costs and expenses should be strictly justified. In fact, people do not need so much for happiness. Greed and immodesty lead to social inequality and revolutions. We need to develop production and instill in everyone a love for work. But this zeal will be only when the work is honestly and fairly paid. Man by nature wants to work, however, in decent conditions. If this is ensured, you do not have to drive the slaves to a whip.

Meng Tzu philosophy

And in a word, and deed

Earlier quotes philosophers had a directconnection with the actions of thinkers, and were not unfounded. In particular, this man tried to break the parasitic and destructive system of that time. He preached kindness, sympathy, sobriety of mind and responsibility for his actions. You need to start with yourself. If everyone follows this simple truth, then the whole world will be transformed.

The image of a noble husband is glorified and people petty are condemned. Everyone should strive for excellence, improve themselves and the world around them every day.

the doctrine of the Meng Tzu


The wise man has filled up the most famous names of philosophers of all times, whose wisdom has come to us through the centuries, thanks to the following thoughts:

  • "The actions of a worthy person are reflected in people, not on water."
  • "Now in the higher spheres decent people show concern for small things, but not for large values."
  • "A worthy person, showing love for a lesser brother, receives love in return; a worthy person, thinking about the wealth of a smaller brother, will get prosperity from a smaller person. "
  • "He who overcomes any difficulty and deprivation will be able to overtake what he wants."
  • "He who does not have will can not be wise."
  • "When you speak, speak accurately and accurately, taking action, be resolute."
  • "To talk about kindness, but not be kind is a crime."
  • "Do not create and do not think that someone else will do it, act on your own."
  • "Calling for happiness, one call can not be bypassed."
  • "We are the creators of our own well-being and benefits."
  • "Who can think deeply, speak simply and be truthful, has the chance to become a perfect person."
  • "In the event that the husband of a perfect nature becomes the ruler, the welfare of the whole people grows, because he manages the budget wisely and reasonably. The people and the ruler are satisfied. "


Propaganda of kindness and humanity

Mencius believed that a person should develop,to achieve an ideal, to stand for moral principles. States should not spend their money on bloody wars, robberies and cruelty. With wise management, everyone has enough resources and everyone will have everything in abundance, without committing sin for the purpose of profit.

Disrespect, impudence, promiscuity,the absence of moral norms creates chaos. Heirs should respect their parents, they need to be educated by people honest and responsible, endowed with bright thoughts and kind souls.

A person should love not only himself, but others. In fact, all people are the influence of the environment on them. That is, we love others, we respect ourselves.

Distribution of values

The philosopher focused on the fact that there issomething much more important and valuable than personal gain. Only at first glance it seems that you need to use the opportunity to cash in even if it is dirty, if only because the opportunity has turned up. But this way the soul is covered with a touch of rust, through which, in the end, it is not visible.

Man turns into a wild animal. Although, looking at the actions of other people, the animals insult will be a disrespectfully similar comparison. Because the animal does not eat more than it needs. He will not save in reserve. Will not make the bandwagon and laugh out of pleasure. These simple talents are endowed only by the master of the world, man. If people love each other, everything will blossom the brightest and brightest colors. The world will be fragrant and every impulse will fill with the charming aroma of the lungs of every man. Everyone will have a place, no one will be deprived.

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Man is a social creature. He has an urgent need for sharing love and light with his own kind. So why exchange this miracle for fleeting material values, this rapidly withering weed that devours the roots of the colors of virtue. This infection is saturated and dies so quickly that you do not have time to blink, and kindness and humanity are eternal. The main thing is to make the right choice.