/ / The Museum "Grand Model of Russia" is a place worth visiting

Museum "Grand Model of Russia" is a place worth visiting

The Museum "Grand Model of Russia" is an unusual place,which will be interesting to visit both children and adults. What is so remarkable about it? On an area of ​​800 square meters fit miniature copies of Russia's sights. Here you can see the famous Kremlin, Peter and Paul Fortress, Kizhi and much more. But it's not just art objects that have frozen in place, the authors have "revived" them.

At work there are a total of 40computers. There are about 30 buttons, clicking on which, you can see the different actions (the car is signaling, the train is moving, people are extinguishing the fire and much more). What else interesting can be seen in the museum, we learn in the article.

museum grand layout of russia

A few words about the museum

It is worth noting that when only the show-museum "Grand Layout of Russia" was in development, there were no people willing to finance it. Many believed that this would be another toy, but a real masterpiece came out.

There is an art object on Flower Street, 16. It's quite easy to get. Take the metro to the Moskovskye Vorota station and go on foot. The walk takes no more than 15 minutes.

Museum "Grand Model of Russia" is ready to receive guestsfrom 10.00 to 22.00. This is very convenient, because after work you can go not home, but to spend a cultural evening, to gather a lot of useful information. There is one small clarification, cash departments work until 19.45, consider this when visiting.

The museum building is quite modern.There is a cloakroom where you can take off your clothes, parking, cafe. Staff is pretty polite and attentive. If you are a visitor, you do not know Russia well, you can buy an audio guide. He will tell the history of each region, tell about sights, cultural sites.

national show museum grand layout russia

What I want to pay attention to

The National Museum "Grand Layout Russia" is amazingtheir scale. About 100 people worked on its creation for 5 years. After all, except for buildings, stations, metro, historical objects, on the layout there are plaster figures of people. Thanks to them, it seems that life in every region is a key.

You can meet comic scenes that will beinteresting to each adult. Here's a jealous wife throws out the suitcase of an unfaithful husband from the window, and then the disco playground, the cavaliers invite the ladies to dance, someone goes to the zoo, eats ice cream and looks at the animals with interest. There are a lot of such scenes. Thanks to them, I want to examine the layout again and again, noting the new details.

But here in the hall lights go out, there comes a minutesilence, and then the show begins. The art object is lit by bright lights, it's night, the cars turn on the lights, the houses light up. The spectacle looks amazing and unusual.

national museum grand layout russia

Minor details are important

There are interesting details that are amazing:

  1. Over the creation of the layout worked 100 people (artists, sculptors, designers).
  2. Preparation for the opening lasted 5 years.
  3. At a time when the lights go out in the hall, night sets in, 750,000 lights are fired, which ideally simulate the change of the time of day.
  4. 11000 kg were spent on making men, landscapes and other details. gypsum.

show museum grand layout of russia

All this suggests that the museum "Grand Layout"Russia "is a real masterpiece, its value is that each sculpted figure, the detail is individual - the second one is not found. All the elements were done by hand. The work is rather painstaking, but the result exceeded expectations.

Price policy

To visit the museum "Grand Model of Russia",it will take a little money. Prices for entrance tickets are encouraging. The adult costs 400 rubles, for children there is a discount of 50%. If you came with the whole family, get a bonus. From the price boldly take away 10%.

In addition, there are people who fall under the preferential categories:

  • disabled persons;
  • large families;
  • military personnel;
  • pensioners.

For them, the ticket price is 200 rubles. Remember, discounts are valid only on weekdays. In the weekend, the cost is increased by 50 rubles.

National show museum "Grand Layout Russia"is a place to visit. Believe me, there will not be enough time to inspect all the elements and details. The museum will be interesting for children, because there are many buttons that bring into action certain objects. And infinitely moving trains, cars are mesmerizing, mentally you start to experience, that there was no accident. In the art object was invested a lot of strength and money, but it was not in vain. A lot of people visited the museum and were satisfied.