/ / Beau monde is a term that lives forever

Beaumonde is a term that lives forever.

In our time, new life has acquired an ancientthe French word "beau monde". This is the term that most often denotes the top of society in magazines, newspapers and other media. However, the original meaning of this term, in fact, as well as its literal translation from the native language, is slightly different from the interpretation we are used to by Russian people. Well, let's try to understand the meaning of the word "beau monde" and its origin. And also find its reflection in the Russian oral language and literature.

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Translation and the meaning of the term

If you use the French-Russian dictionary, thenour word "beau monde" is two French words "better light", or simply "good light". Of course, even in the 19th century this term was not used so verbatim (for example, to describe the radiance of the Sun), but it served as a general notation for a group of people who achieved some heights in a certain branch of culture or art. Then in Europe and Russia there were beau monde artists, and separately from them were beau monde poets and writers. Some time later such clear distinctions were considered inappropriate, and this French word became the symbol of all people who are related to the higher society. They were not only representatives of art, but also simple nobles, barons, maid of honor and other persons of high rank.

the meaning of the word beau monde

Petersburg - the place where the Russian beau monde was born

This word in the middle of the 19th century was first widelybegan to be applied in the highest society of our cultural capital. Due to the fact that the use of French words in oral and written speech was a fashion, this term got well in the dialogues of the people of that time. After that, it was decided to introduce it into the explanatory dictionary of our native language. So, in 1863 the term "beau monde" first appeared in the generally accepted grammar of the Russian language, and it was now written not in Latin but in Cyrillic. It is also worth noting that the popularity of the term has been growing steadily, and over the years there have appeared such concepts as "beau monde N", or "Moscow beau monde", which have perfectly lived up to our days.

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When people forgot about it

With the advent of Soviet power on the Russian lands thisthe French word has lost not only its importance, but also popularity in society. All people "equaled one size fits all", so it was not customary to single out someone as if in the "higher world", and leave someone behind these limits. So the word came out of the everyday vocabulary, but at the end of the 20th century, it regained its former positions. Today, the beau monde are people who, in the first place, have achieved wealth. Among them you can meet surgeons and dentists, actors and singers, models and businessmen, as well as simply satellites and companions of those who took the most advantageous place in this life.

Press and literature, which contains this term

If you plunge again into the depths of the pastdecades, you can find this term in the play by Anton Chekhov's "Drama on the Hunt." After that the word flashed in several verses and stories of less famous domestic authors. Today the word "beau monde" is the name of a famous telecast. Similarly, some television projects, articles in magazines and newspapers, works of contemporary writers are called, which most often place their works on the Internet.