/ / Architecture - a specialty at the intersection of science and art

Architecture - a specialty at the intersection of science and art

Becoming an architect as a professional isa complex and thorny path. An unprepared entrant can not just take this specialty and enter this specialty, since already at the first stage it requires knowledge of the basics of drawing and painting. Let's get acquainted with the named profession and its prospects in more detail.

About Architecture

Architecture - a specialty that requires fullfeedback from the student. Not for nothing in universities, students of architecture can be distinguished in circles under the eyes and tired tired eyes. The curriculum at them is very rich and consists mainly of practical works: projects, drawings, creative assignments.

Usually a student has to learn on the flywork in such programs as ArchiCad, Photoshop, Artlantis. Do not want to frighten entrants, but when entering this area, you need to be ready to perform a large amount of tasks in a short time, which means - at night. One expects you exactly - you will not be bored.

Architecture - specialty

The architect differs from an engineer

Specialty "architecture" and "construction" -these are different things, radically different among themselves. Architects mainly develop creative solutions, make project documentation, visualize projects, mock, evaluate buildings. A good specialist should know the building structures and materials, be able to correctly distribute the loads acting on the building.

Engineers also calculate and implement projects of architects in the working documentation.

landscape architecture specialty

About landscape architecture

This science is a branch of urban planning.The landscape architect works with open city spaces: squares, embankments, streets, boulevards, parks, squares, etc. That is, landscaping of the named area should be based on these specialists. But experience shows that the concept of "landscape architecture" is perceived in Russia as the same as "landscape design", although the latter is only a small part, the tool of the named specialty.

This profession is quite popular in the USA, Canada,Europe. All developed countries have long moved to the program of sustainable urban development: improving the environment is possible only through the introduction of nature in the urban environment.

specialty architecture and construction

Landscape architecture is a specialty thatthere are some universities in our country (in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, etc.). It combines engineering, botany and architecture. The trend towards the development of this industry exists in Moscow - new landscape objects are being built here, historic garden and park ensembles are being reconstructed, and greening is gaining momentum. But in a crisis, unfortunately, such specialists are forgotten, not required.

Work students landscape artists are no less than their owncolleagues of students-architects. In addition, creative tests are usually not carried out for this purpose. Most graduates working in the direction (architecture - specialty), are arranged in private landscape bureaus, designing the gardens of customers.

About creative tests

As mentioned earlier, applicants are required toto pass creative tests to enter the university. The specialty "architecture" is at the junction of creativity and engineering, which is why when you receive a test:

  • creative direction - the ability to draw from nature. Usually those who arrive draw the gypsum heads of Apollo;
  • knowledge of composition. It is also a drawing of geometric figures lined up in a composition;
  • engineering orientation - drafting. Usually, the entrant must manually draw a drawing of any part, node (front view, top view, side view) and align it in a perspective or perspective view.

University specialty architecture

It is possible and possible to prepare oneself for such tests, but in practice, still higher grades are obtained by applicants who attended the preparatory courses of the university.

Bachelor's and Master's Degree

Modern education in the university moved to a newsystem: the majority of graduates are now issued not by specialists, but by bachelors. The so-called level system has affected the teaching and the architectural direction.

Bachelor is trained in the shortened program, 4of the year. Unfortunately, they are often considered "half-educated" with higher education. Master's degree allows to get an initial degree (usually for 2 years). All this is done to save time to release a larger number of "practitioners", but everyone knows that quality takes time, and the less it is spent, the lower the student's level of education.

Architecture - a specialty adjacent toconstruction, art, design. It is quite prestigious, but it requires great efforts and skills both on the creative side and on the engineering side. Big competition should not frighten a real architect, because only professionals are at the top of the career ladder.