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Merry nominations for graduates

School graduation party is an event that is accuratewill be remembered for life. After all, it's not just a farewell to an educational institution, it's also parting with friends and the unknown, which so frightens and at the same time attracts former schoolchildren.

About graduation

In principle, graduation evening in all schoolspasses approximately equally. This is a solemn line in the walls of the school, the delivery of certificates of graduation and medals in the city assembly hall, a small concert, and, of course, a feast and a cheerful disco until the morning. This action ends with the dawn meeting. Everything, it would seem, is simple and ordinary. But in addition to the fact that the school years will be reminiscent of certificates and memories, you can change this ceremony somewhat and come up with comic nominations for graduates. They will have to emphasize and point out the very special thing that is in every schoolboy.

nominations for graduates

Choosing nominations for graduates, it is worth givingattention to those people who constantly amused the whole class and created humorous situations. So, the nominations "Mr. Funny" and "Miss Laughter", which will surely suit the nominees, will be excellent.


Also it is possible to allocate those people whoare particularly beautiful in the classroom. So, the nomination "The Dream of Girls" and "The Dream of Boys", in which people who fall in love not only with the whole class, but with the school, will be relevant.

joking nominations for graduates

Choosing nominations for graduates, it is possible to allocatethat person from the class who tried to help everyone, supported and rejoiced if necessary. It is appropriate in this situation will be the nomination "The sun of the class", which will allocate the best and kind student.


Why not give the medal and the truant,who were reluctant to attend school? For them, the nomination "Mr. Independence" and "Miss Independence", which not only will not offend, but also try to somehow justify the unworthy behavior of students.

About friendship

It is also worth highlighting those people whoThroughout the school life they were firmly friends with each other. You can nominate them as "A faithful friend (girlfriend)", noting the real friendly qualities of a person.

About progress

Excellent nomination for graduates - "Mind class". Here you can select a person who is not only the smartest, but also the one who always helped the unsuccessful, and also gave off writing home assignments.

cool nominations for graduates
About sport

Excellent nominations for graduates - "Sportsman of the class" and "Sportsman of the class". Here it is necessary to take into account the achievements of students in sports and physical culture and to note them with honorable medals.


Funny nominations for graduates alsoare needed. For example, "Thunderstorm class." Here you can imagine the defenders of classmates, as well as people who constantly invented something, invented not too secure. This nomination can be suitable for both boys and girls, it all depends on the nature of the student.


Also in graduates you can already see who is what tostrives, and who has already decided on the future profession. So, the following nominations for graduates will be relevant and completely uninhabitable: "Computer worm" (for the computer science lover), "Botanist" (for the biology lover), "Lover nahimichit" (for a specialist in chemistry), etc.