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Informatization of society

Informatization of society is a processsystem-active, aimed at mastering information as a resource management. Means of informatics are used in the further continuation of the progress of civilization.

Some authors believe that the informatization of society consists of three related processes: mediation, computerization and intellectualization.

Mediation is the improvement of the means of storing, collecting and disseminating information.

Computerization is the improvement of search facilities, ways of processing knowledge.

Intellectualization is the development of abilitygeneration and perception of information. In other words, the informatization of society at this stage is expressed in increasing the intellectual potential of the population, using, among other things, artificial intelligence.

As specialists note, the whole process of masteringknowledge is often understood as the development of information and communication processes only on the basis of the latest telecommunications and computer technology. However, the informatization of society in principle should be interpreted as qualitative improvement, development, as well as radical strengthening with the use of modern means, cognitive (cognitive) social processes and structures. An integral part of the entire process should be the intellectualization of the population, which largely contributes to enhancing the creative potential of not only the individual, but also the environment of her knowledge.

During the discussion in the late 1980s, the concept ofinformatization of the Russian state specialists highlighted the main idea. It consisted, to a greater extent, in the information development of all social structures. Experts said that informatization of society is a satellite of democratization. It should be noted that the development of the process of mastering knowledge has an objective character all over the world and affects Russia externally. However, little progress in democratizing the country's population does not contribute to the development of the need to improve the knowledge environment.

Defining the role of informatization in developmentsociety, it should be noted that this process of improving, mastering and applying knowledge is focused on all possible spheres of activity of the state, market entity or individual. At the same time, it is planned to use the latest technologies to effectively support the functioning of any social, organizational and economic structure.

The main task of social informatizationis considered an increase in the level of social production, existing types of services and products with the aim of improving the social and economic conditions of the population.

At the same time, it is necessary to reduce various types of material, financial, energy and other flows by partially compensating them and replacing them with information flows.

To implement the above tasks, appropriate systems are used.

The creation of an information environment, covering services, social sphere, as well as material production, includes:

- the creation of information technology (IT) and technology that can provide processing, production and dissemination of knowledge;

- the development of an infrastructure capable of ensuring the development and application of processes and tools to improve knowledge;

- production of information, products.

The objects of the process of improving mastery of knowledge include:

- documents, arrays of databases or messages in a PC (personal computers);

- individually developed technologies;

- programming tools;

- networks and IVS (information and computing systems).