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Baby quatrains about autumn golden for a garden

In kindergarten there are many thematicholidays, which help to reveal talents, give the chance to children to prove themselves. One of such wonderful holidays that parents can see is the holiday of "golden leaves". It is very important to choose bright, insightful and cute children's quatrains about autumn. This time is full of various interesting "gifts" from nature, so in many ways you can make an emphasis in the rhymes for kids.

children's quatrains about autumn

Baby quatrains about the fall for kindergarten the smallest

It is necessary to select poems thatit will be easy for children to say. The choice to make is necessary, proceeding from the fact that the kids are not yet very good at pronouncing all the sounds. Therefore, children's quatrains about autumn should be chosen correctly. For example:


Pears and apples

We already collected.

The leaves fly,

So, autumn has come.


Red, yellow,

Different leaves

We collect

And we give it to my mother.


It's golden time,

Leaves fall,

And a magic carpet

Everywhere he meets us.


Already ripe apples,

In the garden of my grandmother.

I help her,

All in a row I eat.


Not green leaves,

Their nature is beautiful, here's the deal.

Yellow, red, a little green,

Just some miracles.


Yellowed forests and fields, and parks.

And it's not hot at all.

The golden time has come again,

She invited us all to the kindergarten.


You do not believe in miracles?

Look around then!

After all, nature, as an artist,

Painted wood.


Beautiful time,

Apples of the mountain,

Colored leaves,

Hills, mountains.


Raise the leaf red,

I bring to the teacher.

Let him know that his

I like very much.


It's a beautiful time,

I gathered colorful leaves,

And then I put it in the basket,

Look how beautiful it is behind the window.


Pumpkin, apple and pear,

How can you not eat them?

It's a golden time to give!

She covered all the different colors.

children's poems about the autumn quatrains

In general, children's poems about the fall (quatrains) can be of different content. The most important thing is for the little ones to learn the words and say a poem with an expression and a smile.

Baby quatrains about autumn for the middle group

In the middle group, as a rule, babies talk well. They can give more complex children's quatrains about autumn. For example:


Autumn paints different colors already painted all around.

Very colorful and beautiful, everything was suddenly behind the window.

To us she knocked after a hot summer,

Now it will be brighter and fresh dawns.


From the garden grandmother's harvest bears,

What does autumn bring beauty to you?

Apples are fragrant, juicy pears,

How is it all, guys, I want to eat!


Covered the forests and fields with carpet

Green, yellow and red.

We know that the summer has passed,

We let him go not in vain.


Like a beautiful girl,

Autumn has come to us again.

And her dresses are red,

Yellow, green, just beauty.


Autumn promises apple pie,

Pomegranate aroma and pear cake.

She came to visit us, beautiful, smart.

Autumn is colorful, beautiful time.

children's quatrains about autumn for kindergarten

In the older group, children's quatrains about autumn can already sound with an expression, an arrangement of accents and accents. The most important thing is to correctly convey the rhythm of the verse to the children.

Quatrains about autumn for the leading morning performance

Of course, the facilitators must alsoto state the opening word in rhymed form. Therefore, the verse about autumn in the kindergarten (quatrain) is ideal for describing the action taking place on the stage.


Autumn has come,

Beauty brought.

We dedicate it to her

Today miracles.


Our performance today is no accident.

Beauty-autumn came to visit us.

To her we dedicate our speech,

Poems, dances, songs and creations of rabbits.


Autumn has come, as a beauty, to us,

We are very glad to all colors.

And she deserved, of course, she,

To give her a fairy tale.

How to allocate roles for the holiday of autumn

poem about autumn to the kindergarten quatrains

Perhaps the question of the distribution of roles on the matinee- the most important and important moment. After all, every child should be given due attention and give an opportunity to express himself and his talents. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully and regularly distribute the actors on the matinee.

It is necessary to consider the following factors:

  • Whether the child feels confident on the stage. If not, then the main role should not be given.
  • How well the baby talks. The better the speech, the harder the quatrains can be given.
  • Does the child know how to present herself to the public, whether she will begin to cry or be capricious during the performance.

And it is very important to consider what kind of costumes are availablechildren. After all, giving the main roles is, of course, an interesting event. But it is important to take into account the financial question. It is easier to put in the main role those children, who already have suits that are necessary on the subject.

Let each matinee take place at the highest level, and the children at this event feel easy and at ease.