/ / Institute of Design and Technology in St. Petersburg: description, faculty, specialties and reviews

Institute of Design and Technology in St. Petersburg: description, faculty, specialties and reviews

Training of the new generation is the most importantproblem for each state. After all, for each country a new generation is its foundation and confidence in the future. However, it turns out that children are not so eager to get an education. Therefore, the parents of the child are important here, who must directly follow and, importantly, help the child make the right choice, so that later they do not have to regret.

General information about the institute

At present, there is a hugenumber of educational institutions in the country. Every child can choose what he really likes. But it is always easier to choose from 2 than out of 300. Before you make a choice between so many institutions and educational institutions, in which you can really easily get confused, you need to study each one in order not to be mistaken.

So, the article will be presented to the attentionInstitute of Design and Technology in St. Petersburg, about which everyone has probably heard. If not a citizen of the country, then the schoolboy is accurate, especially interested in art.

Institute of Design and Technology in St. Petersburg


To date, the Institute of Design and Technologyin St. Petersburg is the largest university in the whole of Russia, which has an artistic and technological orientation profile. The university is a multilevel educational complex. The State University of Technology and Design (SPB) has in its composition:

  • Two higher schools.
  • Eighteen institutes.
  • Two colleges.
  • Five research institutes.
  • Twenty-one educational center.
  • Eight special schools before university training.

Pedagogical staff of the Institute

It's no secret that for students importantelement are teachers. After all, students receive not only special skills and skills from them, but also a life position, they are educated, they acquire beliefs. Therefore, the first and important in any educational institution is, of course, the teaching staff.

University of Technology and Design in St. Petersburg
University of Technology and Design inSt. Petersburg can be proud of its famous scientists and highly qualified teachers, who, in turn, provide students with a high professional training.

The teaching staff includes more than a hundredDoctors of Science, more than 400 of the teachers have the title of Candidate of Sciences, ten honored scientists of the Russian Federation, and over thirty teachers are honored workers of culture, higher schools, members of creative unions: artists and designers.

As you can see, this compositionteachers state university of technology and design (Peter) can compete with other prestigious universities not only in the country, but also in the world.

Institute of Technology and Design in St. Petersburg

And it is certain that every student has something to learn from such professionals.
This is one of the reasons why the Instituteis one of the most prestigious in the country. About seventeen thousand students receive an education in such an institution as the University of Technology and Design in St. Petersburg.

Tuition fees at the university

For many, the real problem is thetraining. After all, it often happens that because of this many students leave their education. In order to avoid such problems, the Institute of Design and Technology in St. Petersburg has developed a protocol that establishes the cost of training, based on certain characteristics:

1. Higher education programs:

  • bachelor's degree;
  • specialty;
  • master's degree.

2. Secondary vocational education (that is, everything depends on the choice of higher education):

  • institute;
  • college.

3. Form of training.

4. Faculty.

5. How many years will the training last.

Based on these factors, you can choosethe best option for everyone personally. But that's not all. The Institute of Technology and Design in St. Petersburg also provides for the possibility of reducing the cost of tuition fees. The discounts are influenced, first of all, by the time of paid courses, that is, how many years the training itself lasts.

In the institute you can get a discount and for the number of points received when passing the USE. Points are summed up.

  1. For 185-194 points the student will receive a 10% discount from the cost of training.
  2. For 195-209 points a fifteen percent discount is provided.
  3. And for 210 and above, the student will receive a 20% discount on tuition.

Based on the above, one can see that inThe institute has done everything to ensure that those students who study well but are not well-off can continue their education and become good specialists.

There is one important nuance that needs to be addressed.pay attention: after the conclusion of the contract, the cost of training will no longer change. So before you sign a contract, you need to think carefully about everything in order to choose the best option for yourself.

State University of Technology and Design Spb

Better to see once than hear a hundred times

In order to better understand and have an ideaabout the institute in it periodically organize an open day, during which everyone can stroll around the institute and find out for themselves a lot of useful information. This is especially true for prospective students. Everyone can take part in the open house day, individually or with a group. All this is provided by the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology and Design. If a person has a chosen, specific direction, then he can walk through the chosen faculty, and otherwise he can learn more in general about the university and the existing faculties in order to make a choice.

St. Petersburg Institute of Technology and Design
This is a unique opportunity to get to knowteachers, representatives of the dean's office, you can also ask what you need to do here, what documents you need to prepare, what items to take and everything else. At the bottom of the open door, you can ask any question of interest. The Institute of Technology and Design in St. Petersburg is waiting for all comers!


The tour will give an opportunity:

  1. Participate in the presentation in different areas.
  2. To get acquainted with the departments and laboratories of the Institute.
  3. Communicate with the teachers.
  4. To get acquainted with different projects and the prospect of further employment.
  5. Visit the student area, visit various creative exhibitions.
  6. Take information booklets, from which you can get a lot of necessary information about the institution.
  7. And, of course, get on a coffee break.

Profiles of preparation

For all those who can not decide the choice of profession, the Institute of Design and Technology in St. Petersburg within the framework of these excursions also proposes to conduct a unique vocational guidance test.

After all, the institute offers many faculties withvarious specialties: design, technology, social technologies, information technology, graphic design, printing and media technologies, business communications and much more. Naturally, in order to understand all this diversity, you will need specialist help and a test.

State University of Technology and Design Peter


University of Technology and Design inSt. Petersburg is very popular today, this institution, which will be the first and important step towards the profession of dreams. And since we live in the age of technology, it's impossible to hide anything - there are reviews that will definitely help you decide whether to enter the institute or not.

Judging by the reviews written on the Internet, manystudents are very satisfied with the teaching staff of the university, especially in the faculty of costume design, where often come to conduct open lectures by famous Russian designers.


Whatever the case, the institute gives a wide choicefor each. Here, every child can get a modern specialty, as the times have already changed, we need to take into account the requirements of the time. And what other institution, if not the state university of technology and design?