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Participation of Russia in the First World War

Russia's participation in the First World War is a significant event for the history of our country. It was this fatal general war that became a significant, crucial event in world development and redistribution.

participation of russia in the First World War
Russia in the First World War (the reasons will be), its role in this event is not recognized by many countries due to the fact that a separate peace with Germany was shameful for our country without the consent of the other allies of our state.

The reasons for the country's participation in the first world bloody event:

  • the struggle between the leading countries for the colonies is the redivision of the world;
  • The war is a way of suppressing revolutionary movements in the country;
  • economic contradictions between the major great powers;
  • the policy of militarism;
  • imperial thinking of a number of countries and national ambitions.

Russia's participation in the First World War inthe Entente countries began in the summer of 1914. It was then that Germany announced its war to Russia. It should be noted that the confrontation itself began in July 1914. The occasion was the murder of the heir to Austria. Therefore, Serbia was declared war. The participation of the USA in the First World War was determined by the same goals as the participation of a number of other countries: the seizure of new territories and the expansion of its borders.

russia in the First World War reasons

Germany planned to implement its planfast and instant war, but it was frustrated and protracted fighting began. In August, the Eastern (Prussian) operation begins, which ends with the defeat of the Russian troops, since the main forces - the troops of General Samsonov - were not supported by other armies, and as a result fell into the encirclement.

By the autumn of Germany managed to oust from PrussiaThe troops and the 1st Army of General Rennekampf. By the end of the year a difficult position war is being established. 1915 is called the year of the Great Retreat. All problems of Russia are clearly expressed at this time: technical backwardness, lack of support from the population and high social tension in society. At this time, the Zemgorov and the Military-Industrial Committees are being created, and a progressive bloc is being created in the Fourth State Duma.

1916 is characterized by active and greatmilitary actions of Russian armies. During this period, the German and Hungarian offensive begins on the western front, which is allowed to implement the legendary Brusilovsky breakthrough in May 1916.

participation of the united states in the First World War

Also there is a battle on the river Somme in the summerthe same year, where for the first time new weapons were used - tanks. Russia's participation in the First World War led to the destruction of the economy in the rear of Russia, as well as to the establishment of a dual power in the country.

In the rear, disputes over the ending orcontinuation of hostilities. The Bolsheviks, who seized power, come to a decision to stop fighting. Russia's participation in the First World War ends with the signing of a separate peace with Germany in March 1918. Thus, the country was deprived of huge territories and paid indemnities. In addition, two revolutions took place that brought new people to power. Thus, Russia has not solved its main tasks.