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Description of the Fall in the School Composition

The development of speech is one of the most important tasks of the teacherwhen teaching the native language. One of the most effective methods of developing the speech of schoolchildren is writing an essay. This speech exercise increases the level not only of literacy, but also the creative activity of students. Writing the essay makes it possible to combine the received knowledge and personal experience of each student. However, the preparation for writing essays helps enrich the active vocabulary, develop the skills of writing and speaking. Writing an essay requires drawing up a plan, the ability to highlight the main idea and build the text in a certain composition. Consequently, the composition contributes to the development of logical thinking and memory.

description of autumn

School compositions have a genre division intonarrative, description and reasoning. In this series, the composition-description is the most emotional genre, allowing one to clearly express the individuality of the author. This is especially evident in elementary school.

One of the most frequently used tasks forstudents of lower grades - composition-description of nature or landscape. The development of speech in such an exercise is combined with the development of aesthetic perception, intelligence, observation.

essay: a description of autumn by landscape

One of the first tasks for schoolchildrendescription of autumn. On the one hand, the school year traditionally begins in autumn. On the other hand, autumn, with its variety of colors and lyrical mood, has a rich reflection in painting, poetry, music. That is why the composition-description of the autumn can be based on the creations of great masters. One of these options is the description of the autumn according to Levitan's paintings.

In 4-5 grade educational and educationalthe success of writing depends to a large extent on the work of the teacher. Pre-held extracurricular activities (a walk through the autumn park with a discussion of what they saw, a contest of drawings or handicrafts made of natural material collected during the excursion) will help create the necessary emotional mood for the students. In this case, the picture of the great artist presented to them and the theme of the lesson "Autumn. The composition-description "will cause only positive emotions.

autumn writing description

Draw a lesson in preparation for writing essaysthe teacher will be helped by musical works (for example, "The Seasons" by Pyotr Tchaikovsky), verses by Pushkin, Tyutchev, Yesenin, and other poets. The description of the autumn, expressed by the mouths of the classics, will help children to understand and express their feelings. Presented for the description of the picture, correlated with their own observations in the fall, will inevitably cause interest in painting. Thus, the description of the fall in the school essay can not be a tedious exercise in the development of speech, but a bright event, memorable for life.

Such integrated activities can beon various topics repeatedly during the school year. Such lessons, in addition to performing the basic teaching function, help schoolchildren to experience works of art, to perceive them as a refined reflection of reality and to combine with their own experiences.