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What is arable land? Meaning of the word

The word "arable land" refers to agriculture. This is the name of a certain piece of land that undergoes regular plowing.

So what is arable land? These are plots of land that are systematically processed. In the future, they are planted with crops or perennial grasses. The plow is harrowed also to clean pairs. This land will not be sown, the year it "rests." The gardens, greenhouses and greenhouses also fall under this definition.

It is necessary to clearly distinguish what arable land is. They do not include land plots that are used to sow crops that have been growing for more than two years. The land that is cultivated to improve the structure of the land, row spacing used for crops, is also not considered arable land. Do not apply to them and land allocated for haymaking and pasture of livestock.

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What is arable land? What are they like?

Arable land is irrigated and not irrigated. Irrigated canals, irrigation ditches, or they are irrigated with special irrigation machines are applied to irrigated lands. Vegetable crops, melons, rice, corn for grain are grown on these lands. A large number of juicy and roughage for animal husbandry also grows on irrigated arable land.

What is arable land? These are land that are absolutely not supplied with water. Watering occurs only in a natural way, but more specifically with rain. In such areas, plants are grown that are not demanding for moisture. These are some cereals, corn for silage, sugar beet, plants of industrial importance.

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What does the word "arable land" mean, are there any other options?

Other interpretations of this word in Russian are notexist. This term is used exclusively in agriculture. Tillage farming is common throughout the land. Most of the plowlands are sown with grain cereals.